Saturday, November 7, 2009

who, what, where, when?

My camera almost exploded this weekend, due to overwork! Thursday night was Leola's Christmas Open House, and Friday morning Inspirational Home started their Open House for Christmas. It's not too late if you haven't made it. They will both be open Sunday afternoon!

Here are pictures of some of us crazy area bloggers. Dulcy, Me (munchkin), Jan, and Katie. We were all squealing like little kids at Christmas, well, hey, it was Christmas!

(somebody give me a stool to stand on PLEASE!)

Mandy was there too, but didn't get her in for the group photo. I was standing beside her in this shot, but she is so pretty, and my picture was so goofy, that I opted out of this one. I'll let Mandy shine in this one.

But I wanted to show you the cute little hat I found at Leola's. I'm not really a "hat person", but I just couldn't resist! Pam makes the cutest accessories and T-shirts, and jackets! I'll be posting photos of all of her great creations soon. But had to show you this first.

(scary close ups of me, "photogenically challenged")

Leola's white wonderland!

Inspirational Home

Just had to give you a little tease!

I'm so excited!...
 I just got off the phone with Anne!
You know what it's like to talk to someone
that you feel like you've known your whole life,
 but never met?
That was us!
Love ya, Annie Girl

Have a great "rest of the weekend"!
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