Saturday, November 7, 2009

who, what, where, when?

My camera almost exploded this weekend, due to overwork! Thursday night was Leola's Christmas Open House, and Friday morning Inspirational Home started their Open House for Christmas. It's not too late if you haven't made it. They will both be open Sunday afternoon!

Here are pictures of some of us crazy area bloggers. Dulcy, Me (munchkin), Jan, and Katie. We were all squealing like little kids at Christmas, well, hey, it was Christmas!

(somebody give me a stool to stand on PLEASE!)

Mandy was there too, but didn't get her in for the group photo. I was standing beside her in this shot, but she is so pretty, and my picture was so goofy, that I opted out of this one. I'll let Mandy shine in this one.

But I wanted to show you the cute little hat I found at Leola's. I'm not really a "hat person", but I just couldn't resist! Pam makes the cutest accessories and T-shirts, and jackets! I'll be posting photos of all of her great creations soon. But had to show you this first.

(scary close ups of me, "photogenically challenged")

Leola's white wonderland!

Inspirational Home

Just had to give you a little tease!

I'm so excited!...
 I just got off the phone with Anne!
You know what it's like to talk to someone
that you feel like you've known your whole life,
 but never met?
That was us!
Love ya, Annie Girl

Have a great "rest of the weekend"!


  1. Backatcha! I was excited, too!
    If I hadn't had to pee like a racehorse, I could've talked to you for hours and hours!
    Love ya,

  2. Hey Debra. Oh' that looked like so much fun. You are a litty bitty thing aren't you. You're so cute. I see lots of smiles and fun. The hats adorable. Wish I could have been there with ya'll.

    Hugs and more hugs...Tracy :)

  3. Girlfriend, I am vertically challenged as well. In all group photos I look like someone should be holdling my hand!
    You are too stinking cute in that hat...I love it. I also love the white bicycle and am going to steal, I mean borrow that idea...just watch me! Give Jan a hug from me!
    P.S. Together we'd make a perfect set of bookends...Frick and Frack!

  4. What a cute looks amazing on you! Hope you have a FUN weekend!


  5. Debra,honey, you are cute as a button! Love the hat and the picture of you with your blogger buddies! I can't imagine life without all of you sweet friends! Love to all and have a blessed day!

  6. Sorry but you are a little vertically challenged. I love the hat picture but you really do look like one of your daughters -- or maybe a combination of both. The hat looks great on you. I worked today with Kenda & Judy & don't think I can remember being so tired. It was a beautiful & busy day -- thankfully. Thanks so much for coming in. Jan

  7. Hey Girl! I have so.. missed all of your precious posts!
    I just did the first of what looks like many post on the store's open house...It was an answer to ALL possible prayers. the best ever!
    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers
    I love the pics of you...too cute!
    Love ya and hope you have a wonderful weekend...donna

  8. Oh my goodness Debra! My son and I drove through town today on the way back from St. Louis. I tried and tried to find Leola's in Springfield and I had it wrong! I'm so bummed...and it was a special weekend too.

    Well, we were doing a college visit and may go back again. I will write the address down beforehand next time.

  9. Hello thank you so much for visiting me today for Pink Saturday. I loved our visit.

    Thank you so much for your kind words.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.


  10. I know this sounds childish but...

    There is a slight geographical problem however.



  11. Debra that looked like an amazing day, I loved the all white bike wow. I love to go to crafy sales and to have a blogger fun day is even better.

    Have a wonderful Sunday


  12. Thanks for coming by. It sounds Like a really fun weekend.


  13. Hi Debra!
    I am sooo jealous! Looks like a Wonderful time! I hope Jan takes lots of pics! Love you and your hat !!! Some people just look great in hats! {I am not one of them!}
    I hope the Open House is a Winner! I am getting ready for mine.... Diggin and fluffin!
    Tell everyone "Hi!"
    Barb C.

  14. Debra, it looks like you all had a fun time. Love the "winter" store front, but THE HAT. That is so cute and you looked adorable in it!


  15. Hi Debra, it's my first visit! Followed over after visiting at Jan's at Summer Sundays. You look great in that hat! Adore your blog.

    Happy Sunday, Bonnie

  16. I just love seeing pictures of my blogger friends, you are darlin and looks like so much fun.
    Have a blessed Sunday... we overslept for church... just exhausted I guess.

  17. Hi Debra~ I really enjoyed seeing you at Leola's Christmas Open House! You really are ~cute as a button~! Fun talking with you! ~Mandy (Not fair cropping yourself out of the photo! *smile*)

  18. adoreable hat!! looks like a really fun time!

  19. I would love a get together with my blogger friends, how much fun! Thanks for visiting today and the sweet note that you left there.

  20. Ok! You look absolutely AdoRaBlE in that hat!!! What great pictures Debra! You really captured the spirt that was there BeAuTiFuLLy!!!

  21. Love that hat, looks like you all had a blast, thanks for popping in, Have a great week, I always love hearing from you, Big Hugs Janna

  22. Oh, you are adorable in that hat!!! LOL The hat is cute too!!!

    LOVE LOVE the winter storefronts!!! Hmmm....I'm green, not white...with envy!!!

    Have a great week!!!

    ;) robelyn

  23. ohmygosh! LOL. You are tooo cute! Love the hat and really love your hair! I wish mine would be all cute and spiky like that! Looks like y'all had a great time! ONE day I want to come up there!!!!!!!!

    yapping cat

  24. Debra looks like you were having a ball. You are so cute and tiny. And the hat looks good on you. It's so nice to get together with friends and just do a day with them.

    Have a wonderful Monday


  25. Awesome trip ... thanks for taking me with you!! oh and yes you are absolutely a hat girl ... adorable!!


  26. How lucky are you to go to such a beautiful store? And love the pic of you also! I want to make a gigantic road trip. All the wonderful stores by me like that have fallen victim to the economy.


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