Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vintage Black Friday, Flea Market Finds

With only two Vintage Black Fridays left,
I still have a lot of images to share.

These are a few that I grouped in my Living Room
resting on my antique embroidered velvet crazy quilt.
All these items were found at flea markets this last year.

Even this Bible and crucifix from the 1930's.

This lovely depiction of Jesus is the one exception.
 I found it at Inspirational Home here in Springfield.
Which reminds me, that next week I will be showcasing
Inspirational Home for their Christmas Open House.

My husband got me started with my fascination with daguerreotypes a few years ago. I don't have many but I love that they are remembrances carried with loved ones.

And since it's almost Thanksgiving I thought I'd add
a black and white image of a vintage post card.


Time is about to run out for Vintage Black Friday.
If you haven't joined in yet please head to
Gypsy Brocante and say Hello to Jill.

And look at the wonderful surprise I received
 from The Gypsy herself!

She put together an incredible assortment of
vintage goodies to make a wonderful art piece!

Can't wait to get started.
Thank you Jill, for your sweet gift!

Don't you just adore this black and white tissue paper?
It's just the beginning of the wonderful goodies.

Darling cabinet card, doilie, black buttons, lace...

vintage bingo card, dictionary pages, key, silver spoon handle...
Oh my goodness. It's all wonderful!

Have a wonderful Friday,
full of Vintage Fun!



  1. Lovely post for VBF! I received a very similiar package from Jill as well! I can't wait to create something with all my treasures!


  2. How sweet are those portraits ... you come up with the most remarkable post.
    Very enjoyable!

  3. I'm faint with envy my friend! I truly love it all!

    You have such a talent and eye for putting things together! What inspiration!

    Thank you so much for sharing with us all!


  4. Hi Debra:
    Love, love, love that black hat! So pretty. I'm also loving the crazy quilting. Makes me wonder who made it and how much time they spent. Thanks so much for visiting. Nearing my 200th post and putting together my Giveaway gifts. You've been an inspiration in that regard. Be sure to check in for it!

  5. What a sweetheart Jill is! I'm sitting here stumped at what I'm going to post for VBF. And at 4am no less! Your hat is adorable, but I'm a sucker for the flower frogs. I can't wait to go shopping with you, we're gonna have more fun than the law allows!

  6. Hi Debra, I love your new header picture! All of the black beauties, wow! Love the quilt and your hall table is so pretty! Have a blessed day!

  7. Debra, the crucifix is beautiful, most beautiful. Can't wait to see what you concoct from your treasure. BTW, love the crazy quilt!

  8. Oh - gorgeousness!!! ALL of it!!! The hat box is lovely FOR SURE and the bible and crucifix - beautiful!!! Did the original owner leave some notes in the Bible? I LOVE finding ones with thoughts, prayers and highlights!

    Have a wonderful "vintage black friday"!!!

    ;-) Robelyn

  9. Debra...just beautiful on this VBF. I also love your banner...julie

  10. How do you do all that you do?
    If that was the name of an award I would award you and a few others with it. hmmmm maybe I am on to something.
    Have a blessed weekend Debra... I am so behind on things.

  11. Hi Debra,

    Really love all of your black treasures. I especially love the black hat with the pink flowers. And you do have the best banners--a treat every time a new one appears. Hope your weekend is wonderful.


  12. I love your post today, as always! You have the best treasures! I also received a little gift from Jill and just opened it this morning! What a sweet thing for her to do! Happy VBF!

  13. Lots of black beauties for Black Friday. p.s. Debra, I love your banner photo - gorgeous!

  14. Astonishing lovelies, I am brimming with jealously!
    Love your choices today!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  15. Fascinating ... I learned something new today, what a daguerreotype is ... thank you Debra and wikipedia for opening my eyes, they are lovely photos! .... and that crazy quilt, amazing!

    I'm glad you liked your goodie bag, it was fun putting together!


  16. Okay...where do I start...the chair is to die the round hat box? Those are some awesome daguerreotype...and the crazy quilt adds color to it!

    Happy VBB and Friday the 13th...

  17. WOW...totally impressed with all of your Black Vintage goodies! That crazy quilt is amazing and the hat just makes me smile!! Cant't wait until you share more of your goodies!! Happy VBF!
    xOxO Nerina

  18. Hi, SIL. I think I finally figured out how to become a follower. Thanks for your help.

    I really love your crazy quilt. It's beautiful and looks so nice on the chair.


  19. All such beautiful black things! I love your style! xoxo Suzy

  20. Love the post.....especially the ephemera packets at the end. How can just an assortment of baubles make me so happy?

  21. All wonderful, but I especially love that black and white thanksgiving card. how gorgeous is that? You've got some great things here! :D

    yapping cat


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