Monday, November 23, 2009

The Seed Box Christmas Open House

Last Friday evening we headed into the hills of southern Missouri to visit two talented friends who are no strangers to many of you. Brian and Meloney Russell of

hold two Open Houses each year, but Christmas is just a magical time at their homestead in Chadwick, Missouri. As you make your way into a gorgeous valley you can see the Christmas lights glowing in the distance. The following photos were taken on the very large and spacious front porch of their home.
Be sure and click on the images to get more detail

(next three photos courtesy Springfield News Leader)

Tomorrow I will continue the fun
 with the inside of their home.

Have a great Monday!

P.S. I am joining in with Joan from Anything Goes Here
for her new party, Vintage Christmas Monday. 
 Be sure and see the previous post for my contribution.
Then check out all the rest of the great vintage goodies!


  1. Oh boy! Debra you know the best places. Makes me want to roadtrip to Missouri on a regular basis. ;)

  2. Oh man, talk about gorgeous!
    I think I missed them in Warrenton, so much of it is a blur. But they are a must-see for Spring!

  3. How gorgeous is THIS! And we haven't even gotten in the front door yet! I have to say though, they should be looking must happier in their picture having such a spectacular home and all, LOL! Maybe they're just worn out from all that decorating. Can't wait until next time!

  4. WOW Debra! This place is awesome! Every picture was full of such amazing goods. Shops like these are my favorite places to spend time in because there is no end to the creativity. The concrete nativity in the previous post was so beautiful. Oh how I wish I could find something like that here.
    I can't wait to see their home.

    I haven't been able to leave comments here for a couple of days (a Blogger or IE thing and it's only been a handful of blogs) so I wanted to say that I hope Erin had a wonderful day.

  5. I was hoping you went and took pictures. I was so bummed that I couldn't be there this year, since their events are two of my all-time favorites. I look forward to seeing more!

  6. Gorgeous! I am so inspired! Thanks for sharing Debra!


  7. Oh my oh my, so wish I could have seen it in person. That Mel is one super talented girl!! Thanks a million for taking pics and can't wait to see the inside.

  8. Thank you Debbie, I need some inspiration and I just got it...sandi

  9. Wow! What a fun visit! You did such a great job capturing all the details! I just found this blog of yours...don't know why I hadn't seen it before but came enroute of Teresea at 612 Riverside :) I love how this is so connected!

    Since I just got home from Bible Study I am going to visit your Bible study blog tomorrow...look forward to my visit there!


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