Tuesday, November 3, 2009

White Wednesday, Little Girl Lost

With the brilliance of October behind us, I am transitioning from bright oranges and golds, and moving into more subtle tones. I'm letting go of the masses of fall leaves and foliage and starting to appreciate the later fall tones of browns, and then adding back in my whites and creams.

I found this little French girl a few years ago at an antique store in Hollister, Missouri. She captured my heart from the moment I saw her. She had been a "bust" on a pedestal, but that had broken away many years ago. Now it was just her sweet head and delicate neck and shoulders. She is so very pristine, even in her current state of neglect and disrepair.

I don't have any history on her, but she looks as if she may have suffered the same fate as Lot's wife, in the book of Genesis. She is so lifelike, she could have been turned into a pillar of salt, or in this case, plaster, I assume. She has several layers of material. I would love to know about the age and composition of a bust such as this. I'd love to hear from you if you have information on this.

My fall floral arrangement in the entry,
faux hydrangeas and stems.

And the chippy wicker settee in the Dining Room
has found a new cream coverlet.

Mercury glass globe in an iron urn in the Dining Room.

 This is just the start of my transition from fall into winter.

Please visit Kathleen over at her wonderful cottage,

Hope you're enjoying the season.

If you live in southwest Missouri or nearby
be sure and visit Leola's in Ozark
and Inspirational Home in Springfield.

This is the Christmas Open House weekend!
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