Tuesday, October 27, 2009

White Wednesday, A Fall Cupboard and Fireplace

"White Wednesday" is here again and I thought I'd show you one of my favorite little spots to decorate. (OK, what don't I love to decorate?)

I love this little white cupboard. Actually it was a small dresser and a cabinet that I "married" a couple of years ago. It had been for sale in my store space, but I was never that intent on letting it go. One day it just came home with me. It's in our lower level family room and it always gets a seasonal and Holiday update.

I have a small collection of McCoy, Alamo, and Hull white
planters inside. The small top shelf is
 "just right" to show off a few.

I painted these dilapidated suitcases a while back.
(They took several coats of paint)
 The white paint gave them all some cohesion
and then they fit in with the "white" theme.

You know me,
 I have to add in some fall color to the "white"!

And I have to have a few lambs

OK, I admit these little guys are a little creepy...kinda like "alien squirrels", but there is a small town around here that's claim to fame is albino squirrels, so I'll just pay homage to them, and leave it at that.

And of course, what's a cupboard
 if you can't have a cat sitting in it?

And before fall decorating is over I wanted to share
a few photos of my "white" brick fireplace
in the Living Room dressed for fall. 

Remember, this is an 80's house and the mantle is massive.
I would love to rip it all out and have a new stucco
or "faux marble" one put in, but somehow
 the budget for that has escaped us.

Be sure and visit Kathleen at Faded Charm
and see what else is coming up "white"!

Hope you're having a great week!

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