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Monday, March 30, 2020

Change in plans...

Happy Sunday friends. I hope you're having a good weekend. We finally have some sun, and it's time for our first mowing. Spring is here, no matter what's going on around us. 

I wanted to check in and let you all know that I received a call Friday telling me all surgeries at my hospital had been cancelled. Not just elective or qualifying but all non emergency scheduled. So, since mine was "scheduled" it's not an emergency to them, despite my neurosurgeon advocating on my behalf. We don't even have that many cases of the virus in our town, but that's what has happened. You can imagine how disappointed I am with that decision, because we all know the effects of the virus are going to be long term. I have no idea how long this reschedule will take. So, I'm going to continue co-hosting All About Home with Amber until I know something otherwise. Just like the bunny below... I'm going to enjoy the Spring season and celebrate Easter as usual.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Autumn Entry

I thought I'd share what's happening here in the entry hall this Fall. Nothing too different, just some subtle changes with some leaves added to the white basket of hydrangeas, and the terrarium/lantern now has a candle and some Fall foliage instead of my two sheep. Some of these pics were shared at Marty's last Friday, but I hadn't posted them here yet. So, just in case you missed seeing them.

My moss covered initial "O" made by my sis for me for Christmas last year.
(thought I'd better explain, no, it's not a zero)
It's been hanging here all year, I just love it!

One of my real pumpkins landed in the cast iron urn along with a few bittersweet vines. This urn usually sits on the entry console with a faux flower arrangement, but I brought in another arrangement that I've had for awhile, just for a little change up.

Almost impossible to see,
but my little concrete squirrel is sitting on top of an old book stack 
with a few clay pots, happily munching on acorns.

An old print of  "The Angelus" by Millet, 
brings in the earthy tones of Autumn.

And it's just not Fall without a chipmunk or two...or three.
(This little guy is one of my vintage Lefton figurines)

We had rain and another cool front come through...
aahhhhh, it's really feeling like Fall!

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Everybody's mad...

at me!

I knew this day would have to come.
But they weren't happy.
Lot's of griping and pouting.

Yes, the bird feeder on the deck had to go back to the tree,
so I could be ready to put out the hummingbird feeder.

These little guys kept me hopping last year until late October.
I didn't get a feeder up until probably July, but then they mobbed me.

(Google Images)

They come back to the feeder they summer at, and I want to be ready,
'cause I'm hoping to see a little of this...

(Google Images)

This afternoon was glorious!
Sunny and warm and fabulous...

So I took a little time to straighten up the deck.
(OK, I cleaned it, it was a mess)

and potted the daffodils and tulips that had been on the sunporch.
Yes, the ones that now have bite marks and chunks out of them.

wonder who...?

Just in case you missed the post with all the nasty grunge
that critter feeding can cause.

Earlier in February and March...

just downright gross...
but the kitties and I loved watching them.

So now things are looking more like Spring...
and a little tidier.

Still too early to bring out the geraniums that I winter,
but soon.

I have so much outdoor clean-up, but that will wait.
Today I did something I thoroughly enjoyed...

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Some chipmunk fun...

I have to say "sorry" for the blurry photos up front. This post is sort of an experiment, hope you all don't mind being the "guinea pigs" for my lackluster techy skills. Actually this is close to "guinea pigs", since I'm showing you one of my little visitors on the deck the last few days.

These pics were taken through my kitchen window above the sink,
 that's why they're so blurry.

Early in the week I put out this old enamel wash pan filled with seeds for the birds. The cats and I need our entertainment from the sunporch you know. So besides the birdies, we've had our regular squirrels and then my favorite little buddies, the chips.

This one is having a great time filling his pouches with all the yummies, but what's been the real laugh, is seeing him bob up and down making sure no one is going to grab him. He's on the alert, but really wants to take advantage of his good fortune in finding the mother load of seed.

My camera has a video option, so this is my first time using it. I'm hoping it works. If it doesn't, then just look at the blurry pictures and imagine you see him doing his thing. He had me in stitches, but then it doesn't take a lot to amuse me now-days.

It's a minute of up and down, up and down. But like I said, this was my first time inserting a video into a blog post. Stay tuned later today for the cliff hanger on my "Late Fall Mantle". I know you all are on the edge of your seats waiting for it. Oh and the racket in the background is my dryer. I have a load of rocks in it evidently...

Thanks for indulging me, 
hope you have a chuckle from this,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Decorating My Fall Mantel

Since I LOVE Fall so much, I try to milk out all the decorating I can. For instance, I've had a Pre-Fall Mantel, and Early-Fall Mantel, now I changed up to a "Fall Mantel"; yet to come will be the Late-Fall Mantel. I guess you could say that I love all the stages of Fall. So transitioning into the regular Fall mantel, I traded out the sunflowers for some faux hydrangeas and some dried ones along with some faux berry stems and leaves.

 I've been playing up the more muted colors and neutrals that I love, just adding in a few splashes of russets and oranges and golds.

So the perfect time of the year to add in a few pieces of my flea market finds Brown Transferware that I picked up for just a few dollars each. My Wolff Pottery tall vases have become a fixture here. They are so easy to change out seasonally, and stacked on old books, they give the height that this huge mantel and ceiling need. Things can get lost here...

My little Tiger Stripe Pumpkins are nestled in a
 Staffordshire sugar and creamer set with leaves. (5 bucks at the flea)

And two of my Vintage Lefton Chipmunks have come out to play. I started my collection of chipmunks and squirrels at my first flea market booth from other vendors, never paying more than 10 dollars a piece.

You can see the Early Fall Mantel Here

 This is my old folding card table in front of the fireplace opening; perfect colors for Fall, and it hides the cavernous black hole. not pretty.

Did I mention that I love Fall...?
Vintage finds that last forever.

(yeah, I thought you might know that.)

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