Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Love Squared Designs

I think we all like to keep a positive outlook on life, even if our day to day circumstances might cause us to lose focus every once in awhile. Sometimes it's nice to just have a little tangible reminder of those dreams and attitudes we're striving to work toward and build on.

Today I want to you to meet a talented jewelry designer and really great gal, Lisa McKenney, from Love Squared Designs. Lisa and I "met" through my "Spiritual Journey" blog, and she has shared with me how she wholeheartedly believes in the empowerment and encouragement of women. This bracelet is my personal "word" of encouragement and truth from Lisa.

One thing that most of you in blogland don't know about me is that I really DO have a bracelet compulsion. Call it a fetish, an addiction, or maybe that I just really love bracelets...but I cannot wear just one. nope. gotta have a stack, and this one has been such a perfect addition. Each time I look at it, I'm reminded that God is there watching over me and that He really does call me "Blessed".

Lisa has lot's of colors, styles and designs in her leather cuffs;
 here are just a few.

Here are Lisa's own words as she shares about her designs:

"Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to create beautiful things. Throughout the years I have created in many different mediums, but I have always loved being able to wear my art. In November 2012 I opened an etsy shop and began to sell personalized soldered photo pendants and ornaments.  I loved being able to capture my customers most precious faces in a piece of jewelry. In February of this year I had the opportunity to sell a soldered heart necklace design to raise money to fight human trafficking. Over 500 heart necklaces were sold in a matter of 8 weeks– raising more than $11,000! I had the blessing of witnessing a miracle! I never imagined anything of this proportion was possible but God took my little creation and did something BIG with it!"

"This summer I expanded my offerings to include stamped metal and leather jewelry. I have repurposed leather belts and given them a new life and message. I love creating these custom leather cuffs with words that speak life and hope!"

"We all need words of truth and encouragement and what could be better than to wear a beautiful word on your wrist!? It's like having your own Wonder Woman cuff to remind you of your superpower! :) My heart feels most alive when I am creating a beautiful piece of jewelry with a meaningful message. I'd love to create something special for you!" 

I want to share and support Lisa's amazing shop Love Squared Designs with all my friends and blog followers. Lisa will be giving away one of her wonderful leather cuff bracelets or a personalized photo pendant to one of you out there. You can choose from her store, or have one that is personally designed just for you. Lisa is also giving a 10% Discount Code for your use during the month of October.

Here are the ways you can enter.
 Please leave a separate comment for each:

  1. Head over to Lisa's Etsy Shop, Love Squared Designs, decide what you'd choose, then come back and let me know, here in a comment.
  2. Check out her Facebook Page and sign up to "Like" for news and information on her designs.
  3. Be a follower of this blog, Common Ground, and let me know.
  4. And if you'd like to give this a shout out on Facebook, Twitter, or your own blog, just let me know for another entry.
Thanks Everyone!
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