Saturday, August 11, 2012

Just a little seasonal tweaking...

I guess you all realized that my "shell" decor in the living room had a pretty small "shelf life". I knew once the heat wave broke and that the middle of August started approaching that my ability to stay in summer mode would disintegrate. And then it was just a matter of time that I would start looking for small ways to signal the change in seasons.

My sweet friend Kenda, took pity on my lack of hydrangea blooms and sent me a care package (or sack) of a bunch of her wonderful misty gray-green flowers. Just what I need ed to help ease the disappointment of my sad little bushes this year.

For a change up on the mantel I changed out my two Wolff Pottery vases for some late summer faux sunflower bunches.

I thought I'd take out a few of my vintage silver tea and coffee pots. They are still tarnished, but hey, I think I like the look.

 I also changed out my summertime potpourri
 for the Autumn Pumpkin Spice variety.

If you're offended by early Fall decor, then please disregard the white pumpkin I found this week. Just ignore it, look away, or pretend it's already September.

As you can see I haven't had time to make my floral pillows, but soon I hope.

And in the larger lantern, in the little moss basket, a robin's nest has been replaced with some stone fruit and some potpourri leaves.

 OK, I'm feeling a little better with some Fall color around me. Can you believe we were actually in the upper 50's a night ago, and daytime in the mid 80's?! Yay!! All the kiddos will be back in school come Monday. no kiddos here, but that's a sure sign that Fall's almost here!

My apologies to all my sweet friends out there in the Pacific Northwest. I know you all love the sunshine, and don't get enough of it, but the rest of us are "over" summer in the worst way.

I'll be joining these parties this week:

Hope you're having a great weekend!!
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