Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Now, I'm feelin' it...

What a difference a week makes.
Last Tuesday I was not really feelin' the love for my Living Room.

Don't get me wrong...
I'm happy and grateful;
I just needed to lighten things up in the worst way.

I think we all know that blogging gives us an opportunity
to expand our decorating horizons.
In this last two years I've really come to love and appreciate
a more light and bright aesthetic.

I don't consider the love of "white" to be a trend.
To me it's a cleaner, calming, refreshing outlook on life.

So over this last year I've found myself wanting to, and accomplishing,
some changes that are bringing my home to where I actually am "in my head".

Now I LOVE  my monster mirror,
it doesn't jump out at you anymore.

Same for the fireplace surround.
I don't like the texture of the heat resistant paint,
but at least it's not the jarring brass that it was.
These were two big impact makeovers,
that really changed the look of the fireplace.

I still have some things I am working on in here,
but the overall "feel" of the space is getting there.

I was surprised at the number of you that didn't "share my vision"
 for my grandmother clock.
(hope ya still love me anyway)

It's a new, inexpensive, battery operated, lightweight, reproduction.
Yes, it was pretty...
and it suited my taste 10 years ago...
but not any longer.

I waited till last to paint it,
giving it every chance to make it work,
but each time I looked in that direction it was all I could see...
Big, dark, and too busy.

I used two different paints on it.
My Creamy White from Behr on the body
and a special mix that I used on the walls in the kitchen,
also Behr paint, for the accent color.

I highlighted the embellishments...

Then used my stain/wipe on poly glaze technique
(Minwax stain mixed with Minwax Wipe On Polyurethane)

Then distress sanding with my mouse.
I'm really happy with it!

Then this small occasional table got the paintbrush too.

After spray painting the brass lamps
the shades now work for me.

To the right of the fireplace
 I had this ladies writing desk that I bought about six years ago.
It had been painted black to cover up a lot of faults,
but it had to go white as well.
It has some pretty detail that you couldn't see before.

But my favorite transformation has to be my coffee table.
Each time I look at it I feel all warm and fuzzy.

Right now, I just have garage sale floral pillows on the sofas.
Here's the new fabric for my four new pillows 
 that I'm hoping to work on later this week.

We have to get back our large ladder from the kiddos
before I can work on the chandy and the top of the armoire.

There's no way to spray paint that massive fixture,
(or take it down to paint)
I'm not wanting to spend a thousand on a new one,
but I do have some ideas.

For now this sofa table, below, has missed the paintbrush.
It may get it later,
but for now I'm taking a breather.

I've learned something big in this last week.

If you've given something a lot of time and thought,
and you still want to make changes,
don't be paralyzed and do nothing.
Our gut intuition usually is on target.

I love the changes I've made.
Maybe they aren't everyone else's taste,
but I want to wake up everyday and enjoy my spaces.

I cannot thank you guys enough
 for all the encouragement and input you gave.
Like I said, I looked at things with fresh eyes,
and was really open to some things I just didn't think I could do...
But DID!!!!

So far I've been able to do this without breaking the bank.

I spent $18 at Lowes for the silk accent lamp shades.
and $77 for the Pierre Deux 4 yards of material and trim.
(This is no longer available on the website,
but when new, their fabric runs between  $90 and $125 a yard.)
(can we say bargain...?)

I had all the paint on hand
except the heat paint that was $5.00

I'm linking this to these great parties this week
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the Power of Paint Party

Okey, dokey friends,
see ya back here on Thursday afternoon for

when I'll be joining in on the
Where Blogger's Create Party. 
Hope you'll join in.
"anything vintage or vintage inspired"!

love ya bunches,


  1. Your living room is just beautiful!! I love your clock (even though I didn't see the B4 pictures). Everything is bright, airy and beautiful! Thank You for sharing and have a wonderful day!

  2. Gorgeous, I love the white... even the clock:) Your paintbrush has been whipping around all over the place!

    Have a blessed day, take a little rest! HUGS!

  3. The clock is chiming for me! The fireplace surround made a huge difference...no more shiny. ♥O

  4. I think you room is cozy and very charming... It is lovely but still appeals to you to go and sit and enjoy.. Great job... I know what you are saying about needing some change... I have been feeling that need also.. Not new stuff just some make- over with existing items...

  5. Debra I just love the changes. The clock looks just beautiful and you are more than welcome to store the clock and that beautiful wire plant stand at my house if you would like. HAHAH I had to laugh when I saw your husband painting the mirror ON the wall. That is just how I would have done it. Believe me, you will get some who just don't get the WHITE thing, but don't worry there are many of us in blog land who just love it. So, how about that paint brush, are you still walking through the house wondering what else you can paint?

  6. I look at your room & my eyes are happy. I see myself walking into the room with a book & maybe even taking a little nap. Can you say relax?? I for one love it all ... especially the job you did on the clock!!
    Have a Wonderful Day ! !

  7. Good for you Debra! You should make your home as you want it to be. I think your changes have certainly brightened up your home and you know I am a big fan of your kitchen makeover. I tried to comment yesterday on your mirror post but Blogger was having none of it! I wanted you to tell your hubby that he is a real gem for getting up on that ladder at that hour of the night to paint that mirror.

  8. I totally love the changes and am amazed how it looks so great with everything else!

  9. I LOVE the changes, it is amazing what the white paint has done.

  10. It all looks amazing. What a difference - so much lighter! I love the mirror painted white. Great decision to whiten things up!

  11. I'M LOVING IT! So much brighter, but with enough color and wood to ground the space. Enjoy!

  12. i think the room looks cozy and inviting debra. trust your instincts for sure. you are going in the right direction... the direction that YOU love and want.



  13. Love your cozy, beautiful livingroom, Debra. The makeover on the mirror is wonderful. I love it!

    I'm your newest follower!!

  14. Love the changes the white brings to your room. The clock is gorgeous!

  15. Oh Debra! I think it's fabulous! As in I'm really jealous fabulous!! I LOVE the clock!! Love it all. Great job my friend, great job!


  16. Wow! Debra! Your living room is gorgeous! I love all of your brightening up! Your room looks like to popped right off the page of a magazine! It's so pretty! Be proud and enjoy it! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Hi Debra, everything really does look beautiful!... I just love the all~white look, but is just is not for me... I have thought long and hard about it, and debated about painting certain things white... but like you said, if you think long and hard and still want things a certain way, I guess I am doing what is best for me... that is part of what makes blogging so much fun for me... seeing all the fabulous styles out there and the ladies who create them... enjoy your new room!... xoxo Julie Marie

  18. Ahhhhh, it looks so great with everything white. I'm with you....whenever there is something that I think will look good and I think about it and think about it...hesitating becasue I like it already but think I could like it more....I've never been sorry once I started painting.

    I love the clock....don't you? The only thing is - if it were me...I'd do a white wash over the face to tone it down to match the rest of the clock.

    Now...paint that sofa table!

    Now the room looks like you!

  19. Oh Debra....it's ALL absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! And you are so right ~ white NEVER goes out of style!!! It is so clean and refreshing looking and I love the creams mixed in as well. What a beautiful room, I bet you can't stay out of there!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  20. I love everything about your living room Debra! And I so agree, white makes everything seem fresher and brighter. I'm even beginning to make a convert of my hubby, who has always preferred natural toned wood, lots and lots of wood! I'll have to show him your post:) And I bet before too long, you will be painting your sofa table, too! Oh, love the grandfather clock, you did an awesome job!! Now go take a much deserved break!

  21. Wow! I was against the clock being painted but it looks amazing and since it wasn't an heirloom, good for you!
    You ar right-do what feels right to you-Bravo!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. It looks fabulous, Debra! I know what you mean about lightening up a room. Although I have lots of color, I painted some side tables a cream color last year and it made a big difference.


  23. oh debra....i feel all "warm and fuzzy" on the inside too! love, love, LOVE the transformation, sweety!! great job!!

  24. Wow, wow, WOW!
    I love it all, even the clock! Ha! Didn't think I would, but I do.

    Great job!

  25. What a lot of work -- you deserve a break. It looks wonderful. I still love when I walk in & notice my white fireplace. Maybe I'll try painting my screen. Stay cool!!!!!

  26. Hi Debra,
    I'm so glad that you are happy with your new look. I love it and you have done such a nice job of mixing natural woods with the whites. I love it.


  27. Looks very nice! It's amazing what a little paint can transform.
    Deb :)

  28. Are you kidding? that clock looks fantastic! and so does the rest of the room. I'm surprised you had negative comments. Go with what your heart tells you to do and you'll always be happy!


  29. I love all of your white! Especially your monster mirror and clock. I have very little white in my new home. Somthing I'm hoping to change gradually. It makes everything look so frest and clean. Hoping to start by putting beadboard on my bedroom ceiling this Fall.

  30. Oh, I am feeling it, too! I am just like you...white reflects where I am now and what I crave...rest and peace. Everything is just beautiful!!! Doesn't it feel great to do projects and to love the results?!

  31. You have a beautiful home! I love the soft colors...everything looks so pretty and inviting! ♥

  32. It all turned out fabulous! Nice and bright!

  33. Your room is gorgeous! I am painting my brass fireplace with heat resistant paint too. Glad to know that it works.
    Your room has such a light, airy and updated look.
    I am inspired!

  34. Hi Debra, clearly I must have missed something because what you did with your room is amazing. I absolutely love your monster mirror and the grandmother clock is to die for.


  35. It looks so pretty, Debra! I love the way you have lightened it up...gorgeous! And your clock...fabulous! Come on over! I'm having a giveaway...8 place settings of Pfaltzgraff's Lido Beach dinnerware! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  36. Wow Debra... You've been very busy! It is a gorgeous space! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday--!

  37. besides the fact that your living room is absolutely gorgeous, i love that you decorated it for you and what you enjoy. I have been trying for almost 4 years to accomplish that in our living room. Enjoy your lovely room

  38. Debra - your words jumped off the screen and hit me in the face with such encouragement:

    "If you've given something a lot of time and thought,
    and you still want to make changes,
    don't be paralyzed and do nothing.
    Our gut intuition usually is on target."

    I'm now in the process of planning a huge change to my home office and trying to get outside the box after seven years of it being dedicated to writing and children's storybooks only. Now, with changes in my career, i can renew my crafting and I've got some great pieces stashed in my basement that I think could work. I think and think and think and am now ready. Your brightened living room proved to be a bright idea! Hope mine turns out as well! We'll see in two weeks if it does!

    Miss Kathy

  39. I couldn't agree with you more... I'm moving in the same direction little by little... starting with my guestroom... Thanks for your inspiration... Dixie

  40. Oh Lady! Can you hear me squealing??? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the changes! What a lot of work! The fireplace is dramatic. Love the mirrors. LOVE the clock! It all looks so different and so very beautiful. It makes you just want to keep breathing!

  41. Hey Sweet,
    It turned out gorgeous!!!
    Love the clock, I painted an old green hand painted one white, I didn't like the oriental painting on it... if you got negative feedback on your clock, I don't think I will say a word about mine.

  42. I N C R E D I B L E ~ I Love how you went for it with Gusto! Great Job Debra!

  43. Debra,
    This is fabulous! The different shades and textures are all so elegant. Love the texture on that clock! Just beautiful. I love white. I just don't have enough nerve to use it with three boys and hubs wouldn't like it. See you Friday!

  44. Lovin' the fresh new look...my fav is the large mirror!!! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us at NTT.


  45. Debra ~ Your living room transformation
    looks just beautiful!! I love the
    creams and whites ~
    What a precious hubby you have painting
    that huge mirror for you :)


  46. Incredible transformation - I know it was a lot of work but now....you can enjoy your hard labor. Very beautiful and so, so calm.

  47. Hi Debra!! I LOVE YOUR CLOCK!!! Just know that if you ever need encouragement,back up or just to stand behide you on painting ANYTHING white, I'm here for ya, lol!!!
    Everything is just beautiful!! Really!! And your mirror is amazing!! I'm on the hunt for big gaudy gold mirrors or frames to transform into the soothing, dreamy, heavenly beauties they were meant to be :))
    Just a thought on your chandelier... which is gorgeous by the way, if you (or someone who's willing) can reach it with a ladder, you could always dry brush it it white just enough to tone down the gold if that's what you're wanting to change and bobeches for each light if you like crystals (I know I do)!! I did this with mine (but I actually sprayed it before we hung it) and I am in love with it!! Just a thought :))

    I would love for you to link up with a new party I'm starting on my blog!! It's called
    Show Me How!! ~Friday~ Tips, Tricks, & Tutorials I think your tips on decorating and transforming your home would be PERFECT!!! Please come visit and check it out :))
    Have a wonderful day!!
    Oh yeah, it starts this Friday but I did an intro post for it.

  48. I think you are doing an amazing job lightening and brightening. Everything is so beautiful. The clock looks great!!

  49. LOVE your "new" space, Debra! I love the white against the wall color with the accents of tan peppered around. Very soothing and fresh. It's all really inspiring to me. And you accomplished so much in so little time. That's what's REALLY inspiring. Your choices are wonderful and I especially love the new fabric for the pillows. Very pretty. I'm glad you're pleased. I think I'd sit in there for hours just enjoying the space. Oh, and I am going to paint my fireplace surround now, thanks to your fine example. The white surround looks great. Nice work!

  50. Debra if you love your room that is all that counts! But for me I have to say it is awesome!

  51. Your room is so pretty. You could do anything in there and it still look nice. Those beams, the brick fireplace, and all that light coming in....wow. You are a lucky duck!

  52. You sure have been busy Debra, and I LOVE all your lighter and brighter pieces!! When it comes to painting a piece of furniture you don't have to ask me twice!! Great job your room looks beautiful! Martina

  53. Hi Debra,
    The beauty that surrounds you is soulful, falling into place of that up-cycled feel you are going after. Amazing what a little paint will do for the HEART!!

    It is a softer shade of pale and it speaks to my heart!
    You really have a room to love my dear friend!
    All things in keeping with what you had, breathing new life into them one-by-one letting each piece tahnk you for the love you gave them.

  54. Wow, Debra!! The room looks gorgeous with the newly painted pieces. I especially love the mirror over your fireplace. Paint totally transformed the look of your room and everything is beautiful. Thank you for linking to my party this week.

  55. The room is absolutely beautiful! I love the changes you made and that mirror oh my! Everything is just beautiful.

  56. Love your new look!!! I'm going that way myself and I know it's a side effect of blogging. Just woke up one morning and couldn't stand my dark rooms and furniture anymore. It'll be a big makeover and take time, but little by little I'll get there. I'm trying out the Caromal Color paints to cover all the things that have a poly finish on them so I don't have to prime and sand. I haven't gotten very far yet or posted about the paint since the store keeps me so busy keeping my space filled. I'm not going as white as you, just softer lighter creamy butter colors, but it will be so nice to have lighter rooms. I have lots of trees, so my rooms are darkest in the summer, which is when they should be brighter. You spoke of a mouse? What is that and how does it work?

  57. LOVE it!!!!! I feel the same way about white not being a trend. It makes for a peaceful place to land at the end of a busy day! Now enjoy some R&R in that beautiful room!

  58. Now aren't you glad you did it? It is absolutely beautiful. I'm with you, white is just one of those looks that is timeless - all of those gorgeous white walls and chalky white antique furniture in Italy and France, etc., certainly won't be getting repainted if whoever makes such decisions decides it's out! So, you carry on and put the finishing touches on your room. Do you know how much fun decorating for Christmas is going to be??
    Thanks for coming to THT.

  59. So beautiful! I love everthing you did in white. It looks great against the exposed beams. Your room is magazine worthy for sure. I really like how it all turned out!

  60. Debra! You have been busy and I {love} your changes, especially that clock! Such a beautiful finish. It's amazing what a little (or a lot) of white can do to freshen up a space...and our minds! I love what you wrote, "If you've given something a lot of time and thought,and you still want to make changes, don't be paralyzed and do nothing.
    Our gut intuition usually is on target." I should have written that in my navy post today. Beautiful transformation!

  61. Hi Debra! I am playing a little blog catch-up and am so glad I didn't miss this post all together... everything looks beautiful! I love tha clock, the mirror and your tables, you have been one busy girl, how nice to have your hubby in on the fun ;O
    Your room is gorgeous, and like you said we need our spaces to be comfortable for our family, that is what matters the most.
    Happy Monday! t. xoxooxox

  62. Debra - all I can say is WOW! I love what you've done. It looks so fresh and it's amazing how the white brings out so mny of the pretty details on your furniture. Your ceilings are making me drool :) I'm so glad you joined in at Transformations and Treasures!

  63. Yes I am with all the ladies who love the clock and everything else! That paint job transformed that clock in to a Swedish Mora clock. I would love to find one myself, but now that I see what you have done I know I can make one out of a brown cheaper version!! maybe Nita is right, you should do a sheer whitewash over the face as it stands out a bit too much.

  64. Oh my goodness! How have I not taken enough notice of your incredible front room????? It's utterly incredibly beuaitful. I'm speechless!


  65. Errrr, I meant, of course, beautiful!! Didn't I say I was speechless?!!

  66. Wow, love that fireplace. I actually gasped when I saw the clock because I didn't think you would paint it but it turned out gorgeous. Congrats on an amazing transformation!

  67. LOVE it. Feels light and summery. I need to make a like transition...but i know me...and that red will come sneaking back in. :) Really do love it.

  68. Just wanted to stop by and invite you to Treasure Hunt Thursday formerly over at Blue Creek Home. Rhonda has passed it on to me and I would be honored for you to join us!:) Party starts at 8 pm central tonight!:)


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