Monday, September 7, 2009

Junkin' Monday

This hasn't been a very good week for Junk around my place. We stuck pretty close to home this weekend... didn't hit our usual haunts. I found a few things early in the week, but I added a few things that I hadn't shown yet from last week. The mirror below is really pretty. It has great pewter-y color paint. You don't see too many old mirrors with that finish, usually they are gold-toned.

I love these little glass boxes, not particularly old,
but so many possibilities to display with them.

Old black scales could be used in a neat Halloween display.
I need to put on my creative thinking cap.

Old marble mortar bowl.

An old briefcase with initials.


wicker picnic basket

Old green birdcage, that I may use for a Christmas display.

Some great vintage woodsy-cabin prints.

One of our dreams is to have a cottage/cabin at the lake
filled with woodsy furniture and camp style goods.

A great luncheon tablecloth in fall colors
and a stack of old books.

After buying several things from this one vendor,
he asked me if I liked old books, when I said yes he just gave me this stack.
He said, "All this stuff has to go. I could not stand to throw away a book."

This is an old Bible

This makes me want to set a sweet lunch spot for the sunroom.

I'm joining Clara and Marcela over at

Be sure to check out their blog for more participants.

Have a great Labor Day!



  1. That's some great junk, I especially love the black scale. I picked up two fab ones today, will share more later. Hope you're having a relaxed and blessed Labor Day weekend!
    ~ Anne

  2. I am LOVING that mirror!!

    XO Karen

  3. Well it certainly looks as if you had super luck! Love all of your stuff & can't wait to see what you do with it all!!

  4. Well. for not going out much you sure did well! I love the old scale and the mirror. Hope you have a great labor day!

  5. Hello! I was just hopping around blogland and landed here! You have a lovely blog! :)

  6. IF I could steal one thing...that black scale would HAVE to come home with me!
    I can't wait to see what you are going to do with it for Halloween!!!
    everything vintage

  7. Wow, what great finds. I love all of it. The mirror, birdcage, books and just everything. They all are gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  8. Hi Debra! you really scored! LOVE the birdcage...those are hard to find for a great price. The mirror is great...perfect patina! and the books: we can never have enough of those, we use them all the time! Have fun with your treasures and don't forget to show us what you do with them!
    M & C

  9. Hey Debra,
    Love all of your stuff! After reading your comment, I think we are cut from the same cloth! I am very focused on business, and work all the time, survival is my driver, my Faith should be by pillar, and know we will be provided for, and not let the good times slip away...
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    Barb C.

  10. Lots of good junk. I especially like the scale. I can sure see it in a Halloween display!

  11. What great finds!! That pic with the creek running thru the trees....those pieces of artwork were given away as grocery store premiums in the early 60's. You bought so much and then you got your choice of artwork. I was about 5 or 6 and can still remember going thru all the beautiful scenes and still lifes, dog and horse pics, and portaits with Mom.

  12. i love your junk:) i love old scales too...what a great stack of books you found...your birdcage will make a wonderful display piece, the possibilities are endless...

  13. Well, I think you did great with these finds.......especially love the scale, mirror and basket.
    Happy junking!

  14. Love that frame,it looks like mine on our sunroom mantle?!?!Love the birdcage too!!

  15. I lu-huv that mirror! All your finds are really wonderful. Sometimes it's not that there isn't a bunch of stuff out's just what kind of stuff we like that is so hard to find. You did great.
    The scale will be tutu cute at Halloween. You ought to see the one I'm taking to Zapp...picture that one on steroids!

  16. I had to come back and tell you two things I forgot. One, thank goodness for people like that vendor. I can't stand to throw away books either, especially Bibles.
    Second, your photo is too stinking cute! I've been meaning to tell you that forever and kept forgetting. I love seeing who I am talking to!

  17. Love the scale & you're right, it'll be perfect for a Halloween display. Maybe a bowl of skulls?

    The green birdcage is neat & those vintage prints are wonderful....great finds!

  18. I have that same picnic basket...I also have about 15 more... I filled them with table cloths and napkins...I just love them stacked like luggage on my staircase... great storage. Hope your weekend was great!

  19. thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement .. loving your monday junk stuff - love the cabin prints - makes me want to be where the seasons change even more -

  20. Thank you Debra for your comforting comments:) So nice to have you along following and meeting you.

    Love the mirror and bird cage especially. The scales are great also.

    xo Lydia

  21. I was out of school on "business" today and ran down to Spring Creek to grab the curvy little white pitcher from your booth! I love it! I didn't look around much there, but I did find a few other things elsewhere. I think I need to quit teaching and junk full-time.

  22. Great, great finds. I especially love that green bird cage. Hope your weekend was a good one!


    yapping cat

  23. Oooh I like the old scale, and the table cloth. Thanks for sharing. :)


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