Wednesday, September 9, 2009

White Wednesday, White Sheep Revisited

A few weeks ago I shared some of my sweet sheep. Today you can meet the rest. Most of these reside in my kitchen, but a few have roamed around the house, and are tucked in nooks and crannies all around.

This is a print above my desk in the kitchen. The black toile is a perfect compliment as a mat to the gold paint color on the walls.

This print is in my kitchen open hall above a black bench.
She is one of my first sheep prints.

I have about 15 prints that contain sheep, mostly grazing in pastures.

Hiding in a cabinet downstairs.

Downstairs coffetable

An oil painting anniversary gift several years ago that hangs in the Living Room.

Love those fall colors.

In a Christmas conservatory.

Sunroom baby

Out on the deck. I love this concrete baby lamb because she looks
like the headstones that were so typical of infant grave markers,
of many years ago.

Entry hall

Primitive print in kitchen.

Very old concrete pair in sunroom

Kitchen counter soup tureen

chalk planter

Salt and Pepper shakers on silver kitchen tray.

Well, I think most have made their debut.

Be sure and visit Kathleen over at Faded Charm
to see all the rest of White Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday,



  1. Love 'em all, but especially your deck lamb. So sweet!
    Happy White Wednesday!
    ~ Anne

  2. Debra,
    Scrolling through these wonderful pictures I said to myself, "now that's my favorite" then I would get to the next picture and say "Now that's my favorite"...truth is I realy love these sheep! I guess my most favorite one, however, is the concret on on your deck. And since he is out there all by his lonesome, I think he needs to come my way ,cause I'll bring him out of those terrible elements...poor baby.ha ha Happy WW
    My Best

  3. I can not sheep so I am up looking at your lovely sheep! Thanks for sharing. Sandi

  4. I am loving all your sweet sheep pics, esp. the lamb on your deck. I have a few myself, they are getting harder to find. Have a great Wednesday, T

  5. Good Morning Debra!
    You have such a cute flock of sheep! Tell me now, do you have a name for each of them? ;)
    I just love your collection...
    everything vintage

  6. I just love sheep too Debra ~ they are so beautiful to me, your collection is wonderful! xxoo, Dawn

  7. I LOVE sheep too and yours are fabulous!!! Makes me want more!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Lou Cinda

  8. I adore your sheep. I love sheep, something about their gentleness. This was so great to see, this morning.

  9. "Ewe" seem to have cornered the market on sheep. I am so jealous...makes my collection look ba-a-a-d!

  10. i have a few sheep~ish things myself...not as many as you...that is quite the collection...they are all so cute...i have that print somewhere too of the girl with the sheep...but, i think mine fell into the "black hole of things you know you have but never see again" that i have over here...thanks for sharing!!!

  11. That's a collection...never saw so many sheep together! I bet you that from now on, we'll see sheep every time we go treasure hunting and of course, we'll think of you!

  12. I am a sheep lover. They remind me of the Good Shepherd...:)

    Thanks for sharing sweet friend...

    Love, Rebecca

  13. Hello
    Just love your sheep, I am partial to sheep they are my favorite animal. I think I told you my gramma raised sheep and I have such fond memories of feeding them from a crush bottle on the farm. My grandfather would put me on the back of a buck when I was small and it was like riding buck'in bronco.
    I love the little lamb on your patio because it looks so real

  14. They are wonderful...
    There is nothing more peaceful, than a lamb...
    Barb C.

  15. Debra, these are beautiful! If I had to pick a favorite, I'd say it was the primitive print in your kitchen.


  16. I love your collection. I love when there is a theme or collection that runs through a home -so lovely...

  17. Hi Debra~ You have a beautiful collection of sheep! I have a friend who collects them, too! Enjoyed my visit! ~Mandy

  18. A wonderful flock of sheep you have here, Debra. I love sheep and lambs in any form, but I really love your concrete lamb a on your deck.
    Baa Baa for now,

  19. Hi Debra,
    Thanks for the visit! I love Val, and her home is wonderful, and always a treat to visit!
    Barb C.

  20. I have never know anyone that is this fond of sheep. Beautiful things. Ya I like the deck lamb too.

    come visit

  21. How fun. :) I really like the young girl holding the lamb.

  22. Beautiful sheep collection. Thanks so much for sharing and enjoy your evening.


  23. So sweet!I just love them.How could you resist them.The lamb on your deck hits a sweet spot.I just want to hug it.You have a bright day and more Fun Finds 2 U.. Chickie

  24. Hi Debra, just thinking about you and your post about Jenny. Your post about her passing really touched my heart. Thank you for that post and letting us all know about the loss,thinking of you! Take care.

  25. You have quite the sheep collection. How neat!

  26. Oh , we use to have sheep when we lived in the country , you brought back memories. Sue

  27. So pretty and peaceful! I especially like the vintage print in the oval frame.

  28. You have a wonderful collection..too sweet! I especially love the gold oval framed print.


  29. Loved the sheep!!!
    Sheep look so tranquil and spiritual.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.
    Lois at Callie Magee's Antiques

  30. Just lovely! We like so many of the same things.

    yappping cat

  31. I stumbled upon your blog and now I don’t want to leave. You have a lovely blog and a new follower….me.

    Love & Hugs
    Duchess xoxoxo

  32. Debra, I'm lurking around here, going backwards on your blog again. I just love all of your sheep. I have a few myself and they are just the sweetest little things. They are hard to find. How are you getting so lucky?


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