Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall Nesting in the Sunroom

I warned you...

...that my Sunroom would be the first to change with the seasons.
Sorry you have to see it so often, but it is just my favorite part of my house.
I just love old quilts and this gives me an excuse
to change them out each month.
I found this one last year, and the orange and black, with some navy blue,
just really gets me in that festive fall mood.

(Pinwheel pattern)

Miss Jenkins loves the sunroom as much as I do,
but she doesn't "love" the camera,
like Miss Wrigley does.

Had to change out the wreath and ribbon too.

Another one of my favorite fall quilts. This one is really old.
I bought it in Atlanta 20 years ago.
(Wild Geese or Flying Geese)
After Halloween, this one will go on the settee.

My three little white squash.

Love these old orange garden tools.

Mums in an old wire fry basket.

Vintage orange teapot from my recent finds.

Baker's Rack all dressed for fall.

Little Japanese Apple Jam Pot.

Love these old Twining Tea tins.

My favorite, Angel Vine, in a small vintage pitcher.

Very old birdcage with a naughty little crow.

This one comes with it's very own REAL spider webs...
a little early for Halloween.

Here's look'n at you, Kid!

This is Fall Nesting Week at The Inspired Room.
I'm doing posts that celebrate the change of the season.
So for me, part of that is the change of decor.
Hope you have fun decorating your favorite spots for Fall!


  1. All so beautiful.
    thanks for sharing it.

    barbara jean

  2. Oh that hit the spot. Gotta tell you I love a sunroom =]

  3. Yippie for fall nesting week and the way you are changing seasons in the sun room. All those lovely little touches add up to a sweet room to enjoy the sun. Hope you are having a nice bit of indian summer.

  4. Hi Debra!

    I enjoyed your sun porch all dressed for Fall. The bright orange teapot made my day. Its the little things...

    Your quilts are so pretty. I live in Lancaster County, PA so I notice quilts..its one of the things we are known for.

    Enjoy this lovely season!

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  5. I love your orange gardening tools, too. I wasn't in a Fall frame of mind yet (it's over 100 here still!) until I saw your lovely photos. Thanks for the inspiration!
    ~ Anne

  6. Wow, your sun room looks absolutely gorgeous all decked out for fall! Thanks for the inspiration.


  7. OK, that crow gives me the creeps! I think you should turn him over to Miss Jenkins and Miss Wrigley for a little batting practice!

  8. Hi Debra,
    Just beautiful. It all looks so inviting. Makes me want to sip some cider and where are those donuts?

  9. Your sunroom is so pretty! Looks like the perfect place to sit with a new fall magazine and take in the view. :)

  10. Wow...I love it all!!!

    You know how I love orange;)!!!


  11. What a fun sounds like you have a lot of fun with it!
    Love your fall whites with all of the rust and love your *rusty* attitude!

  12. Your quilts are wonderful. What I really admire is how you were able to find the different patterned quilts in such complementary colors. Everything goes together so well-must be your good eye! I'm not ready to redo any of my rooms yet-maybe when my foot gets better. You've given me something to strive for :)

  13. I truly love your sunroom! It looks in season for the cooler weather, for sure. ~Mindy

  14. You are such an inspiration! I never seem to have time to change things around for the's enough to get Christmas done..don't get me wrong I love it...maybe it's called time management..hum..Anyway, thanks Debra for another inspiring post.
    My Best

  15. You're putting me in the mood. I can't wait for fall to move in!
    I'd love to have your sunroom to play in and with.

  16. Hi Debra! is that a mirror on the door? What a great idea! LOVE it!!!

  17. Hi Debra~ Enjoyed looking at your fall decorating! Fall is my favorite time of year! Thanks for your sweet comment on my giveaway post! I enjoy your visits! ~Mandy

  18. What a beautiful sunroom...and its decorated so wonderfully!!!

  19. Love the quilts. So gorgeous! And great with the ticking pillows! What a sweet kitty! :D

    yapping cat

  20. Very pretty sunroom. Love the quilt and it looks like your cat loves it too. They always find the best spots to snooze.

    You are all done decorating and I haven't even started yet. Oh, well maybe next week.

    Nice to meet you through the Inspired Room.

  21. Hi Debra,
    This post is so cozy, I love it! My grandma had one of those apple jam pots, you bring back some very warm-hearted memories for me showing that lovely piece of yours here. Miss Jenkins is just lovely, it's so nice to see animals enjoying their happy homes. As you can tell, this post speaks to my heart. Happy week, love your style.


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