Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall Nesting on White Wednesday

Metal Motel Chairs...I can still remember sitting on them in my grandparents yard. I'd pull one close to where my grandmother was working in the garden, for a rest. I remember how the metal would scorch my little legs because my sunsuit offered no protection... a long, long time ago.

I found this one a couple of years ago. It had been white,
so it received a coat of white spray paint.
But I soon found that nothing was stopping the rust from peeking out.
I'm quite fond of that rust right now... shows the age of it.

Speaking of age...I'm trying hard to not let the "rust"
on my exterior change who I am. I want to enjoy life
and be the woman that still feels young,
vibrant, energized and happy. Contentment from the inside,
that doesn't depend on outward circumstances.
That's what I'm striving for.
Just thought I'd share a little from my heart today.
God has to be the author of that.
I can't work it up by myself.

This is a white squash I found over the weekend. He's real.

Great rusty patina, don't you think?

My fascination with Angel Vine this year has caused me to accumulate several.
This one resides in a vintage white McCoy flowerpot...

on a vintage mesh metal flea market side table.

This is a market basket filled with a dried gourd from last year
and a faux painted pumpkin.

Vintage flowerpots and white sprinkler are ready for baby mums.

I'm participating in two parties again today.
Melissa over at The Inspired Roomis hosting "Fall Nesting Week"
to help get us "in the mood" for fall.

And Kathleen at Faded Charm is hosting our wonderful White Wednesday!
Please be sure and click on the links for more fun!

Yeah, It's Fall, Y'all!!!



  1. What a lovely post and what a wonderful blog you have! I love metal chairs and I'm fortunate to have a couple...and yes no matter how much spray paint the rust does peek through! Big smile. Have a beautiful week.

  2. Your Fall Inspirations are Wonderful! I love how you have used Fall with Nature! So nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by!
    You have a great blog! Come by and visit anytime!

    Fall Blessings to you!
    Love, Brenda

  3. Beautiful post.
    love the chair, basket of goodies, watering can, whole vignette.
    I'm right there with you about not letting outside bother us.
    I'm almost 61, don't look at day over 55, (am i kidding myself?), and still feel 35 on inside.

    do fine as long as i do not look in mirror., Then i wonder, 'who is that?' =0)


    barbara jean

  4. Oh! I love the white Hotel chair with the Fall colors next to it. Very nice photos too. Sandi

  5. You metal chair and table are exactly what I'm looking for. I want to creat a new sitting area in my back yard and that's what I want. I love the way you've brought fall into it. Beautiful!

    Come visit me!


  6. Love the chair, rust and all! I've got many of the items you used - I'm really loving what you did! I'm going to follow you to find out what you'll come up next!

  7. Sweet post full of wonderful Fall pretties! Love it all!

    Metal chairs like these remind me of my Gramma...she had them, too! Sweet days.

    Lovely finds my friend...enjoyed my little visit!


  8. Woo doggie, it's beginning to feel like Fall at your place! Can I come and sit awhile in that great motel chair. Don't ya just love them. Happy Wednesday, T

  9. I love that white gourd with your white chair! The whole setting looks so inviting and very transitional for the seasons. Can't wait to see what you do as fall progresses.

  10. Your metal motel chairs are wonderful! And you're right, a little rust just them....and us...character.
    Well done and Happy White Wednesday!

  11. Yes, that chair has a great rusty patina...love it! I too can remember sitting w/ my grandmother in one of those chairs, stringing green beans. I want a couple!

  12. Boy that rust sure is strong coming thru the paint. I spray paint an old chair every Summer and by Fall that rust reappears the same time the leaves turn colors..very convenient to decorate for Fall:)

  13. Hi Debra
    Loved your white post this week. I too have fond memories of those chairs. My grandmother had them in her yard at the farm in SD. The adults would sit on them towards evening and my cousins and I would rummage through the trunks upstairs full of 1920s clothes and would parade down and put on a fashion show in front of the adults and sheep. Thanks for reminding me of that...
    I am with you also on concentrating on my inside more now that the outside doesn't draw the attention it once did. Somehow I thought I wouldn't care at this point but one does...it takes strength to accept yourself the way you look and a lot of humor...thank you Lord for humor!

  14. Wow girl, you really wooped it up this week! Love your Fall posting..it's still so very hot here in Ca that the Fall mood hasn't struck me yet. You absolutely inspire me not only with all your pictures, but your wonderful words of wisdom! hank you.
    My Best,

  15. I really like your "chair vignette." It totally bespeaks fall and someone who knows the art of display!

  16. Even though we are not ready for fall, we loved your post...that chair is great! We have bought several of those through the years and they are always a customer's favorite!!

  17. I loved your photos and fall displays, you have a way with making art!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    will be sure to check out your other posts.

  18. So pretty! What a lovely place to relax.

  19. Hi Debra, your fall pictures are truly delightful....I am so in the mood for Autumn. Thanks for sharing.

    Barb :-)

  20. How very beautiful, I love them all... Bisous... Julie Marie

  21. I have never heard of angel vine.
    Is that a perennial in Texas? Better check it out hadn't I.
    I guess I am still hanging on to summer. It is so nice out today !

  22. Enjoyed your fall pics, I didn't know there was such a thing as a white squash. I'm 50+ and been married 37 years also.

  23. Hello! I am so glad you are participting in our "Doors of Welcome". I think it'll be pretty fun!
    Loved visiting your blog. Very fun!
    Have a great day!
    Karen - Some Days Are Diamonds

  24. What a wonderful post. The chair is an amazing memory, and I love how the rust looks like fall.


    Everything looks lovely.

  25. Awe, I love love LOVE Fall too. And I love your crackled rusty chair and Fall decorations! Your beautiful photos make me want to pull my boxes out of the attic and fill my surroundings with warm rust color and the smell of pumpkin pie!
    Now Debra...see what you started?
    everything vintage

  26. Its just beautiful. As are you! :D And I know, I certainly don't feel as old as I am. I still think I'm 17. LOL. But the attitude is what counts. And a great smile. Love all the fall touches and especially that ticking pillow! :D

    yapping cat

  27. I never thought of white for fall, but you did it up elegantly.

  28. Oh Debra, such wonderful photos!!!! I love your taste and the way you put things together, just beautiful ~ xxoo, Dawn

  29. Yes, that chair does have a nice patina. I never minded rust - it gives character. Same for people. I like your outlook; I have the same! Happy Aging!!!! LOL!


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