Saturday, September 5, 2009


I was just getting to know her. She left such sweet comments. She had just started her blog a few months ago, just like me. Her last post was White Wednesday, on which I left a comment. Read this post please, it speaks as to who she is. Recently she fell and broke her foot. I was checking in on her, because like all of us, she has a family, with kids, and a job... a life with responsibilities.

I received a message from her good friend Lydia at Lydia oh Lydia Art last night. If you knew Jenny from Vignettes Etc. please go visit her friend Lydia, who will direct you to Jenny's blog.

I could not just sit here today and say nothing. All of us in the blogging community have made friends. We may not have met them, spoken on the phone, or would even know them in a crowd, but there is a quiet unspoken bond we have.

I am praying for her family and friends. She will be missed.

God please protect and sustain those she left behind.



  1. How devastating for her family. My heart and prayers go out to them.
    This really drives home the fact we aren't promised a certain period of time...only a season. We should all strive to make the most of it and to be the best we can be, both inside and out.
    It's just so sad to read.

  2. Oh I am so sorry to hear such devastating news. I had not read her blog, but you pay such a gracious tribute to her. I will remember you and her family in prayer. I know the Lord is holding her now. Hugs, Marty

  3. Debra, this is such sad news. God Bless jenny's family. Thank you for letting us know. I did not know her until I real your blog. So sorry! Sandi

  4. wow Debra, this is shocking and sad. You are right, even though you've never met or spoke in person, some bloggers create a very special bond that is undescribable. I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sorry for her family's loss. I'm sorry for her blog friend's loss. I just left her beautiful blog and it is eerie as she has left much beauty behind. Hopefully, she is surrounded by eternal beauty that only we can dream of.
    everything vintage

  5. Thank you for telling us about Jenny..
    How hard to have a sudden loss like that at such a young age.
    My prayers go out to them.

    Peace and blessings to you,

    Barbara Jean

    PS I so agree with what you were saying about bonding together, and it is a hard thing to explain to those who are not a part of this 'family'.

  6. I'm so sad my friend...I was just getting to know Jenny.

    Life is so short. We must live life to the fullest every single day.

    My heart is with you all~


  7. This is just so very sad, but I thank you Debra for your posting. I went to Lydia's blog and what a beautiful tribute to Jenny. My prayers are with her family.
    My Best

  8. How heartbreaking...I am so very sorry, I will surely be keeping her family in my prayers.

  9. What terrible news! I'm so sad for her family...I will keep them in my prayers.

    I had just gotten to know Jenny too. She was a sweet woman & had great style. Thanks for letting us know.

  10. Debra,
    Thanks for writing about Jenny...
    This computer stuff scared me for a long time, but I feel so blessed with the wonderful people I've met on it. It's amazing how people can even touch your heart through a computer screen. No physical touch, no voice, no face, simply heart felt words...
    Barb C.


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