Monday, September 14, 2009

Grain Sack Pillow, or How I Rescued it from the Kitties

Well, it doesn't appear to have gotten too far from them, but I did give it a good wash and found two standard sized feather pillows to stuff it with.  The wicker settee is in my Dining crowded Dining Room. I found this old wicker piece at my friend Colleene's sale back in July and it is in wonderful condition. She gave it to me for a song, and since my garage is full, it found it's way into the house. Sort of a makeshift placement, but I couldn't pass it up...the story of my life.
Miss Wrigley, the lounge lizard.
I tried to dress it up a little with a little shabby pillow and a sweet floral coverlet.

Easy project, as I had been looking for some kind of pillow or pillows to go on this. I think this may work.
I'm trying to find the balance between Too Much and Too Little, Over the Top and Minimalist. I love simple things, but I also love embellished.
Anyway, here's to something easy to get the look I love... vintage and comfortable!



  1. Oh so pretty!!! I love your cushion and your sweet kitty;)!!!

    I am of the more is more theory myself...I would DIE if I had to be a minimalist!!! Bring on the!!!


  2. I do believe he is whispering sweet nothings into her ear. You're right. It is a sweet little pillow. Looks good to me! ~Mindy

  3. Debra, it looks great! Perfect fit my friend.

  4. Looks like a very pretty & comfy spot to me, too.

    Greet my friend Gail on her lst day as a new blogger ~

    TTFN ~Marydon

  5. Debra, your wicker is beautiful. Love the cushion and the grain sack pillow. The cat looks very comfortable too. sandi

  6. When you find that balance, lemme know the secret, k?
    Hey, your kitty looks just like my kitty! Can't ever wrong with a grain sack. :-)
    ~ Anne

  7. Hi Debra, Your wicker seat is very pretty with the cushions and pillow. I know I'm a "more" person. I sometimes try to calm things down a bit but I always go back to my "the more the merrier" self. Like in my new header, I rearranged that mantel several times but finally put everything back! LOL!
    Have fun with your "stuff"!

  8. What could be better than a new cat bed that doubles as a scratching post? Looks nice!

  9. I love the settee and how it is decorated with kitty. :)

  10. Hi Debra,
    I think wicker makes any room cozier. I love the settee and can see why you just had to have it. I think Kitty agrees. I try to edit but it's oh so hard to do. Some of my rooms are stuffed with stuff.
    I love your fall header! Miss the sheep though.
    Baa for now,

  11. This is a wonderful piece. I love white wicker!!

    barbara jean

  12. Those kitties, they do have a nose for the comfiest spot in the house! :D

    yapping cat

  13. Debra, your little wicker settee is wonderful. I have one and I just adore it.


    Barb :-)

  14. I am a "less" at home...that's why I sell! When I am at a show or at W&T's I can let my "more" side out to do what she wants.
    I'm a fool for wicker too and I love the look of yours. Great job fluffing!

  15. Beautiful, even nicer with a kitty to enjoy it! I know what you mean about balancing too much or too little. I go back and forth between the two all the time. Pam

  16. That's the story of our lives: finding balance!!!...Judging by the pictures you are doing just fine, girl!!!

  17. Hello
    Love the settee, just can't pass up good wicker, can you?
    Love your banner - is that your front door? Gives me inspiration for mine...right now all the flowers are dried up and leggy.
    Have a great week

  18. Hi...looks lovely.We share the same taste....on that note,thank you for always leaving me the nicest notes,you are very sweet!! Chrissy

  19. I love a feast for the eyes... the little French pillow is a keeper too. Looks fab.

  20. Hi, Debra!
    Too much -- not enough? The cats never care! Have a super day!
    Betty :)


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