Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thanksgiving Table-top Vignette

Through my inevitable "process" of tweaking and changing up,
I finally decided on the tabletop vignette in the Dining Room.
Enough of you have confided to me that you're as OCD as I am, 
and cannot... will not, leave something alone.
Not until it's been done to death 
and we reach the place where it "works".

So, this is what I ended up with...

...and this is where I started.

I loved the plaid table topper, aka known as a scarf,
but in the end it was too busy.
and too much...
and I couldn't even see my oh so cute
little French wagon.

 The pumpkins went back to the porch,
  the garland landed elsewhere,
and I replaced my table runner 
with the black stripe grainsack fabric.
...and now I'm happy.

Such is the life of someone
 who obviously has too much time on her hands.

 While we're hanging out in the Dining Room,
 here's a peek at the buffet.

Here's a close up of the cloche I did earlier this Fall.

 You can't see the Turkey Platter from behind the tureen,
so here's a better view.
It doesn't have any markings on it,
so I'm not sure of the maker.

And I couldn't leave the Entry Console alone,
because it was off balance...


  I added one of my vintage prints that I love for Thanksgiving;
"The Angelus" by Millet.
It's the companion print to "The Gleaners".

This is from the old house in the Dining Room.
(as you can see, it's a very old print, waterstained,
and in it's original frame)

I've been rounding up the turkeys, 
and I'll share them with you next week.

joining in here:

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I'm hanging on to Autumn...


Did you catch my last post?

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