Monday, November 2, 2015

LED Woodsy Tree and Transitioning from Fall to Christmas

So yesterday, the first thing I saw on my bloglist was a sponsored group of bloggers with Christmas Trees. Please don't get me wrong, I understand all about advertising and sponsored posts, and being out front for the seasonal rush for products, sharing ideas and offers. And it's nothing personal, these are a great group of bloggers.  But golly, I'm not ready to have anything Christmas shoved at me just yet. I like to eeeaaaase in to Christmas. I don't like to go "Cold Turkey" and leave out Thanksgiving.

"Transition"  is the key word for me.
I don't want to box up "Fall" and drag out "Christmas".

not yet, anyway.

This is just my personal viewpoint on this.
If you can't wait to bring Christmas out, 
I'll still be visiting and pinning away.

I just wish someone would have told Abraham Lincoln
that the last week of November is too late for a Major National Holiday.

Last year, we moved into this house on Halloween,
 so I wanted to enjoy some Late Fall decor,
 not run headlong into Christmas stuff.

This year, I'm going to make a transition into 
winter decor;
that's the easiest way for me to go.

I bought this little LED Woodland Tree last year, and used it for Fall and Christmas. But somehow since then, it's base came loose and to give it some stability, I stuffed it into a galvanized "French" florist bucket. I actually like it better in there. 

I worked on putting the Fall Leaves back on early in September, but somehow doing a post on it escaped me. Probably because I didn't have room for it yet, and it stayed in my studio. Several other bloggers have done great posts on their methods for doing something similar. I just cut off or removed leaves and berries from a Fall garland and then used florist wire to secure them on the "limbs" of the LED tree.

 This method of adding flowers, or vines, or berries,
would work for any Season or Holiday. 
I need to try it with some Forsythia for Spring.

These pics were taken at night and the lighting was from my Entry Lantern; 
not particularly blog-photo friendly.

Here it is last year at Thanksgiving,

and then for Christmas.

So give me a little more time to savor the joy of November,
then I'll be ready to decorate for Christmas.
As always, I say that I'm not going to go nuts decorating for Christmas.
We'll see...

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