Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New to me...

I'm frequently the last one to know 
about some amazing item, bargain, or trend.
duh...wow..."isn't that so cool?"

So this post is my latest installment of
"Everyone else may already know... but"
I just had to share this in case there's anyone else out there 
...ah, um...a little uninformed.

this is paper, peeps.

Guess what?
There are now paper plates that are exact replicas 
of the iconic Spode dinnerware!
I did a double-take when I was at the Hallmark Store
looking through the Thanksgiving items.
Yes, my friends... there are now paper plates to be proud of.
Below is the real thing.

and here are the Christmas Tree plates, and napkins.

That's right...again.
They're exactly like the real thing.
only a teensy fraction of the cost.
But yes, you DO have to throw them out,
because washing them and putting them in the cupboard
would be gross...
and creepy. 

another pattern...

I have to admit, there are times that a posh paper plate
with matching napkins can be a "good thing". 
Appetizers, cookies, (multiple desserts), assorted cheese, crackers and dips.
...when you have unexpected knoshers waiting at the counter.
Yes, there are times when a Spode look-alike will gladly do.

This is not a sponsored post, 
just thought these were wonderful!
Also while at Hallmark, I found a great package 
of assorted Plaid Christmas Gift Wrap.
LOVIN' them all, oh yeah.

Did they read my mind or what?

Today, I even dipped my toes in the plaid/leopard pond...

knit top


J.Jill black quilted jacket


Dillard's Royal Stewart Plaid Scarf
purchased many years ago.

I'll never be a fashion blogger,
but with black leggings and boots
it was a fun new look for me.

I know, I don't get out much...

This is the week that I get all antsy to decorate for Christmas,
My tree is up but my Velvet Pumpkins are still out for Thanksgiving.
Some greenery has been added to the mantel,
and my Holly Burlap Tablerunner has crept out of the Linen Closet.
The Plaid is ready...

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  1. Debra you have saved Christmas! I've been looking everywhere for plaid paper. I'll be stopping by Hallmark TODAY! :)

    1. oh GOOD!! I hadn't been to Hallmark for a couple of years. I can't wait to wrap gifts this year!

  2. Many, many years ago, my husband's cousin discovered the beautiful paper plates at Hallmark and props them up in her china cabinet like real ones - changing them out for the seasons! She fools everyone and they are truly beautiful.

    1. that's funny, but I can imagine they look so realistic and pretty. I may have to try it!

  3. How cute you must have looked! The plaid is out and I'm breathing a sign of happy bliss. I love plaid. So yes, I did see your last post. I added to my collection of plaid tins just a few weeks ago. My poor guests on Thursday aren't going to know if it is Thanksgiving or Christmas. Oh well. There are only so many hours in a day because of school so I had to get it done. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

    1. just tell them HappyThanksmas! I have to do a little bit of decorating early otherwise I can't get it done in a timely manor, then wear myself out... I'm in awe of you working full time and being able to blog, let alone decorate with such pizazz!

  4. The plates are beautiful...and I hadn't seen them either, so you have at least one person behind you lol. And I want to get some of the wrapping paper, too!

    1. join the club, I'm glad to be in such great company!

  5. No, I guess I'm the last to know! First thing I thought when I saw them is: Decoupage with them!

  6. Love the paper Spodes!! Gorgeous! Will have to get some of those beautiful things.


  7. I just bought the same paper at Hallmark yesterday. Is it fun or what? (and easy to cut with lines everywhere...) Plaid is definitely working its way into myy Christmas.

  8. WOW no way! It's almost a shame the plates are melamine - can you imagine how fast they'd sell?

    Thanks for the heads up on that plaid wrapping paper - it's so cute!

    I *adore* Hallmark stores, I could be in there for hours. I should work there part time, I swear!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hugs.

  9. It is amazing isn't it!!! Cutest little kitty!

  10. Debra, these are good to know about. I rarely use paper plates, but I think I'm going to buy some of these to have on had when I do need them. Love, love, love the plaid wrapping paper. Is it double sided?
    I think I'm going to stop in Chico's tomorrow. Love the top!

  11. I'm usually one of those last to know about something new as well, Debra. Maybe it keeps us from spending so much! I'm so happy that plaid is making a come back - I love it. The paper plates and wrapping paper are beautiful!

  12. Oh my, how I love plaid (and leopard) and those paper plates! Stylin', you are! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Debra.

  13. The plates are so fun! I hadn't seen that before.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  14. Debra,
    Like you, I am more and more amazed at the beautiful "paper products" on the market!!!
    Gorgeous paper plates and holiday gift wrapping paper, dear friend!!!
    Your "fur babies" photo clips are always a nice surprise for me!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  15. Love anything Spode - china or paper! Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. I was in Hallmark Saturday and couldn't find any plaid paper. However I found some wonderful music wrapping paper with words Silent Night on it ,so got it.
    I didn't see the paper plates or would have had to have some of them also.

  17. Omg! I didn't know about those plates. So, you are not the only one that didn't know! They are so pretty. I agree that they would be great for appetizers and desserts. Or.......if you're having a super large crowd and don't want to wash a ton of dishes all night afterwards. Your outfit sounds cute and very stylish. I think it's more fun to dress for winter since you can add so many more layers. Have a super Thanksgiving tomorrow!

  18. Stopping in to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving dear friend... I miss you... I am still not blogging but do post a bit on instagram, I signed up to follow you there as well... hope your day is filled with abundant blessings, xoxo... love you, Julie Marie PS I bet you look gorgeous in your new outfit!!!


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