Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thanksgiving Table-top Vignette

Through my inevitable "process" of tweaking and changing up,
I finally decided on the tabletop vignette in the Dining Room.
Enough of you have confided to me that you're as OCD as I am, 
and cannot... will not, leave something alone.
Not until it's been done to death 
and we reach the place where it "works".

So, this is what I ended up with...

...and this is where I started.

I loved the plaid table topper, aka known as a scarf,
but in the end it was too busy.
and too much...
and I couldn't even see my oh so cute
little French wagon.

 The pumpkins went back to the porch,
  the garland landed elsewhere,
and I replaced my table runner 
with the black stripe grainsack fabric.
...and now I'm happy.

Such is the life of someone
 who obviously has too much time on her hands.

 While we're hanging out in the Dining Room,
 here's a peek at the buffet.

Here's a close up of the cloche I did earlier this Fall.

 You can't see the Turkey Platter from behind the tureen,
so here's a better view.
It doesn't have any markings on it,
so I'm not sure of the maker.

And I couldn't leave the Entry Console alone,
because it was off balance...


  I added one of my vintage prints that I love for Thanksgiving;
"The Angelus" by Millet.
It's the companion print to "The Gleaners".

This is from the old house in the Dining Room.
(as you can see, it's a very old print, waterstained,
and in it's original frame)

I've been rounding up the turkeys, 
and I'll share them with you next week.

joining in here:

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I'm hanging on to Autumn...


Did you catch my last post?


  1. Everything is so pretty. I love the buffet vignette, stunning.

  2. Your tweaking has been very fruitful... the arrangement is gorgeous! Love the simplicity! The arrangement in the urn is quite lovely, too! Great job! ~Rhonda

  3. It's all so lovely! Love the table with the white runner. Looks so serene now! I'm OCD too when it comes to decorating. :)

  4. Debra your dining and entry are screaming AUTUMN!!! Love all the pretty fall touches and that French wagon is just darling! Where ever did you find it? I had to laugh when you said you relegated the pumpkins and garland elsewhere...that is one of my trademark moves...confuses the hell out of my hubby! Love the urn on the entry console too...urns are quickly becoming one of my favorite items to work with, they are just so elegant!
    Have a great weekend!
    XO Barbara

  5. Okay, I love the buffet, and your entry console...really lovely. Amazing what just a few tweaks will do for the holidays. The table centerpiece is adorable, but will you be able to converse over it? I'm still trying to find my table, its covered in moldings and pink furniture for the Barbie House. Thanks for sharing!, Sandi

    1. Hey Sandi, I'm blessed to have a wonderful sister with a big house who loves to host the family gatherings, so I can decorate and not worry about the table space. I remember when I hosted Holiday dinners, not much actually made it to the table but the food.

  6. I love how you're brave enough to share your process of OCD as much as the stops in between, Debra. It looks great, and I've always admired those prints of the Angelus & (the less commonly seen) Gleaners. Talk about OCD...I've been cleaning windowsills, porches, containers, etc., and find myself going to sleep at night counting (yes, and re-counting) all the things I got accomplished, as if I'm reconciling with someone (that would be me, myself). My husband says, "it's who you are", and just laughs. Have a great day!

  7. Love the table now, its simple and clean!! Each element is special!! I have always loved those paintings, I have a small version of the Angelus hanging in my dining room.

    The last few years I have not done much for Christmas, it was just something to get through. But this year, and I don't know why, I am bursting with Spirit!! I made my decorating plans and am working to get all the elements ready in the basement. Took 4 days or more to make a floral piece and I ordered those tiny fairy lights to put in it. And am going through tons of boxes and bins, making a few runs to the GW with donations and it feels soooooo good!! Next week when the colder weather arrives, I will do the windows, wash curtains and get things in order. Yes, at night when I'm in bed, I also recount all that has been done!! I'm just a homemaker..........xoxoxo

  8. I love the tabletop vignette, Debra. Editing can make all the difference. Everything you are showing in this post is gorgeous...but that buffet is fab*u*lous!! And those pieces of art are so pretty, too. Lovely Fall decorating :)

  9. Debra,
    I adore the french grain sack table runner with your goat cart centerpiece!!!
    Your entry way is truly a "work of art",dear friend!!!
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!!

  10. Debra, you have such lovely autumn decorations! I'm inspired and want to borrow the idea of the two stacked cups holding a small pumpkin under glass. Love your blog!


  11. I love your turkey platter. How fun. I love the new vignette on the sideboard. Yours are the best.

  12. Love it all Debra. How cute and pretty is that wagon?!!! your vignettes are just beautiful.

  13. Gosh you certainly do the best vignettes of anyone I know. Love your turkey platter and reminded me to pull out mine! The Charmer is small and I forget where I've tucked things out of sight out of mind. I don't think I have any turkeys?

  14. Oh my Debra! Such loveliness! The cloche and the urn are divine!! Just always love how you do what you do!!!
    Hugs to you sweet friend!

  15. It all looks really pretty, Debra. Sometimes first impressions aren't what you need them to be so a little tweaking is a good thing. Always beautiful, just more so now..Happy Weekend..Judy

  16. I love it all and just how Cute is that wagon??? Nice vignette.

  17. Sooooo adorable! I love your style! I too am OCD! Ha! Hey ,why not! We love our home to feeeeel greeeeatt! It's a lot of fun! Hey where are your pilgrims!

  18. Nice touches all. The wagon is adorable and sets off a very dramatic centerpiece. Simplifying was a good idea.

  19. So pretty, did your buffet come with that top or did you have it added? I have an old server that I want
    to add some granite or marble to and want to see how costly it would be. Love your pretty decor!

  20. Debra, your OCD has paid off-- your dining table is very pretty and elegant, with just the right amount of detail on your French cart. Love the buffet too!


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