Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wake Up Call!

I had a shocker of a thought yesterday... and that was that Thanksgiving was ACTUALLY next week, and that  our "big kids" from St. Louis would be here. I was living in some sort of alternate universe where I was taking my sweet time about things and all the sudden I had a panic about getting the guest /dump room cleaned up for them. Do you have a room that stuff "lands in" when you don't have time or motivation to deal with things? Hope I'm not alone.

Anywahoos, I still had some things to share that are sort of woods-y/thanksgiving-y, from the basement sitting area, otherwise known as my Holiday Cupboard. I love each holiday and don't want to slight all my fun Thanksgiving decor. Besides, I laughed over a post last week where it was discussed that slighted turkeys might come after us for revenge...can't let that happen. 

So for the next few days, even though we all are thinking Christmas,
you're stuck seeing some Thanksgiving decor.
Just trying to be an equal opportunity decorator.

I've also realized that I've used this blog to document my decorating. I find myself looking back thru old posts to check what I did last year. I like to change things up, so as to not let things get stale or boring. It encourages me to try something new, and think out of the box.

OK, hope you all are making progress on your plans for next week.
See ya tomorrow with 
Vintage Inspiration Friday

and just a reminder for the 
All Things French Give Away,
come by and enter here

group hugs,
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