Sunday, November 20, 2011

Change up for the Front Porch

My front porch was looking pretty sad. Thank goodness the yard guys made it by this week to trim the hedges and get rid of the tons of leaves that were piling up in the front yard. Our two trees out front are maples, and they don't drop their leaves until after a hard freeze. Good thing they decided to come down a little early this year, it was getting pretty deep out there.

(next three photos were taken a week ago)

Gee, looks a little neglected, huh?

Oh, and look who I found on the porch a few weeks ago.

He's one of the "regulars" around here.

But today, despite me having some sort of cold with laryngitis,
 I had to get out there and do something to clean things up, 
and add a little Thanksgiving to the mix. 

We found a couple of cute 4 ft. lit trees at Lowe's this week,
(yay, they were 50% off)
that had a "bronze" finish on the urns.
You know me, they had to be painted white,
so I did that yesterday, even though I was feeling yucky.
Are you guys like me?... sheesh, it's hard for me to slow down!
(especially with a holiday next week, I don't have time to be sick)

So, amidst coughing fits and wearing my old sweats with no make-up,
I was outside puttering, 
the whole time praying that no one would drive by...

I wanted to have some Christmas-y evergreens,
but still hang on to my perfectly good pumpkins 
that together would look "harvesty".
(Hope you all speak my decor language.)

So I dug thru my stash and found a fruit wreath,
added some extra evergreens,
then tied it with some of the new thinner burlap ribbon
 I found at Robin's Open House.

Faux Green Poinsettias,
first time I've seen these.

I retitred my black wagon for the season and used 
the harvest basket to house the remaining faux pumpkins.

Did you change up your porch decor for Thanksgiving?

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  1. no....I guess I should before the guest come!

  2. Darling little tree...been there done that with the no make-up and praying that nobody sees me...seems like they always do...oh well! I just got some of that burlap ribbon too a few weeks ago...I can see it all over my nest and booth:)


  3. I don't have a front porch and our Thanksgiving is over here in Canada but most of us do have a Thanksgiving look to our front porch or stoops, the pumpkins are really popular, I think you done a great job mixing the two holidays, they are intwined I find in the States, with Thansgiving and Christmas so close its like one lovely big Holiday season , much more enjoyable than how we have it in Canada.I can just see you out there trying not to be seen, arranging your decorations, too funny, I'm sure you looked beautriful anyway, but it still made me smile they way you told us, Happy Sunday to you,

  4. I agree the leaves were getting a little deep but they looked beautiful especially on the porch steps. They create a pretty autumn feel. Love all the touches on the porch. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I meant to say I think you HAVE done a great job, ( grammar grammar)

  6. Now you can come clean mine up since you are in the mood. Our yard is one big pile of leaves and I don't have time to clean it up. Now we have rain for the next few days so it is all wet anyway. Love your welcoming porch.

  7. Your porch looks fabulous. I love it. So pretty. The trees are so welcoming with the pumpkins and your other decor. Love the welcome sign. Hope you feel better soon. Hugs, Marty

  8. Hi Debra... your porch looks so festive, I love your special little visitor!I am like you, even after my surgery I could not just sit and do nothing, even though the doctor ordered to do just that... I feel better keeping busy... hope you feel better soon!...xoxo Julie Marie

  9. It's all so pretty! You've done a wonderful job with it. The squirrel thinks so, too. He's so cute! I have to say, though that I love the leaves on the steps. The color is breathtaking. The pictures of them all cleaned up made me a bit sad. ;-) But that's just me. I love to see the fallen leaves, my husband loves to see all cleaned up.

  10. Beautiful front porch, Debra. I love your brick home, too! Happy Thanksgiving, my dear.

  11. everything looks great, debra!! i totally "get" working while not feeling is hard to put a good girl down. i love how fallen leaves look and become sad when we (and when i say "we" i mean my hubby) finally rake them away.
    happy thanksgiving,

  12. Oh, looks just beautiful! Very pretty and welcoming! Love the little squirrel, if he were here he'd be gnawing on my pumpkins instead of just looking cute!

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  13. I am so glad you have left most of your wonderful fall decor till after Thanksgiving. I hate for it to become a holiday that is passed by for Christmas. Best Thanksgiving wishes from my blog to yours. Richard and Sissy from My Old Historic House.

  14. It looks great, Pamela! I love that wicker cone and the benches you have to sit things on. I have plans to put some greens outside in an urn I have pumpkins sitting in right now and change out a Fall wire basket with either a wreath or my little sled {once I fix it up a bit}.

  15. I am going to try and add some zest right now, we have to much to worry about here with needles and leaves right now to get picked up, we will wittle on them all winter long,,,,,,,but for now I can add some festive touches. Thanks for sharing your porch with us. Hugs Mary

  16. I loved it with the leaves too! I miss fall here in Texas...and especially with the drought.

    Beautiful either way.

  17. Debra, your steps with all the leaves-looks gorgeous :) even -yes deep !! and love your porch, alwayes decorated so beautiful-
    warm hugs, Dorthe

  18. Oh wow- everything looks so beautiful. You always have the prettiest decor outside!!!

  19. Hi Debra,
    Your porch decor looks lovely. Which reminds me that I need to do something about ours!
    I love all the leaves on the ground. That's what I miss the most living here on the coast. We do have some falling leaves but there aren't enough deciduous trees, only pines. So, to me, the leaves are a beautiful sight!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  20. It looks absolutely perfect! I can almost be guaranteed that someone will drive by or see me out there and stop by for a visit. never fails!
    Happy Thanksgiving! t.xoxox

  21. Great Thanksgiving look - and on the way to change for Christmas. I also liked the negelected look, all the leaves look so fallish.

  22. bless your heart...out there fix everything just did a wonderful job, cold and all. now rest up, plenty of OJ, and stay warm and cozy and dry! have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  23. YOur porch looks so pretty and festive for Thanksgiving! I didn't change anything, I just decorate for Fall and then FRiday it all gets put away and CHRISTMAS begins! I did start in here today though, I got the whole downstairs done!! I am so excited! I wish you a happy, blessed Thanksgiving. XO, Pinky

  24. You did a lot of cleanup while sick! Your porch looks great. I love the green poinsettias too!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  25. Love all the leaves in the yard. Don't change a thing. Happy Thanksgiving.

  26. your front entrance looks so pretty. I left mine as it was at Halloween except for the jack-o-lanterns and spiders etc. I like your mix of pumpkins. My dog would've gone nuts (no pun intended) if he saw that squirrel sitting there. He sure looked cute with your decorations though! ha!

  27. Oh Debra, if only you could see the pitiful little front porch I now have!

  28. Debra, what a pretty porch! I still have my pumpkins and gourds out until Thursday. Then, everything changes. The squirrel is the perfect accent to your fall decor. Love the leaves! So seasonal and pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  29. Debra,
    your porch looks wonderful, I love the leaves on the ground, they so much color and really make it seem like fall! My leaves are bright red and I love the color as they pile up on and around my porch!

  30. Beautiful Fall Decor! I loved the pictures with the leaves on the steps:) I changed my porch for Halloween and added on some Thanksgiving goodies too! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  31. Loved cute Mr Squirrel. Good photo! I loved the leaves on the porch too!

  32. Everything looks so pretty Debra and I love the trees in the painted urns! What a deal! I have a bad cold too and my hubby told me that I was the worst sick person ever since I won't just sit down and rest. Rest? What is that? :-) Hope you feel better soon my friend!

  33. I don't have the energy to do anything different for the porch for Thanksgiving. So I will have to live vicariously through you!

  34. I just subtracted the evil Mr. Smirk from the pumpkins. Your leaves were pretty on the steps.

  35. I love the entrance with the autumn leaves. It's like seeing the postcard. Love the colour combo. Amazing beautiful.

    All the vignettes and your arts are well done.

    Get well soon.

    Greetings from Stockholm,

  36. So pretty.I love the colored leaves as we do not have any trees that produce the pretty fall colors. Your porch looks great with the mix. I am anxious to get my Christmas decorating started.Hope you are feeling better. Just a new Blogger saying hello and hope you will stop by to visit me. Blessigns. Audrey Z


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