Friday, November 18, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday # 64: Snuggle Up

I can't imagine living without "pattern" in my life.
 I know there are those that prefer solid colors 
(or no color, me too sometimes)
but for me, adding "pattern" can spice things up.
 One of my favorites, is plaid. 

Great cover photo for the November issue of 
Country Living Magazine

I'm a Fall and Winter kind of person,
so I love having a throw or blanket nearby.

I've found several over the last few years that are great vintage pieces.
 This time of year they start coming out of the wardrobe, 
and dressing the wicker in the sunporch.

I just had to give this crazy turkey a fun spot for a few weeks!

One of my favorite photos from last year.

The Christmas plaid will be coming 
the day after Thanksgiving!

a couple more from Pinterest for inspiration...

and hey, I'm a sucker for anything in this plaid!

Thanks everyone who joins in for the party
there's so much inspiration out there,
 but here are just a few from last week;

Kathy from A Delightsome Life 
shared a great tutorial for faux mercury glass.

Andrea from Town and Prairie found a 40's beauty named Patrice 
and brought her home, then the magic began.

Susan from Hometown Girl sets a wonderful Thanksgiving table outdoors,
be sure to check out the other fantastic photos.

Audrey from Elegant Economies shares her wonderful collection 
of delicious creamware; just perfect for the Holidays

Linda from It all Started With Paint shares an "aha!" moment
when it comes to numbering her stairs.

Marilyn from Shabby Redo for You remakes a cool cabinet with some paint
and a great burlap back.

And Sue from Sullivan and Murphy takes us on a shop visit 
where the inspiration is over the top!

So now, have you entered the Give Away yet?
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Hope you'll join in for
  Vintage Inspiration Friday,
"anything vintage or vintage inspired"
and all your Holiday Decor.
(please have a link within your post)

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  1. WOW - such a beautiful post !! (as always ) oxox

  2. I am loving you wool tartan throws! Love the one on the adirondak. Very gorgeous! Thanks for having us over!

  3. Your Plaid's are Beautiful.. I have a small collection of Vintage Wool Plaid Skirts... I Love them. Just linked up and thank you for hosting.

  4. I love plaid throws. We have one that has been passed down from a great grandfather. It's a bit fragile so we just use it for show.

    Thanks for the wonderful links. I might brave the mercury glass tutorial if I ever get the time.

  5. Debra, so many lovely images, love the one with the bike the most!

  6. The plaids are very nice and I think they look so great this time of year! Thanks for hosting.

  7. Debra, I adore all the tartan throws and blankets. I hope I come across the perfect one for my sitting room. Didn't have a vintage post. Hope my dining room is okay.

  8. Hi Debra, I love plaids in anything. They are such happy fabrics.

    Many thanks for hosting.


  9. Hi Debra,
    You are talking my language now! I'm a plaid lover too. You have some wonderful blankets in your collection and I absolutely love how you display them in your sunroom. Beautiful post.

  10. Hi Debra, oooh I just love all your cozy plaid blankets and throws!... I believe I asked you about one in a previous post... that is a fabulous collection you have... I love a cozy blanket or throw to snuggle under in the winter (which is here I think in Utah!)...Pendletons are my favorite!...Jack still has the very first Pendleton shirt I ever gave him from 35 years ago!... I gave it to him just before Thanksgiving that year and he wears it every Thanksgiving since... they never go out of style!... I was so excited to join your party once again... you are the best!... xoxo Julie Marie

  11. There is nothing better on a chilly day or a drafty house than one of those wonderful plaid blankets. Love them all. Cozy. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  12. Thanks for hosting Debra. Oh yes, I do love a cozy plaid blanket. I can tell you love yours. I have one that travels all over my house. Nice features.

  13. I just love wool blankets, my kids...not so much! Your plaid ones are wonderful and are perfect for this time of year! Thanks for the party Debra, I will be back later to see all of the inspiration. I would decorate an outdoor table like Susan's if it wasn't snowing and blowing outside! t.xoxoox

  14. Love those plaid throws! They really look cozy and pretty at the same time. We keep ours handy in a large basket in the family room. They get a lot of use.

  15. i adore all the plaid blankets
    especially the Pendleton one

    so lovely and fallish

    great features too

    all linked up!


  16. I love working with textures and plaids but I am a rug hooker and surrounded with all sorts of wool all the's everywhere! :) Maybe even too much!!!
    Thanks for hosting...nice pictures!

  17. Thank you for including my Faux mercury glass post! I truly appreciate you! I have had fun running from one thing to another this week! Absolutely love your post - definitely warm and comfortable! Love plaid too! Thank you so much for hosting!

  18. Hi Debra, I love plaid anything too. I don't have a collection just a few favs in throws, china, scarves (yes, I'm a sucker for the same one in a scarf from hubby last b'day). My favorite on your sunporch is the orange plaid with the pumpkin pillow. So perfect for this season. Thanks so much for hosting and Happy Thanksgiving.

    The French Hutch

  19. Such cozy plaid! I love to use plaid in my son's room. Thanks so much for hosting, Debra!

  20. Thank you for hosting this wonderful party. I love all your inspiration photos. Plaid is so reminiscent of the holidays!

  21. ...hi Debra!
    i am wrapped up in warmth this week too ~ lol!!
    imagine the roses you could make out of all those wool blankets:)
    xo, Rosemary

  22. Debra, your sun porch is pretty in plaid. On PBS a couple of Sunday's ago I ssw a show called "Case Histories" and they showed the most lovely hotel room done in all different kinds of plaids in Scotland. Joe has a kilt in the pattern of his Irish mother's clan and it is very funny when we try to put it on him-takes about forty minutes. Thanks for hosting. hugs♥O

  23. Hi Debra!

    All I can say is "wow!" I wish our fixer upper was at that stage where I can get it decorated to the nines...alas, I will just browse through all the lovely homes & inspiration here in blogland instead! :) Thank you for hosting and have a most wonderful day!


  24. I love all that plaid ! Just makes you feel warm to look at it.

  25. Seeing this photos makes me miss the fall of up north. Now living in Florida I don't get that fall feeling.

  26. Debra, love all those cozy pics, but my fav is the turkey in the cage! Linda

  27. Loooovvve all of the plaid! I have a new-old Pendleton blanket (from GW for $8!!) and now I'm hooked and must find more. Also I recently found a faux Burberry cape almost like that at Ross, and even the teens are swooning over it. Thank you for the beautiful photos, and for hosting us again this week!
    xo, Andrea

  28. LOVE, love, love all those cozy plaids, Debra! Thanks for sharing all the inspiration at this party!

  29. Thanks for hosting Debra! Love the inspiration.

  30. Thank you for featuring my post on the White Cottage, Debra~ It was such a pretty shop and I cannot wait to get back there. Sure wish it was closer- I seem to hang out in central Ohio more than in my area these days! I love the look of your plaid wool blankets on your wicker!! I have some "faux" plaid blankets- they're washable and I use them all the time. LOL Loved the other features- I missed one and am going off to look at her post. :-) Sue

  31. I love your plaid blankets and your photos : the second one with the bike is my favorite. Thank you for the opportunity to share our ideas with others !

  32. Love the plaid blankets and throws. Thanks you for hosting.

  33. Debra, thank you, thank you, and thank you for featuring my porch steps! And thanks for hosting this great party!

  34. As always your images are a delight. Thanks for being such a good hostess.

  35. I love those beautiful Pendleton blankets! I pinned some of your pics to one of my Pinterest boards. Thanks for hosting Debra!

    Susan and Bentley

  36. I for one, am mad for plaid! Love all your cozy images. Gotta go find my blankey now! =)

  37. Love all your pretty plaids! Actually I have been snuggling under a cream colored softer than soft throw. Imagine that! lol

  38. You are very much in vogue, Debra! I just read an article in a French decor magazine saying that plaid is all the rage this winter in France! Wonderful features! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  39. Dear Debra! I'm finally able to join in on your Vintage Friday party! I've never had anything that I thought was vintage enough and this is beyond vintage. I'm so happy to share it with you and your many incredible followers! I've always followed your blog and have been inspired by it, it's wonderful!

    Hope you are having a blessed week.


  40. That throw is gorgeous! How fun to switch out the plaids for the seasons. Thanks for hosting Debra; have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  41. Thanks for having me today Debra. Hope you have a lovely and cosy weekend!

    Best wishes,

  42. Your sunroom always looks so cozy and inviting, Debra! The plaid makes it look cozier yet! Love that plaid poncho --- since I'm really addicted to ponchos this year for some odd reason. lol!

    xoox laurie

  43. Such a cozy post! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! Thanks, Debra!

  44. Lovely, lovely photos. Thanks for sharing them. And I agree, there is something so nice and cozy about plaid.

  45. Holy buckets, Debra! I am so glad you popped by my place. I love your blog- and I found it on link par-taaay day!
    Thank you so much for the visit and for hosting!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  46. I love plaid! I picked up a couple of great old plaid blankets recently and love them.

  47. Hi Debra!
    First, thanks for hosting and for this wonderful collection of yummy links!
    Second, many thanks for your adorable comment about my new treasures :)
    And third, what gooorrrgeous images of plaid pretties! I will SURELY PIN many of them :)
    Monica x.

  48. thank you for the mention Debra! i'm in great company! love all your plaid! have a beautiful weekend! susan

  49. This is the perfect type of post for my Wednesday Pinterest Favorites if you want to come and link up!

  50. Oh MY GOSH, soooooo warm and inviting! I love the patterns and textures! Have a blessed day dear Debra, HUGS!

  51. These vintage blankets are gorgeous. What a nice selection you have. We have just one and now I want to go wrap myself in it...and find more!

  52. Hi Debra! I'm so excited to check out that feature for faux mercury glass...I was just thinking that I wanted to try my hand at it this year so that was perfect timing. :-) Thanks so much for hosting us and I'm sorry I'm a bit late this week!

  53. Debra.. whooo hooo..loving your tartan/plaid throws and the ways you displayed them is so perfect. Darling little sheep and pumpkin pillow, too.

  54. Thank you for hosting the link party! I love plaid, wool blankets, too and collect them. I love the warm and wooly touch they add. Your pics were wonderful; especially the one of the bike!

  55. Oooh yes, it turned pretty cold here in the North East the blankets look REALLY cozy!

    Today I've linked to V.I.F for the first time! I do hope to be back again each week as I just love love love VINTAGE and to be inspired in some way by antiques. Have a great weekend and Thanksgiving.

  56. Hi Debra!!! I'm late linking this week- but am all linked up now! Thanks so much for hosting!

  57. Love the Town and Prairie dresser redo. Lovely.

  58. I absolutely love plaid too! I've got a small collection of vintage throws that I'll have to share sometime. Thanks for showing us yours!

  59. Debra...... you are so inspiring!
    I adore plaid... you have not idea how much!
    I am loving this post and your porch is over the MOON! I have stacks and stacks of vintage blankets and will be selling some of them in two weeks at a holiday show.
    Your Springfield holiday antique shop tour was awesome too. Lots of great ideas. Love the floral and greens arrangement in the blue porcelain foot!

    Have a great weekend and thanks for inviting me to linky up with your party!

  60. That settles it, I'm moving in. :-)

  61. so sorry to have missed the party, oh well I'm linking anyway ...

    wanted to announce my christmas giveaway ... the jeanne d'arc christmas edition ...

    hope your thanksgiving was blessed


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