Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday #18 Counting Down to the New Year

So, I have this sideboard in my hallway.
 It's really too big for the space, but it's in sight of the kitchen
 and I walk by it a million times a day.
It's my favorite spot to decorate along with my sunroom.
 But the sideboard gets totally redone each month.
(slight obsession here)

I've wanted to put together a shelf filled with my tarnished silver
and thought that celebrating the beginning of the New Year
would be perfect "timing".

I realize that it's not the best fit, but it will probably only be here for a few weeks.
I'd love to have a cabinet just for my silver, but as yet I haven't figured that one out.

Please try and ignore the ginormous brass doorbell and ill placed thermostat.

(shhhhh...I'm already planning my Valentine Display)

Here are a few photos and links of some of the posts from last week.
Just some fun photos that deserve a shout out!

grumpy Santa

a live nativity

gorgeous wire tree
Everything Dore does is amazing!

Wall of angels

deer friends

Hope you'll join the party.
Any Vintage Inspiration!

I'm also joining in to:

                                                 My Romantic Home                                                   

Have a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve!
Big hugs and lotsa love,


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