Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday #15 Cream and Sugar with that Tree?

I'm a collector of sugars and creamers.
All kinds; but I really love the silver sets this time of year,
and part of my collection is adorning
my living room Christmas tree.

A few years ago I had out my big tree and used more of them,
but this year I've selected a few to give
my smaller tree in the Living Room
 a definite "shine"!

I like the combination of the silver, creams, and golds
 with the burlap,
embossed vintage Shiny Brites and some glitter snowflakes.

And look who has the place of honor
A sweet little angel that I received
from my very sweet friend Dorthe.
She creates the most amazing dolls,
driftwood angels and magical fairies!

Hope you'll join in today with your
Vintage Christmas Inspiration
Please grab the button and have a link in your post
so others can come join the fun!

Im also linking with these Holiday Parties

Thank you so much!!
for each of you that left your camera advice on my last post
I have a little better idea of what I need to do now.

love y'all!


  1. I LOVE your sparkle Debra, You tree is "GORGEOUS" and so is your home! I love the subtle wintry decor, it is "Enchanting". You have a beautiful home!
    Hugs to you,

  2. Debra, I love that tree in that old cart. How adorable is that. What a great idea hanging your silver collections on the tree. Thanks for hosting. This is probably the only room with vintage Christmas in it. Hope you will come join my giveaway.

  3. is all so stunning! I love the idea of using your sugar & creamers on the tree :)

    CHRISTmas Blessings!

  4. I like your tree. I put sugar and creamers on a mantle in my booth.

  5. The silver sugar and creamers are just stunning on your the old black cart too! A lovely way to display your Christmas tree! Happy holidays, Debra!

  6. Your tree is so pretty. I have a small collection of creamers also, I just love them so much. Never would have thought to hang them on the tree. I just love the look.

  7. Debra, I love the colors on that tree, yeah silver. I am so loving finding other women who still like to decorate with silver. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. OH! I have just gotten some ideas from you for our cafe' tree: mini children's tea sets! Your home is simply beautiful!!!
    The combo of the burlap, silver and music ornaments- sigh~
    Merry Christmas to you!!

  9. Love the tree with all the old silver with the burlap. I made wreathes one year at the shop with old silver on them... but no burlap. It is a really nice touch.
    Blessings to you today

  10. What a great idea to feature your collection on your tree ! I love that little wagon too !

  11. Dear Debra,
    I`m so honored that my angel is on top of your tree,-thank you so very much, dear friend.
    I love the tree with your silver creamers,-and sugars-it is so special, and very beautifull with snow flakes and ornaments.
    Your bowl with the white pointsettias, is beautifull, too --and the whole display, looks just wonderfull, christmassy.
    Hope your week-end will be full of joy, and beauty.

  12. Very beautiful...and unique! I love your holiday decorations!

  13. Isn't that Dorthe, something else? Bless her heart, she is amazing. Your tree is specially bleassed by that gorgeous angel.

    xoxoxoxoxo Rhonda

  14. Oh my you have a lovely home and very beautiful Christmas... Enjoy... I enjoyed your sharing...

  15. Gorgeous decor! Love all the sparkle and shine your creamers add to your tree, wonderful idea.

  16. What a great use of your "silver"! Absolutely gorgeous!

  17. ...Debra, I can always count on you to think outside of the box!!
    I love how your silver creamers look!
    So lovely!
    ~ and dear Dorthe's angel tree topper is casting her own special glow:)
    Happy Vintage Inspiration Friday!!
    xo, Rosemary

  18. Debra,
    Your tree looks fantastic! I am wrapping mine in burlap ribbon as well...(yup, still working on it...)....AND if you can believe this....I just printed out a very similar ornament idea wrapped w/ vintage paper & glitter. My girls & I are making them this weekend. Too funny!
    But do love the creamers/sugars with it:)
    And of course everything else looks so lovely as well!

    Take good care!


  19. Buckeye Az....oh, why??? just in case you ever get tired of that most adorable tree and the cart....I want you to know where I live....
    That is just the MOST adorable thing in the world....I love it....LOVE IT!!!!

  20. Hi Debra! What a beautiful and interesting tree your silver makes! Your entry is GORGEOUS! But you know how much I love white! Thanks for the fun! Jacqueline

  21. I remember that cart from the fall and it makes a gorgeous tree holder. That is a very innovative use of silver. And your angel is adorable.

  22. All very adorable & perfect !! Have a wonderful & blessed Christmas !

  23. Debra, your tree is gorgeous! I simply love the silver mixed in with the burlap and the pine cones!


    Lou Cinda

  24. Love, love the cream and sugar tree. Silver and burlap, go figure... Love it.
    Happy Holidays

  25. Debra,
    I adore your tree!!!
    I just might have to borrow that idea next year.

  26. Oh - I love the silver!!! I didn't realize that I had an addiction to creamers and sugar bowls 'til a couple of years ago...
    I do. ;-D



  27. I love your tree Debra! i think it's so cute in that wagon! And the Angel gift your friend made, well, I want one!

  28. I love your tree with the sugars & creamers, burlap and the little cart makes for sweet inspiration. Thanks for being a gracious hostess!

  29. Debra, your tree is just gorgeous! I could stand there for hours admiring all the sparkles. And I love that it sits in a sweet waggon.

  30. STUNNING!!!!! I cannot tell you how much I love your little is so unique!!!! Love it in the little wagon :o)

  31. I love it! I have used tea cups and cream pitchers on a tree too. Love the silver and I LOVE that it's setting in a wagon. It's so pretty!


  32. I love this tree so much! What a great way to display your collection and the topper is beautiful!

  33. Debra,
    How very lovely! Not only the tree, but the beautiful white table next to it. Beautiful.

  34. Your tree is lovely--and I really like adding the old silver pieces to the tree. I have three precious baby mugs tarnishing in the cupboard, and you have inspired me to polish them and work them into our Christmas decorations. I look forward to reading your future posts!

  35. Hi Debra, I luv the tree it look's beautiful. And the rest of the vignette looks so pretty. Thank You for hosting today.....Julian

  36. Debra I can't even tell you how much I love this tree!!!! How awesome your silver looks on this with the lights. Now THIS is inspiration!

    I missed your last post, but thought I would give my 2 cents. I was shooting with a Canon S5 IS power shot (which I adore)but I am sure has been upgraded and renamed with higher pixels)) It has the best Macro setting I've ever used. I needed to upgrade because I had worn out the controls over the years. So recently I bought a Canon Rebel T1i. I really like it. I haven't been able to spend the time with it I need to however to learn all it has to offer me. It takes some practice. I mainly chose it because of the viewfinder and ease of use. It's dials and settings are all very similar to my other camera so that has come natural for me. I didn't go for the Nikon because when I reseached it, it wasn't rated as high on 'user friendly' and believe me, I NEED user friendly. I'm sure for those who are used to Nikons love it and it is such a great camera. If I were you, I would definitly hold each one you are comptemplating, and see how they feel and if you like the viewfinder. That is what sold me. I have to be able to really 'see' when I shoot.
    As far as macro...I don't think I'll ever beat my little Power Shot.

    so that's my 2 cents worth.

  37. Debra, The tree is so pretty sitting in your antique wagon! I love the idea of using silver pieces on it. Everything is beautiful! I hope to see you at my party on 12/15.
    Happy Holidays,

  38. LUV the burlap with the silver, Debra! Perfect combination! And the way you put your beautiful tree on the wagon is so much fun!!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  39. I am LOVING cream and sugar tree!! So creative, so ingenious, so quaint, so adorable!! I'll be back with an entry as I want to play along.

  40. I LOVE that tree! Will you come to my house and doll it up for me????? :-)


  41. Debra,
    The black wagon is the cutest thing ever!!!
    Very clever. And, I'm lovin' how the light is bouncing off the sugar and creamer silver. You always have the bestest ideas!!!

  42. I just love your tree, it absolutely gorgeous, and what a wonderful way to display your silver cream and sugar bowls, Love the angel too... Dorthe is a very talented lady, the angel looks so beautiful! What a wonderful touch!

    PS. I collect silver cream and sugars too, I think they are so beautiful!!!
    Blessings~~ Daphne

  43. It's late so I'll be back to visit the other girls another time but, I wanted to tell you I ADORE the creamers on the tree! Such a pretty idea. Your tree/living room is beautiful!!!!! Thanks for sharing. HUGS!

  44. I love your charming tree and decorations, Debra...and the wonderful little great! Thanks for the party!

  45. Debra, and your tree is so YOU!!

    Thank you for your beautiful diplay of Christmas.
    I have linked up with all your beautifully amazing posted trees and festive Christmas.

    I will return for some hot Coco and my Christmas cookies :)
    While I sing Christmas carols at your door :)



    LUKE 1:35
    Holy is the son of God.

  46. Thanks for hosting Debra.

    Love the tree with the silver and all on it.

    Hope it is OK to inspire with a vintage looking sachet tutorial


    barbara jean

  47. Oh what a wonderful idea!! Loving the burlap and silver together...and the little sweet!

    Thanks for hosting again....great way to start the weekend!

  48. Love your creamers & sugars on your tree~ what a wonderful idea! Thanks for hosting :-)

  49. Debra,
    I've really taken a "shine" to this idea. As always you make me smile out loud!

  50. Happy Friday my friend. I hope you'll stop by and check out Smitten's Open House. Hope you have a great weekend, T

  51. Debra, Love the silver and white on this tree in the cart!! Classically beautiful. I should start collecting more "smalls" in silver and plate. They look lovely set out anywhere. Thanks for hosting the party. Got a late start, but here I am!
    ~ Sue

  52. You give me pause for thought. I adore this silver creamer tree. You setting is beautiful. Well done. Terry

  53. Debra, your tree is beautiful! Love those silver creamers on a tree! What a great idea.
    Thanks for the great link party. Next week mine will be more vintage :).
    ~ Julie

  54. I love love love the SHINE on your tree! And in the cart is Adorable! I think I need a cart for my tiny tree next year. Thanks for wonderful inspiration.

  55. Hi Debra, What a great idea for a Christmas tree and you always see the old silver sugar and cremers and never know what to do with them. Your Christmas tree looks great and you have my favorite colors on it. Have a good Friday.
    The Swedish Room

  56. Hi Debra, I love your tree, the silver is darling on it!! Very clever! Your little cart is fantastic!! Love it!!
    Thanks for being our hostess :-)
    Hugs to you!

  57. HI Debra ~ Now I have the true decorating inspiration I have been looking for. I just adore your Silver Tree. You are just amazing. thanks again for hosting. Dee

  58. Hello Debra,
    Your blog is gorgeous! I just found your link party via Cottage Muse blog and thought I'd join you. Thanks for hosting!
    - Susan

  59. Debra, what a lovely idea to hang your silver on your tree!
    Hugs, Diane

  60. Hi Debra,

    Your decor is beautiful! Love the idea of the tree in the little wagon. I just discovered this wonderful party, and I am sitting here drooling and not getting a think done!! lol Have a wonderful holiday season!


  61. I just LoVe your "Cream and Sugar with that Tree"
    Unique and personal and oh so pretty !
    Thank you for sharing

  62. Loving this tree Debra! How I love silver trinkets and treasures and displayed on the tree - so charming! Thanks for sharing at my party too!

  63. Debra,
    I just love your tree in that old cart...just too cute!!!! Thanks for hosting:)


  64. Hi Debra,
    We both used vintage silver pieces on our Christmas know what they say...brilliant minds think
    Your home is beautiful, and I love your Christmas decorations! I linked my Christmas decor to your blog. Come on over and visit me, I'm #103 Vintagy Christmas. I'm also a follower of your blog.

  65. Sooo much inspiration here! I love looking through the links to see what everyone else is doing - thank you. :-)

  66. Hi Debra,
    what a wonderul tree. So nicely decorated and the silver sugar and creamer are cute as Christmas ornament. Love thta idea.
    Greetings, Johanna

  67. love your tree! I have several silver sugar & creamer sets, too--great idea! just getting my vintage friday post up on sunday (gives you some idea of how my week has been!).
    i hope to be more timely next (this) week!

  68. What a fantastic idea to use your silve as it, love it, love it! Thanks for playing along and have a wonderful Holiday!

  69. Hi, Debbie! I've been catching up on all of your past posts this evening while I had some free time, and this little tree in the black wagon is just amazing! I LOVE it. What a grand idea and such a novel way to use some of your old silver. I'll have to borrow this idea next year, if you don't mind!! I'm so loving seeing your holiday home and all your sweet vignettes!

    Happy Holidays!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  70. Hi Debra:) I LOVE the tree in the is my favorite but on a side note: I have been wanting to let you know for awhile I LOVE your necklaces! I see them here or there and they always move my heart:) Just wanted to let you know


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