Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ozark Festival Goodies And 200th Give-Away!

Today here in Southwest MO it is raining cats and dogs. I love an afternoon like this, but I had planned to get a few errands ran. When it's like this, sorry, I just don't get out. So before too much time had passed from last weedend's Fall Festival, I thought I'd share a few of the things that my sister and I nabbed.
These were in several booths, and I thought they were so cute. Since I have more vintage suitcases than I can shake a paintbrush at, I let her have the honors, but I really had to think twice. So "stinkin" cute!

You remember Chelsea's and Stacey's booth, "Glamour Girls", this is the darling little Owl necklace that I bought. I have already worn it so many times! (ok, everyday) They had so many darling designs I could hardly pick just one.

Here's my "Scardy Cat on a Stick".

This is my old Pepper Shaker that has been electrified. It has one of those "old timey" look flickering bulbs in it. My sis bought one that was an old mustard tin. I thought they were really unique.

Harvest Pumpkin Sign.

Bittersweet and Scardy Cat Hanger.

 I love initial charms, I found this and the silver earrings in separate places, but just love them!

This has been a great week with the Give-Away. I just kept going for 200, so I'm in the process of putting another bunch of fun items together for the second give-away! I'll anounce the two winners sometime Saturday, So be on the lookout! Remember, it doesn't close until Friday at midnight! There's still time!
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