Monday, October 19, 2009

Look what we did this weekend!!!

It was on the order of an epic, Yes, the red sea parted in our garage! Alyson's husband, Chris, our son-in-law, rescued us this weekend. He is a "spatial genius" and organizer extraordinare and a really great guy. He bails us out of all kinds of projects that my husband and I have that are BIG.

Having the garage full meant my husband has to park outside, and with bad weather only a few weeks away it was really weighing on me to somehow get this "cleanout" accomplished. He's been so good not to complain, because he knows I was doing the best I could. I had no where to take it, and wasn't feeling up to a sale or making any big decisions about how to deal with it all.

I didn't have a lot of BIG items, but lots of smaller ones, and tons of "tubs" for storage of smalls. Chris to the rescue. Hubs and I can stand and discuss a situation, debate on it and then walk away from being overwhelmed. Chris on the other hand dives in head first and before you know it. Things are "lookiiiinnng good"!

It took us most of the day, and a lot of hard work. I directed traffic, argued (oh, excuse me...discussed) and swept the floors while the guys did the hard work.

But the end result was so much better. Yes, I still have the stuff, but now the pressure is off and I have a much happier husband.

No more scraping the windshield at 7:30 in the morning. Yehaw! (well, I didn't scrape, but I felt guilty that my husband had to.)

And now when the garage doors are up and someone drives by I don't have to hang my head in shame, or be worried that there is talk in the neighborhood about "the crazy lady with all the junk in the garage"!

Feels Good!

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