Saturday, October 10, 2009

I stayed up way too late....and the winner is!!!!

Here's the Hatbox, or "wig" box as in this case.
You like my cute PJ's?

Getting ready to pick the names....

 Here they are: Donna of Brynwood Needleworks
 and Deb of Talking Trash!

(the number is to tell me which post this particular comment entry came from.)

I did this the old fashioned way, (writing your names on paper) and I'll tell you why. You guys are more than a number to me. It's nice to hit a milestone and celebrate with a give-away. But it meant more to me than that. Blogging has been a Lifeline, that I needed to grab onto, as I've gone thru a time in my life that has been really hard. My health was shaken, but not my faith in God.
I'm a big journal-er. I do it every day, and have for the last at least 10 years. The last five years, since I have been antiquing and junking, have been busy, productive and so much fun. So when I had to re-arrange my life last January, I felt lost and disconnected. Having lost my daily connection with my shop friends when I had to leave a great store, and just generally feeling lousy due to medication and limits on what I could do, I was miserable and in the pit. It was clear I needed to re-focus and change up my life. BUT IT WAS SO HARD!
That's where you all came in. This last 4 months I have felt purpose, friendship and connection again. I wanted to expand my horizon and you all have helped me do that. During this give-away I have visited each site, and tried to learn a little about you. I couldn't leave comments on everyone's blog, but I think I have been there. And I'm hoping to have the time now for a proper visit.
So even though this give-away has been a long one, there has been a purpose for it. I've been excited for each new follower, and look at you as a friend, not just a number to reach a goal. This give-away has been for you, but in reality, it was for me.
Love you all bunches!

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