Saturday, October 10, 2009

3 Little Punkins

My sweet friend Cindy, at The Yapping Cat Studio, is an amazingly talented woman. She is one of the organizers of Paper Cowgirl, and so very creative and whimsical in her art. You can also read about her here. She is a constant inspiration to me. About two months ago she had some teeny tiny paintings of cherries, pears, nests, etc. on her blog and then casually mentioned maybe painting some pumpkins for fall. Well, 'nough said, cause I jumped on that idea and ordered these. I like to do a "goodie" bag up for my girls for every holiday, and these are for their fall gift. (Oh yea, one's for moi!)
So Friday when I checked the mail, here they were. Well, I tore into them in the car, cause I just couldn't wait, and here's what I found!

Oh, so very CUTE!

And a sweet note from my Friend with tootsie rolls
 and Lollia, whoops, forgot to show those!

Oh, And I can't forget to show the them!

ALMOST as cute as the fronts!

Thank you Cindy, Love ya!

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