Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm Home... and Stay Tuned for a Give-Away!

This trip to the hospital proved to be a quick one. I was a "work in", last on the list for the heart catheritization Friday afternoon. My cardiologist came in to check on me, once I was in the cardiac pre-surgical room and said he would get me in yesterday afternoon. He knows me...and remembers the times I've shown up in trouble. Of the times I've had this procedure, this was the least stressful and easiest go.

The results were the best that I could have hoped for... no new blockages, and my stent was still functioning.
My chest pain is coming from two smaller arteries that are blocked, but non life-threatening. They are too small to stent, but are bothering me. I knew this time felt different. So hopefully a different type of slow release nitroglycerine will help. This keeps arteries more dialated, for better blood flow.

It is always difficult to change medications, but this time I'm hoping that it will be easier. So YEAH, I'm hoping to be back more to my old self, and less in the "sicky" mode. I'm at the place where I'm tired of "myself", if you know what I mean. I want to get on with life! Fall being my favorite time of year, I didn't want to miss out.
So I may be slowing down on my Junk purchases. Hope you'll still like me.
I got a "condolence" present from my sweet husband. Kind of like a kid that has to go and have his tonsils out, I got a "treat"... A New Camera! It's a step up from my little camera. Not terrilbly complicated, but takes better close-ups in low light. So I'm excited to use it. The photos above are from the new camera.

I'm planning a "giveaway" to celebrate my "100 th Follower", so stay tuned for that. I have something I think ANYONE would love. If you join as a follower, or already are one, you know, you get 2 chances to win!!! (shameless, I know).

I'm glad to be home and I'm taking it easy. Thanks for all the love, you all have a great weekend!
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