Monday, September 14, 2009

Grain Sack Pillow, or How I Rescued it from the Kitties

Well, it doesn't appear to have gotten too far from them, but I did give it a good wash and found two standard sized feather pillows to stuff it with.  The wicker settee is in my Dining crowded Dining Room. I found this old wicker piece at my friend Colleene's sale back in July and it is in wonderful condition. She gave it to me for a song, and since my garage is full, it found it's way into the house. Sort of a makeshift placement, but I couldn't pass it up...the story of my life.
Miss Wrigley, the lounge lizard.
I tried to dress it up a little with a little shabby pillow and a sweet floral coverlet.

Easy project, as I had been looking for some kind of pillow or pillows to go on this. I think this may work.
I'm trying to find the balance between Too Much and Too Little, Over the Top and Minimalist. I love simple things, but I also love embellished.
Anyway, here's to something easy to get the look I love... vintage and comfortable!

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