Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall Nesting on White Wednesday

Metal Motel Chairs...I can still remember sitting on them in my grandparents yard. I'd pull one close to where my grandmother was working in the garden, for a rest. I remember how the metal would scorch my little legs because my sunsuit offered no protection... a long, long time ago.

I found this one a couple of years ago. It had been white,
so it received a coat of white spray paint.
But I soon found that nothing was stopping the rust from peeking out.
I'm quite fond of that rust right now... shows the age of it.

Speaking of age...I'm trying hard to not let the "rust"
on my exterior change who I am. I want to enjoy life
and be the woman that still feels young,
vibrant, energized and happy. Contentment from the inside,
that doesn't depend on outward circumstances.
That's what I'm striving for.
Just thought I'd share a little from my heart today.
God has to be the author of that.
I can't work it up by myself.

This is a white squash I found over the weekend. He's real.

Great rusty patina, don't you think?

My fascination with Angel Vine this year has caused me to accumulate several.
This one resides in a vintage white McCoy flowerpot...

on a vintage mesh metal flea market side table.

This is a market basket filled with a dried gourd from last year
and a faux painted pumpkin.

Vintage flowerpots and white sprinkler are ready for baby mums.

I'm participating in two parties again today.
Melissa over at The Inspired Roomis hosting "Fall Nesting Week"
to help get us "in the mood" for fall.

And Kathleen at Faded Charm is hosting our wonderful White Wednesday!
Please be sure and click on the links for more fun!

Yeah, It's Fall, Y'all!!!

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