Monday, November 7, 2011

Who says it's too early for a tree?

OK, maybe for a full blown Christmas Tree, but I get antsy to change up the Holiday decor, so one way to get a jumpstart is to bring in my two smallish trees. I like to start adding the evergreens, and bring in a more "woodsy" theme for Thanksgiving.

This little tree is wrapped in a burlap coffee bag from Germany
and is setting in my black goat cart in my Living Room right off the entry.

The "Help" loves burlap you know

(in the evening)

still tweaking...

How do you make the transition between Fall and Christmas?
Only thing is, you can't go in the basement because 
I have ten open boxes of "stuff"
more of the transition coming...

And don't miss the Give Aways that are going on
 over at Fishtail Cottage.
Tracie has one of my necklaces in the Give Away.


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