Sunday, November 20, 2011

Change up for the Front Porch

My front porch was looking pretty sad. Thank goodness the yard guys made it by this week to trim the hedges and get rid of the tons of leaves that were piling up in the front yard. Our two trees out front are maples, and they don't drop their leaves until after a hard freeze. Good thing they decided to come down a little early this year, it was getting pretty deep out there.

(next three photos were taken a week ago)

Gee, looks a little neglected, huh?

Oh, and look who I found on the porch a few weeks ago.

He's one of the "regulars" around here.

But today, despite me having some sort of cold with laryngitis,
 I had to get out there and do something to clean things up, 
and add a little Thanksgiving to the mix. 

We found a couple of cute 4 ft. lit trees at Lowe's this week,
(yay, they were 50% off)
that had a "bronze" finish on the urns.
You know me, they had to be painted white,
so I did that yesterday, even though I was feeling yucky.
Are you guys like me?... sheesh, it's hard for me to slow down!
(especially with a holiday next week, I don't have time to be sick)

So, amidst coughing fits and wearing my old sweats with no make-up,
I was outside puttering, 
the whole time praying that no one would drive by...

I wanted to have some Christmas-y evergreens,
but still hang on to my perfectly good pumpkins 
that together would look "harvesty".
(Hope you all speak my decor language.)

So I dug thru my stash and found a fruit wreath,
added some extra evergreens,
then tied it with some of the new thinner burlap ribbon
 I found at Robin's Open House.

Faux Green Poinsettias,
first time I've seen these.

I retitred my black wagon for the season and used 
the harvest basket to house the remaining faux pumpkins.

Did you change up your porch decor for Thanksgiving?

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