Monday, November 14, 2011

Autumnal tones in the Dining Room

I always look forward to each new season;
Fall is winding down and winter is almost here.
Having a neutral backdrop has made my seasonal decorating 
so much more enjoyable.

Subtleties of color and texture can be felt more easily.
and one small change can make such a difference.

These brown transfer plates hanging below the sconces
 have been up since I repainted the dining room last year.
I've kept things mostly earthy tones, using "nature" as my teacher.

I remember when I was newly married, a magazine article
which featured the elements of Country French style.
Funny, I don't know where that article is now,
but I remember the jest of it.
It was how Country French married the rustic
and utilitarian of the countryside with the elegance of the Court.
I've always loved "elegant" tempered with "farmhouse".

I like Old World baskets tucked underneath and on top, 
holding essentials like linens and pottery;
The feel of antiquity being at home with the practical.

I wanted a new tablerunner, 
or something to change out my late Fall table.
I had it in my mind, trying a dozen different things in here.
Then I dug through my material bin
 and found this elegant piece of muted floral silk.

I didn't have enough, so my elegant silk
paired up with a utilitarian drop cloth for the ruffle.

And a chenille tapestry pillow tops an old crazy quilt 
with a velvet border on my old church pew.

I painted this church pew white last Spring;
Before, it had been black. the white.

As you can see a small tree is up waiting for it's decorating.
(right after Thanksgiving)

I love layering vintage mirrors; multifaceted reflections.
My sheep and lambs are always here on the buffet
 in their special place.

Tomorrow I'm showing "the details" of this room.
Hope you'll come back.

And if you haven't joined in for the 
All Things French Give Away
then click here to enter!

I'm joining in with the parties this week,

Tomorrow, It's in the Details...

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