Monday, July 11, 2011

So far, so good...

First of all, I just have to say what a great guy my hubby is.
He's agreeable with most ideas that I come up with.
He now appreciates the virtues of  old, "white", and chippy
 when it comes to junk scrounging and furniture hunting.

(whitewashing the huge mirror at 10:45pm)

I've been single minded these last few days
in transforming the living room.

Notice the change in the fireplace insert;
 heat resistant white spray paint.

Small changes here with painting the accent lamps white
and changing out the shades.

Then putting my PB knock off book bundles under the lamps
 instead of the covered ones.

This was Friday when I first tried out the demijohns
in place of the urns with flowers.

One of my goals was to minimize all the brass accents in here.
I still have a huge brass octopuss of a chandelier.

You know the saying,
"The 80's called and they want their chandelier back..."
uh huh...

This is how it all started last Tuesday.
whew...was that last Tuesday?

I have painted so much furniture this last week,
it's been a blur.

Then I broke free to hunt for fabric
 for new added pillows for the damask sofas.

These sofas are so comfortable and I really love them.
I've thought about the idea of slipcovers,
but this room is formal.

I have two other living areas that are casual,
and this one I want to be "casual elegance",
with a Country French flair.

So next I have a pillow project...

These are before photos of two other pieces I painted this week.

More tomorrow with the progress I've made.
It's all coming together, and I'm lovin' the changes.

I'm Joining Marty for TTT

love ya'll,

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