Saturday, July 16, 2011

In the mail...

The redecorating ninja is at it again,
this time not as much work to do,
just some long overdue new bedding.

I've been scouring the catalogs and online for what I think
could work with some of my existing pieces;
An heirloom white on white medallion quilt,
antique white shams, and a bed skirt that fits inside our sleigh bed.

I'm excited to get these pieces from Pottery Barn.
(new pillow shams and a duvet cover)

I've chosen the taupe "natural" in the foreground, below.

I don't know how accurate this color swatch is but it's close to our wall color.
Sort of a "camel, butterscotchy, caramel" color, by Benjamin Moore
Doesn't look this bright on the wall.

I haven't shown our master bedroom,
because we tend to be a little "techy" in there with my husband's
laptop and stock manuals.

But I'll do a one-day "put-away" when I get things together.
Hope it looks as good as I think it will.

Hope you're having a great weekend.
I'm still tweaking in the Living Room,
more of what I've done, this next week.



  1. Love that bedding. Most of my bedding is Pottery Barn. So well made. Can't wait for a reveal.

  2. Your bedding choices are beautiful. You are working so hard and I am loving seeing what you are getting done.

  3. Your vintage bird graphics are just beautiful! I lOVE how you displayed one inside (?) the window. Will that be available on your Etsy shop? I'll be watching your shop closely for these prints and what you do with them.... LOL! Just gorgeous...
    Have a great weekend,
    Bilancia Designs

  4. How exciting! Those are my colors of bedding as well and of course Pottery Barn too.I will check back to see when you have it all together~Cheers Kim

  5. How exciting! I love doing some decorating "tweaking". I've got stuff in the mail to tweak my dining room. I can't wait to see how your room looks when you're done. :)

  6. Can't wait to see your room. I love your Pottery Barn choice!


  7. beautiful .. will check out for myself :o)
    i've been looking for inspiration for new
    bedding so thank you!

  8. I love what you've done with the colors! Your bedroom looks comfy and dreamy... with all that wonderful sunlight coming in thru your window. I need to tackle mine (bedroom!).... thanks for sharing :)

  9. Beautiful Debra, sooooo! euro-chic!!
    Loving all the beauty you are creating over here!

  10. Your bedding choice is beautiful. The texture of the fabric almost looks like barkcloth.

  11. Debra, you made a great the bedding! I will only paint with Benjamin Moore paint. :D

  12. Debra -
    I think this bedding is beautiful. I hope you'll share photos when you're finished.
    Wishing you a nice week.

  13. Can't wait to see...I love PB, but who doesn't , Lezlee

  14. Lovely bedding, Debra! I'm looking forward to seeing it in your room!

  15. I'm with all the other gals... love your choices!
    I will wait to see what you come up with --- which is always amazing and inspirational, Debra!
    Love your style.

  16. Looks gorgeous Debra~ love PB too~ can't wait to see it in your room!! :)

  17. Ahh, all the colours that rock my world. I think it is going to be beautiful. I am going to google Pottery Barn and absorb :}

  18. I can't wait to see your new bedding! it looks beautiful! BTW I got my latest pair of cowboy boots at Salvation Army store for $10. They were in the mens area even though they are womens!

  19. How beautiful, Debra! I can't wait to see your room! We are looking forward to seeing the girls at Baby Kitty's birthday party on Friday! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  20. I'm a new follower of your blog. =) Beautiful place you have here!

  21. That bedding looks so luxurious, Debra! Just beautiful! I can hardly wait to see your bedroom reveal! :)

    xoxo laurie


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