Friday, July 8, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday #45 Just getting started...

This week I threw out a spur-of-the-moment challenge
 for you all to give me some inspiration
in changing up my Living Room.

You all addressed many of the things that were bugging me,
but that I just hadn't done anything about.

Fresh eyes and some great advice have yielded so many ideas.
I have a mile long list now of things that I can try,
 and a roadmap to actually get to where I want to be,
instead of just thinking about it.

The first thing I did was spray paint my two brass lamps;
a few coats of Satin White by Valspar,
and a coat of Minwax liquid poly with a little dark stain added.

(spurred on by Nita, I knew this would be the start point!)

(still needs distressing)

Once they were white the dark end table looked wrong...
only way to remedy that was to do the unthinkable;
paint out those tables.

I always keep a gallon of my tried and true Behr two-in-one paint on hand.
(Creamy White)
Never know when you'll go nuts and start a huge project!

My biggest gripe in this room has been the dark wood coffee and end tables.
Just so not me...
I just knew I wouldn't be happy until I painted them.

They are heavy, huge, and clunky,
but have a lot of frenchy charm with the yummy details and curvy legs.
The dark wood just obliterated all that.

One of my helpers.
 (oh Mom, no pictures...)

Before shots from last post.

I had to take a deep breath and just slap on some of that paint;
no going back.

I actually tried the idea by Ahrisha
about leaving the tops stained,

 (love this look and have a few pieces downstairs with this)
but they are just too dark,
and I decided for all white instead of a stripping project.
(not a stripper..te he)

So here's where I am right now,
I have to do my stain "glaze" (any type of dark oil based stain)
and wipe on poly on the coffee table.
The end tables are finished.

I thought about going the ASCP route,
but I have other pieces in here
 with this same paint technique and I'm really happy with it.

I have absolutely no gray or blue anywhere around,
and even though I love that look,
it wouldn't work for this space.

Oh how I love seeing that detail, now!

Painting more furniture pieces,
finding fabric for some new pillows to add to the sofas,
buying new shades for the chandelier and accent lighting,
finding some heat resistant spray paint for the fireplace insert.
Whitewashing the mirror above the fireplace...
on and on...
(painting the clock...?)
but I'm excited with what's ahead!

I have to apologize for being a poopy hostess for the party.
I got about halfway through visiting,
and then the holiday crowd overwhelmed me.

You all had some wonderful Patriotic decor,
I just grabbed a few examples.

Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to join in!
Love you guys!

Jeanine the Queen of Chippy Shabby,
always puts together a wonderful holiday display,
Her July 4th entry way is vintage at it's best!

Richard at My Old Historic House puts on a fabulous
patriotic display with his wire stands, furniture and gazebo.

Tee, from Brown Eyed Belle has such a fresh vintage display for the 4th,
 with gorgeous Limoges plates and just picked hydrangeas.

She has the sweetest patriotic teddy display;
an inspiration from Bethany Lowe Designs.

Thanks again for all the help,
I have plenty on my plate for awhile to see this get where I'm envisioning it.

I'll keep you posted on the progress,
Hope you'll join in today

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love ya,


  1. I love how your things have come out Debra!! They are beautiful!!
    Can you tell me about your wipe on Poly and stain that you use ? I am not familiar with the Poly ~

    Thank you !

  2. You have been quite busy and the results are amazing! Can't wait to see you pull it all together! Thanks for hosting the party!!!

  3. i love the new lighter, brighter look you achieved! way to be fearless girl...

  4. What a brave woman you are! Now that you painted them I like them even better. Lamps look really good too!


  5. Love your tables new look. Thanks for mentioning my Blog, My Old Historic House. Richard and Sissy Dog

  6. ...go Debra GO!!!
    isn't change we chose, exhilarating??!
    Your changes reflect who you are today:)
    I am working on a faux feed sack "Mary" rocking chair as we speak, and hope to share it in next VIF!!
    xo, Rosemary

    p.s. LOVE the new header!!

  7. Love the changes so far, the white really brings out the ines of your tables!!

  8. Debra,
    Your changes look fantastic. They do look more like you now that you have them white. Love how French and chippy they look. Thanks for linking this up to Home Sweet Home and thanks for having us!

  9. Wow Debra, what an amazing transformation! I love it. I thought it looked incredible before but now it looks even more incredible! Great job.

  10. Great job on your tables Debra they look fabulous!! Martina

  11. Hi Debra! Oh, what a busy little bee you've been! I love your pretty lamps and your tables. I'd love to do some painting but I can't seem to get out of my chair and off the puter to do something. It's bloggers like you that keeps me nailed to my puter screen!
    Thanks for hosting the party and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. ....totally white is beautiful, I love your photos !!!.

  13. Hi Debra, You really got Busy ~ Love the Tables & the Lamps, what a difference.... Can't wait to see the final finished results ~

  14. Wow, look at you! You don't waste anytime!
    Great job, I love the tables!!

  15. Debra -
    Your furniture looks so good. Don't you love it? But then I love white furniture. And the lamps are so nice now....way better too! I love how some white paint can take something that looks so dowdy and totally transform it. Now your living room is looking so much more like you. Can't wait to see the rest.

  16. Debra, I love that table painted. Looks great. I have been a painting fool for two weeks now. Thanks for hosting.

  17. Your tables look amazing Debra! Crazy how white paint can transform things sometimes. I love how the details just "pop" now.

    Good luck with all your projects and just know that I've got just as many as you waiting to get done. You're not alone:-)


  18. Hi Debra... I "eeekkeeed" out in your last post when you said you were going to paint your coffee table, but I must admit, it looks beautiful!... I am probably the only lady in blogland who still loves natural wood finishes, and that is what I have... your lamps are fabulous!... Now I DO want to paint my brass lamps white!... and your little helper is too cute!... I have asked before but you never tell me your secret... where do you get all that energy???... xoxo Julie Marie

  19. I said they would be beautiful, and they are! Great job Debra.

  20. You definitely got right down to the work! The lamps and table look wonderful and I think you made the wise choice with the coffee table. I would be holding my breath, too, I'm just a bit timid with my paintbrush! It looks fantastic though! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest!


    P.S. Saw the fine print about the clock, hmmmm...which way will you go?!

  21. I wanted to share with you and friends. This post is our true "Vintage Inspiration". Hope you enjoy. Ginger

  22. Oh, what a fabulous transformation! You're right - the white paint really does bring out the gorgeous detail in those tables.
    Happy transforming!
    - susan

  23. The white paint looks fantastic. Can't wait to see it finished. Go Girl

  24. When you get into a project there is no stopping you.

  25. You were so brave to paint those tables! And I love it! The living room looks great!
    Ps. Your kitty looks adorable with little paws over face!!

  26. WOW! Debra you are on a roll! Everything is looking so gorgeous and you are giving me some extra motivation to make some changes here and there. :-) It is amazing how much the white paint shows off the details on those pieces! Thanks so much for hosting,

  27. Oh Boy, do I ever love the way your furniture is turning out! I see some dark turned white pieces in my future!

  28. Thanks, Debra, for always being a gracious hostess!

  29. Wow, what a great redo! I so agree, all of the wonderful details of your tables were lost in that dark finish! The white really does give them a Frenchy look! And it looks like that cute kitty of yours is tired after all of that painting!

  30. You certainly took the bull by the horns on this project, Debra. The lamps look so much better and the table transformations really brightened up the room. Thanks for hosting again! Sue

  31. Oh, your redos on your tables look wonderful! You are a brave soul! Very pretty! thank you for hosting.

  32. Love your table. Also the teddy bear's hat is great! Joining your party. Thanks for hosting.

  33. I admit it. You were right. The tables are fabulous in white. So frenchy!!

  34. Debra, The tables and lamps are gorgeous! It's amazing how much you notice the details on the tables now. Beautiful! Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful weekend.

  35. What pretty tables and lamps!! I love all the details popping out now. I got the compressor and spray gun out and painted a few pieces of furniture on the 4th-- what a way to celebrate!

  36. love the features...and i'm all linked up!


  37. Oh, Debra! I'm SOOOO glad that you're thrilled with the transformation! They look absolutely beautiful!!! What a humungous difference!!! You did a wonderful job with the distressing, too. Can you tell me how you used the stain to add to the distressing? I've never used it before and would love to learn more! :)

    xoxo laurie

  38. Oh Debra, I love your tables painted white, their gorgeous! Can't wait to see what else you come up with! By the way you sure have a cute helper, and thanks so much for hosting!!!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  39. Your painted pieces look fabulous, you brave lady you! Hope you had a great holiday! The links from the party look wonderful. I still have TONS of visiting to do. Thanks for all the fun!!

  40. Wow! Your newly painted pieces look awesome! Thanks for hosting!!!

  41. I *so* agree...white is just fabulous! I think the tables are more stunning and the details do pop...but there have definitely been times I have had to close my eyes and go for it:)

  42. When you said you painted the tables, I have to admit I cringed at first. Normally, my theory is if furniture is in good shape, leave it alone. However, I really think the white brings out the carvings of your tables, so I really like them. You made the right decision to paint the table tops, because the tops would have been too dark otherwise.

    Can't wait to see how you finish the room!

  43. Beautiful Debra- I love it- and I would have been frightened to put on the first slasch of paint-also. But it rally looks amazingly beautiful.

  44. Love the tables Debra! The details just pop! Can't wait to see your room all finished!

  45. new follower for sure! just linked to your linky party. beautiful blog

  46. Debra

    I am blowed away at how you can paint inside your house !! really I would have paint on everything in there plus the floors & me

    give me a lesson on how to paint in a neat manner LOL really

    those tables are fabulous love the chunky legs and how brave of you to paint them I have a friend who would have night mares looking at them painted LOL

    Love them



  47. You are so inspiring, Debra! Everything looks wonderful and I can't believe you paint right in your living room! I am marveling at your photos and the transformation of the tables and lamps. I am ready to dive in with some projects of my own thanks to you leading the way. Great post and thanks for hosting.

  48. Gorgeous gorgeous Debra!! Can't wait to see your living room all transformed~ such fantastic details on those tables! Just love them!! Thanks for hosting! :)

  49. Wow...the table and lamp turned out beautiful! I too have dark furniture in my living room but I still cant take that


  50. Hi Debra, your tables and lamp turned out lovely! I have been thinking of painting some of my mom's end tables white, they have a light marble top, your post has given me the inspiration I needed! Thanks for hosting!

  51. Wow, love that detail. I love Behr paint too!

  52. Your tables and lamps look amazing! you made the right decision painting them, you can appreciate the lovely details better in white. Have a wonderful weekend!
    XXX Ido

  53. Beautiful! Lamps and tables -- you have been one busy lady.

    BTW I love the slipcovered chair in your header; she looks as if she's about to go the Ball and dance all night.


  54. Hi Debra,

    I think everything is absolutely gorgeous! :)

    I painted all of our kitchen cabinets, kitchen table, and coffee table (just the top of it) last Summer. Once you get the white paint out it's hard to stop! I think white paint just makes everything look so fresh and clean, and prettier!

    I joined in on your link fun today (my first time)! And you have your newest follower, I would love it if you would consider following me too...:)

    Have a blessed day!


  55. I LOVE how the tables turned out! Did you paint them in your living room??Wow you continue to amaze me!! This makes me want to paint my antique buffet/sideboard! It would be gorgeous!!
    PS Am at sons again today so can comment on many blogs...YAY!! :)

  56. Very pretty Debra. I love that you painted the hardware....really makes the detail in the carvings come alive!


  57. Looks fantastic! Funny how once you start you just want to paint everything in sight!

    have a great weekend,

  58. debra, you gave those tables just the facelift they needed. the charm and the details just pop right out now. they are perfect!



  59. WOW-W!! Your tables (and lamp) look A-MAa-zing. All that yummy detail really pops and that drawer pull, MmmMm. Bet you're wondering why you ever hesitated. Great Job! Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the room. Hugs

  60. They look great in their new color of white. I truely believe color and I do say that white is a color, brings out the details. Have a wonderful weekend.

  61. Debra,
    the lamps, table are incredibly beautiful. With them been white I can see more of the carvings and the small details. Love it and the more you paint the better WE get! I can never get tired of white. Have a great weekend. Ciao Rita

  62. Debra, everything looks so wonderful...really inspires me!

  63. Everything truly does look SO nice in it's new white coating. I feel that you are a brave soul, as I don't know if I would have the nerve to paint those tables...lamps ~~ yes, but I'd have a hard time with the tables. They look so new (in an old way! LOL! Does that make any sense?)


  64. Debra I love how you did your tables! My hubby would freak if I even considered painting our cherry furniture! Its a good thing I like the dark wood too!

  65. You did a BRILLIANT job, Debra. I love your tables. Isn't it cool how details seem to show up much more through the paint.

    I thought I was following you but Google seems to have deleted me...but I've put it right!!

    Thank you so much for linking up to my Paint, Please link party.


  66. I love the pieces that you just painted. The shape and detail shows so much more beautifully.

    I am popping over from Sarah's great paint party. (Link #34)



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