Monday, July 25, 2011

Collections Show and Tell

I have a lot of "collections", but one of my favorites
I keep all together on my studio shelf.

And now that I think of it, my chipmunk and squirrel collection
probably has been around the longest of anything that I collect.

Today I'm joining Suzanne over at Privet and Holly
for her Collections Show and Tell Party this week.

These little cuties usually spend their time here on the shelf,
but come Fall, they scamper around the house
hiding in many of my Fall vignettes.
It's about time to start dusting them off and watching them find
a temporary new spot.

This is one of my favorites, a new paper mache box,
that my daughter bought for me several years ago.

Some of the stuffed variety...

A birthday card from a few years ago,

Salt and pepper shakers,

creeping (not creepy) chipmunk planter from Japan,

Most of the figurines are vintage Lefton.

love the detail...

a Japanese Majolica planter,

These two on my front porch started it all.

A very old chalkware bank,

and a silver art deco/modern piece from my older daughter.

Hey!... what's this?

Sorry it's blurry, I grabbed this photo quick.

We have an abundance of both squirrels and chipmunks.
I feed the birds so they enjoy the leftovers.
The kitties would love to "enjoy" them.

Hope you'll join Suzanne for the linky party starting Tuesday July 26.
see ya there!

and Marty for Table Top Tuesday
and Kristin for Tuesday Treasures
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  1. You have so many wonderful collections! This one is adorable!

    Hope you will please drop by and enter my $50 Gift Card Giveaway!! Hometalk has said if I get 500 entries, they will increase the Gift Card to $100.

  2. Hi Debra... oooh, I LOVE squirrels and chipmunks and your collection is adorable!... I especially love the little felt one holding the acorn, but they are all precious!... Fall is my favorite time of the year and all of mine scamper about our home then too... cute photo of the one on your birdbath. I think you love Nature as much as I do... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. What an interesting collection of squirrels and chipmunks you have! Our dog goes crazy when we say the word 'squirrel'. He doesn't like them. But, I do like your squirrels and chipmunks! Pamela

  4. HI Debra, I LOVE your squirrel collection. I have a few that I love that I bring out with my fall decor...a few scattered leaves...etc. What a wonderful variety you have too. Great pic of the real one at the end. We have several on our property. They get into the chicken pen in the barn, they love chicken feed. can hear the chickens make lots of noise when the squirrels get in there...oh my!

  5. I love squirrels! Isn't it funny how an item you pick up or receive as a gift will start you on a collection. I'm kind of like that with dolls.

  6. Love your entire collection, but the paper mache' box and that card are just wonderful!

  7. HI Debra! What a great collection of little squirrels! You have some darling ones.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. You have a very nice squirrel collection, love the lefton ones!


  9. I love your squirrel collection, I think they're so cute, too. Beautiful shot of the "real" one at the fountain! I just dropped by from MM at, BNOTP. Have a great week. FABBY

  10. I love squirrels, my new thing is to feed them pop corn, just place fresh poped popcorn and watch them come......Hugs Mary

  11. my youngest just received a little 'stuffed' squirrel for her birthday from her grandpa. she named him 'jimmy' after a little guy who liked to come through the window screen at the cottage we rent each summer.

    we even resorted to buying him peanuts in the shell, in the hopes of keeping him outside (at a little planter). it didn't work. talk about surprising.

    love your collection, debra.

  12. Ha, I bet the kitties would... we had that awful kitty we adopted and had to find a new home for because he didn't like Jesse. Anyway that cat loved the chipmunks and brought one in the house one day. I corned the poor little scared thing in the small bathroom downstairs and it was just me with a bug net and him, that (not so little) thing repelled off my chest to the wall and on top of my head! He was leaping at me and I was screaming while my daughter was laughing on the outside of the door. I never did catch the little bugger, my daughter ended up blocking all the entrances to the bathroom and the front door, when we opened the door he ran to freedom.
    The whole experience lets me enjoy the little creatures outside but none, not even a stuffed one inside :)
    I will admire your collection through the computer screen
    Blessings this week

  13. I never knew there were so many sqirrels to collect. Yours are wonderful!

  14. Your collection is adorable! The chipmunks are my favorite.

  15. I love your collection of squirrels, they make me homesick for the huge oaks at my old house that was home to many a squirrel. Thanks for sharing your collection with us.

  16. Such a sweet collection! Squirrles are soo cute. I love watching the run about the garden! Do forgive, Its been eons since my last visit!

    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

  17. You DO have a chipmunk collection! How cute!!
    I am sure they are right at home at your place. :)

  18. Debra, Your chippies and squirrels are the cutest! What a fun collection.
    I'll bet you smile every time you look at them.

  19. Uh Oh Missy! You know what happens when you tell people you collect something, though? You're going to end up with more squirrels than you have NUTS for! LOL

    This happens at Joyworks,,,,,we tell our co-workers (In my case Bunnies several years ago) that we like something,,,and pretty soon, you're getting them for every Birthday, etc. They even had a "Tacky Bunnie" party for me one year for my birthday.......I got Every Ugly (and a few cute) Bunnies you can imagine. But, Boss Clarice, gave me the MOST extrodinary, Chippy/ Garden bunnie/hare/rabbit imaginable......So, I guess it was a GOOD thing to say I liked them.....(Makin' note of your Birthday! HA!)

    Hugs and Love and a "Squirrely" Bus!

  20. Oh, makes my heart hurt just a little. The larger one on your front porch is just like one I had that belonged to my Grandfather, I had it out in my flower garden and someone stole it and a large bunny. It was devastating to me. It wasn't especially pretty or worth much, but very sentimental to me. Since that time I don't put anything out in my garden that I am attached to! Your collection is very cute....or sweet, or whatever the right word for these little critters is, I LIKE!! ;)

  21. What a great collection, Debra! I think they are darling little critters. I once rescued one from the spokes of my son's bike and although I got bit, it was worth it, the poor guy. Family and friends like to give me a hard time about it, but I think anyone would have done it!!


  22. If you have a Dollar Tree, right now in the Fall stuff they have an adorable squirrel. You would like it!

  23. Love your collection-I bet they are fabulous in fall decorations.

  24. Your squirrels are so cute! :D I think it's neat to have things around us we love while working.

  25. I love the ones by the front door! I found one last year and was so excited, it is outside on the porch shelf at the moment. Our yard is full of the little critters too, come fall the chip away at the pumpkins I put on the porch. t. xoxo

  26. Why am I just now finding out about this collection???

    Goodness woman! You are a collecting MACHINE. ;-)

    (cute stuff!!!)


  27. Debra
    What a beautiful collection and I love the fountain in your garden. It is always so interesting to see the wonderful collections of others. Beautiful post

    Blessings and hugs to you

  28. What a cute collection, Debra. I love hearing about other people's collections, since their usually connected to memories.
    hugs ♥ Tricia

  29. Oh my...these are all sooooo darn CUTE!!!


  30. What a wonderful and awesome collection you collected here. First three are is adorable, really like it very much.
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  31. It is always my pleasure to visit your elegant, creative space! Awesome collection..Thanks for sharing:)
    Friend, I would love to see you on my blog..I have something to share..:)

  32. Funny, one of the
    collections that I
    didn't share was MY
    SQUIRREL collection!
    I started it in college
    and it grew and grew,
    but in our current home
    I don't have a good
    place to display them.
    I need a big wall cabinet
    of some kind but haven't
    found one with the right
    vibe. In the meantime,
    my Beanie Baby squirrel ~
    like yours ~ sits on the
    very desk where I blog.
    Loved this! Be sure to
    pop over and link up so
    others can enjoy it, too!
    Thanks for letting us peek
    through your window, Deborah.
    xx Suzanne

  33. Since squirrels and I share a love/hate relationship, it should come as no surprise I spotted your collection right off the bat!
    I have a hunch your collection is going to grow with this revelation about yourself.

  34. What a fabulous collection. I loved seeing them all. You also have them displayed so beautifully. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  35. OH I love your squirrel collection, Debra...pure whimsy! I have one Lenox chipmunk figurine down at the lake...and a real one that lives in the lighthouse lamp post in the backyard there! We tell the grandkids that Chip and Dale live in the little lighthouse...

  36. Well those are the only squirrels I can truly appreciate! They are cuter than stink bugs. The real ones here can only be described as criminals. I have eliminated them fromm my bird feeders by feeding only with safflower seeds. And you thought we were talking about collections! Sorry...I rant. Hugs♥O

  37. What a fun collection you have! I really love that basket and the majolica planter... you do realize that now that we all know about your collection, you will probably we receiving chipmunks and squirrels in your mail from total strangers?!?

  38. oh they're precious! i love this collection and so miss the squirrels we used to have in the old established neighborhood. now it's all about the turkeys.


  39. Debra,
    I adore your paper mache white squirrel! We have white squirrels right out my back door. They are albino and our town is full of them. It is illegal to run over them, not that I would but, you have to stop for them in the street. I had to wait fore a baby one last week to stroll down my street. It couldn't decide what it wanted to do at all. We always enjoy watching them. I have pics of them on my site. Very cute collection!

  40. Debra, Every time I see a squirrel from now on I am going to think of you. You have a great collection.

  41. It is so much fun collecting the things we love . . . thanks for sharing this part of your collection.

    I am coming over from Suzanne's at Privet and Holly.

    Glenda (link #27)


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