Monday, July 11, 2011

So far, so good...

First of all, I just have to say what a great guy my hubby is.
He's agreeable with most ideas that I come up with.
He now appreciates the virtues of  old, "white", and chippy
 when it comes to junk scrounging and furniture hunting.

(whitewashing the huge mirror at 10:45pm)

I've been single minded these last few days
in transforming the living room.

Notice the change in the fireplace insert;
 heat resistant white spray paint.

Small changes here with painting the accent lamps white
and changing out the shades.

Then putting my PB knock off book bundles under the lamps
 instead of the covered ones.

This was Friday when I first tried out the demijohns
in place of the urns with flowers.

One of my goals was to minimize all the brass accents in here.
I still have a huge brass octopuss of a chandelier.

You know the saying,
"The 80's called and they want their chandelier back..."
uh huh...

This is how it all started last Tuesday.
whew...was that last Tuesday?

I have painted so much furniture this last week,
it's been a blur.

Then I broke free to hunt for fabric
 for new added pillows for the damask sofas.

These sofas are so comfortable and I really love them.
I've thought about the idea of slipcovers,
but this room is formal.

I have two other living areas that are casual,
and this one I want to be "casual elegance",
with a Country French flair.

So next I have a pillow project...

These are before photos of two other pieces I painted this week.

More tomorrow with the progress I've made.
It's all coming together, and I'm lovin' the changes.

I'm Joining Marty for TTT

love ya'll,


  1. Wow, you are going to town and it is looking wonderful.

  2. What you are doing looks terrific Debra! The painted furniture and the fabric you selected for the sofa pillows should have just the effect you're looking for. I'm impressed that your hubby is painting the mirror at 10:45!

  3. What a guy! Your hubby is a keeper. Love all the changes you've made. Great fabric choice for the pillows, and I really like the mantle display.

  4. That's so exciting to see all the changes you're making. I can't wait to see the total finished project!

  5. Can't wait to see more.... I love the fabric that you picked out for your pillows, it's gorgeous!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  6. I'm lovin' 'em too! Damn the torpedoes...full speed (or sweat) ahead!

  7. Hi Debra, have enjoyed tunning in to your transformation, can't wait to see the updates and everything looks so beautiful, Celeste,

  8. Wow, can't wait to see more! Sweet of your fella to work so hard and late too:) Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  9. Wow you have been very busy!! I want to paint my mirror as well. I think the 80's have called my house too!

  10. I love how the fireplace turned out ! I have a gas insert fireplace with a lot of brass, I've been thinking of a polished nickle color on it if I can find it. I like the white though . You'e been working your tush off girl !

  11. I had to laugh, Debra, when you said you'd been painting so much in the past week that everything is a blur! Been there, done that:)! I am in love with your demi john's! They are amazing! And your hubby is a good sport, staying up late and painting!! Your living room is just gorgeous, what a transformation!!

  12. Your room is stunning and I love all of your changes. The fabric for the pillows is amazing. Can't wait to see the whole reveal. Hugs, Marty

  13. It sure is coming together. keep up the good work and stay cool. 100 here today or hotter. Yuck-O! Richard at My Old Historic House

  14. I'm on the edge of my seat! I love room transformation like this - so many ideas. So little time to make them happen, it seems. I've got a little metamorphosis happening at the Reverie, too. Small scale - but quite enough for me.
    Miss Kathy

  15. I'm the kind of gal who stays with one look a long time. (To give you an idea of how long, I recently updated my family room after 22 years of the same look ... hehe) It must be wonderful to have a husband who is a willing party in re-decorating schemes.

  16. Hola Brenda, I really like, love how your living room is turning into white, everything looks really great... I have wanted to do it but really don´t get decided yet.
    hugs dear

  17. I'm winded just reading this! lol Love where you are going with this. The fabric is beautiful.

  18. Love it, great job to the hubby!!!! Hugs Mary

  19. Hi Girl,
    I too have been painting up a storm mostly for others and shop orders, then squeezing in a bit for myself as well.

    Love what you are doing with the mirror it will fade into the brick wall added demention to it as well. You know me I took a once piece that was quite costly with tiger oak and a marbel top it use to be in my formal living room way back when I decorated english cottage! It cost me $900.00 dollars 18 years ago, I was okay with selling in my shop space but when months went buy I took it back home after dropping the price to $200.00. I just know God had his hand in this one :)

    I stripped it all the way down as I do in everything I paint, I want to see its orginal life and start fresh to do the technique of painting I so love. After it was completed my daughter said she would trade her old piece for the old new one and she said I will pay you for it with a hug and a kiss! I was so taken with her passion for the piece that I gladly gave it to her, and now I am happy I did, this is a true recycled piece up-cycled to a better look for now and a great fit for her room.

    I am glad to see that you are doing the same, breating new life into your old pieces, and what a savings!!!

    Love all that you are inspiring. I could so move into your home with a happy heart!

  20. You two are making me want to lay on the sofa and nap! You are getting there and by there I mean soft creamy white. Please do not over work yourself!

  21. My goodness you are ambitious in this heat!
    I am home and had a blast but I am tired... too much fun in the sun!
    It looks great so far, can't wait to see the final results
    PS Love your new header

  22. Hi Debra! Man, you've been busy! I love that huge mirror and what a hubby to paint it for you! :)
    Love the way your living room looks and those sofas are so pretty, love your pillow fabric and those tables. Can't wait to see it all.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Wow! What incredible changes you're making. Your hubby is just too sweet to paint it for you. I love the way things are coming together. Your fabric source for pillows is awesome... hugs ~lynne~

  24. Your honey was painting at 10:45 pm for you?!!
    You are one lucky girl!
    This room is going to look just amazing!

  25. That is way too funny and totally awesome that your hubby was going right along with you and even was painting!! Love the new fab. I saw that somewhere and loved it. I may have to hunt it down.

  26. Wow Debra! When you go for it, you really GO for it! :-) Everything is looking so incredible and what a great guy you have there doing the white-washing. I have the same exact chandy in my entry and just cannot make up my mind what to replace it with! I love that new fabric and I know it will all come together so beautifully.

  27. Debra your fireplace turned out wonderful, I so love the white look, but as long as I have my real shop open every day, there are no time for painting, so it is just little by little, lol
    Also the fabric looks so beautiful, dear-
    Wish you more good working power .

  28. Omgoodness, you have been a busy bee! It looks B-E-Autiful!I have been thinking about lightnening up my decor too, you are an inspiration!


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