Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Now, I'm feelin' it...

What a difference a week makes.
Last Tuesday I was not really feelin' the love for my Living Room.

Don't get me wrong...
I'm happy and grateful;
I just needed to lighten things up in the worst way.

I think we all know that blogging gives us an opportunity
to expand our decorating horizons.
In this last two years I've really come to love and appreciate
a more light and bright aesthetic.

I don't consider the love of "white" to be a trend.
To me it's a cleaner, calming, refreshing outlook on life.

So over this last year I've found myself wanting to, and accomplishing,
some changes that are bringing my home to where I actually am "in my head".

Now I LOVE  my monster mirror,
it doesn't jump out at you anymore.

Same for the fireplace surround.
I don't like the texture of the heat resistant paint,
but at least it's not the jarring brass that it was.
These were two big impact makeovers,
that really changed the look of the fireplace.

I still have some things I am working on in here,
but the overall "feel" of the space is getting there.

I was surprised at the number of you that didn't "share my vision"
 for my grandmother clock.
(hope ya still love me anyway)

It's a new, inexpensive, battery operated, lightweight, reproduction.
Yes, it was pretty...
and it suited my taste 10 years ago...
but not any longer.

I waited till last to paint it,
giving it every chance to make it work,
but each time I looked in that direction it was all I could see...
Big, dark, and too busy.

I used two different paints on it.
My Creamy White from Behr on the body
and a special mix that I used on the walls in the kitchen,
also Behr paint, for the accent color.

I highlighted the embellishments...

Then used my stain/wipe on poly glaze technique
(Minwax stain mixed with Minwax Wipe On Polyurethane)

Then distress sanding with my mouse.
I'm really happy with it!

Then this small occasional table got the paintbrush too.

After spray painting the brass lamps
the shades now work for me.

To the right of the fireplace
 I had this ladies writing desk that I bought about six years ago.
It had been painted black to cover up a lot of faults,
but it had to go white as well.
It has some pretty detail that you couldn't see before.

But my favorite transformation has to be my coffee table.
Each time I look at it I feel all warm and fuzzy.

Right now, I just have garage sale floral pillows on the sofas.
Here's the new fabric for my four new pillows 
 that I'm hoping to work on later this week.

We have to get back our large ladder from the kiddos
before I can work on the chandy and the top of the armoire.

There's no way to spray paint that massive fixture,
(or take it down to paint)
I'm not wanting to spend a thousand on a new one,
but I do have some ideas.

For now this sofa table, below, has missed the paintbrush.
It may get it later,
but for now I'm taking a breather.

I've learned something big in this last week.

If you've given something a lot of time and thought,
and you still want to make changes,
don't be paralyzed and do nothing.
Our gut intuition usually is on target.

I love the changes I've made.
Maybe they aren't everyone else's taste,
but I want to wake up everyday and enjoy my spaces.

I cannot thank you guys enough
 for all the encouragement and input you gave.
Like I said, I looked at things with fresh eyes,
and was really open to some things I just didn't think I could do...
But DID!!!!

So far I've been able to do this without breaking the bank.

I spent $18 at Lowes for the silk accent lamp shades.
and $77 for the Pierre Deux 4 yards of material and trim.
(This is no longer available on the website,
but when new, their fabric runs between  $90 and $125 a yard.)
(can we say bargain...?)

I had all the paint on hand
except the heat paint that was $5.00

I'm linking this to these great parties this week
(links on the buttons on the sidebar)

the Power of Paint Party

Okey, dokey friends,
see ya back here on Thursday afternoon for

when I'll be joining in on the
Where Blogger's Create Party. 
Hope you'll join in.
"anything vintage or vintage inspired"!

love ya bunches,

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