Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vintage Botanicals and a Garden Table

This little metal outdoor table
at one time was in my booth space at the antique mall,

funny thing...

it never sold.

And you know what happens when things sit too long,


they come to live at my house.

So now it sets right under
my kitchen window on the deck.

You can see it from the sunroom,
 so I really enjoy decorating it with my vintage
garden thingys.

A black birdcage covering some hearty ivy and my "Collegian" botanical notebook that I found several weeks ago at Spring Creek, are sharing the table with some silver of the galvanized zinc kind. I have several old watering cans, but this was a Birthday present a few years ago from my older daughter from Restoration Hardware, one of my favorite stores.

 Marion Bradway (lady or gentleman?)
must have had a Botanical assignment
to catalog wildflowers back in their college days.
My best guess is from the 1940's.

I thought about dismantling the pages and framing them out.
And I still may do that, but for now,
they are all together.

My kitties were very interested in the old pressed flowers,
but every time they went near them they started sneezing!
Funny how after so many years there is still pollen of some sort.

I love the typewritten pages and the aged tape.

You can see my white garden gate behind the table.
 I have two of them.
Can someone say ...selfish...?
And my old hose hanger.
Just gotta love that color of blue!

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