Monday, May 17, 2010

Give 'em the slip...

...chairs that is!

I have two wonderful bergere chairs in my living room
that I have been wanting to "change up" for awhile.

I'm finding that I need a lighter palette,
in home decor, and after years
 of living with darker and deeper colors,
I'm wanting more neutral surroundings.

So I gave them the slip!

Out came the craft paper to make outlines of their backs.

and of course my two drive me crazy cats  favorite helpers showed up.

I worked straight off the chair, piecing and pinning and fitting.

They aren't perfect,
and I'm so glad that there is that great word...
... still floating around.


I've had the material for several weeks
but just couldn't get them started.
At least I've had some time to form the idea in my head.

Thanks to all you amazing, talented people out there
who have given me some great inspiration and encouragement.

Love the ruffles, but don't look too close.

I wouldn't show them to my high school
Home Ec teacher,
but they work for me.

I even gave one of them little vintage linen and lace
"sleeves" to cover an arm cushion.

My husband said they looked like a couple
of little girls with ruffled dresses...

just what I wanted.

I'm linking up with

for Slipcover Show Off #11

I can't believe I actually made these.
I usually don't like to sew.

But they were well worth the effort,
Hope you're having a great week,



  1. They look so nice!! I really like your new lighter look. Great job!

  2. Oh I love them...what an inspiration you are!!! I so want to do this ...thanks for giving me the push...hugs for a great week. xoxoxo

  3. Hi Debra! Oh, the slips looks wonderful! I do like the little skirt with the ruffles! I have a chair I need to do this to.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    be a sweetie,

  4. You did a wonderful job on these and they look great in the room, too!

  5. You did a really good job. I wish I knew how to sew. My mother does, but she does not like too.

  6. Hola dear Brenda, you are my super, super suuuuper DIY super woman!!!! Those chairs are absolutely wonderful in their new dress with charming arm sleeves!!! A great work you did!!!
    I`m so happy to be here again... was kind of missing you.
    Many hugs to you,
    Maria Cecilia

  7. Hi Debra,
    Your chairs look absolutely beautiful. You did an amazing job!! I wish I possessed sewing skills so I could slip cover a few of my chairs.
    Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit, I hope you can make it next Monday to my blog party.
    By the way, you did a fabulous job on the Seed box blog! It's just lovely!
    Have a great week.

  8. Debra, they turned out great! Can't wait until I can find more time for creating projects like these chairs!
    Kudos ~ Maureen

  9. Debra just wonderful my friend..loved the way they were also ha ha!! hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  10. Well I think you did great! I especially like the "ahem" part! :)
    I wish I was as brave as you . . . I am so chicken to try and make a slipcover. I'd do all of my living room furniture - because I DESPISE it!
    And the store bought ones never fit - trust me I've tried.
    GOOD GIRL! shabby chic - perfect!
    Have a great week! Karen

  11. Great job! Love the ruffles! What a difference, eh? (Sure can tell who the night owls are--) I'd love a chat sometime too. I have a tremendous amount to learn! You sure say nice things to me. I appreciate your interest. Best to you,
    PS I think all my weird problems are coming from MY PC!

  12. They are so perfectly done, Debra, loved your photo session, and the last one is a -I want to be there-photo.
    So beautifull.
    xo Dorthe

  13. Debra, You did an amazing job, they look beautiful! I love the lighter color, and the cats tail hanging down from the chair was just to cute!!! hugs~~~Daphne

  14. Hi Debra...they look beautiful! Great job! I think they look fabulous in front of the fire place. I just may take the plunge one day and try a sewing day!

  15. Debra, gorgeous... you made them just absolutely gorgeous! Great job and I think it is a nice change. It is good to do a redo and change a couple of things that make it look ALL different:) Have a blessed day! HUGS!

  16. Slipcovers look great!!! I laughed at your helpers.......I have one too!!

  17. They are so pretty, Debra, and I love how they look in your living room. Love the ruffle!

  18. did a great job on these and your little helpers made me smile! Beautiful work.

  19. Oh my......So beautiful & what a great job!!
    Ahem.....I have helpers just like yours!! LOL!!
    Have a Great Day!!

  20. Oh my gosh, Debra. Your chairs look wonderful and really livin up your room. And what a lovely room, by the way. You did a wonderful job. I have one chair just like yours and I think I might give it a try.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration. I have a couple of furry babies that like to help too. You should be around when I am changing the sheets on the bed! LOL!


  21. Oh Yes! most things are more challenging and also more fun with feline help. Beautiful work, looks wonderful. Love the lace detail on the arm sleeves.

  22. Wow, they look gorgeous! I am totally in awe of anyone who can pull that off. Great job!!

  23. Oh how very gorgeous these chairs are. I love the white! You have really inspired me to get busy with ship covering my own chair..Thanks so much for sharing!
    Blessings ~Mary~ :-}

  24. Ohhhh I love them !! I am loving creamy colors and I adore ruffles ~ so pretty !

  25. They look awesome! Wish I had that ability!! Sewing kind of scares me a little!!!

    I love that kitty all stretched out....that is a great photo!!



  26. Oh Debra, they are beautiful! I can't believe all you can accomplish! You are a busy lady but your hard work pays off big time!

  27. They're really beautiful! You did a really nice job on them! They're soft and so much lighter.

  28. I think the chairs look wonderful. I love the ruffle.
    You have some great help I see.

  29. They are beautiful....and speak peace to me....your home looks like a restful,peaceful place.....blessings

  30. So pretty! I love the crochet that you incorporated on the arms.

  31. The girls look lovely in their new dresses...kinda like Laura and Mary when they got new ones from Ma. I have to say that rose print one is gorgeous either way.

  32. Hello Debra, I think they look great, especially the vintage touch on the arms. I like your cat company. I always have a cat with me.

  33. you did a great job, Debra. cheers to you.



  34. wow! I love them both! you did a fabulous job! I like the shape of the one on the right better. But they both look beautiful!

  35. Your slips turned out perfectly! I, too, have some fabric that I've been holding to make a cover for a "slipper" chair...just can't make myself dive into it. I LOVE the bergere style chairs and having been searching for some gently used that I can cover as well!
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  36. Great job, Debra! I too love the lighter palette and your kitties made my morning!

  37. Fabulous! What a great job you did!

    Love the little cat's tail peeking out!


  38. Oh Debra, these are so GORGEOUS!!! Isn't it amazing how just a little fabric can totally change the look and feel of these beautiful chairs ~ there's something about the creams and tans that is so relaxing and calming....I hope you're having a wonderful week! hugs and love, Dawn

  39. Debra,
    1. Luv your new header!
    2. Luv the title of your post!
    3. Luv how you made these beautiful slips...they look amazing...great job and thanks for showing them off at NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS!


  40. They look so crisp and new! I really like what you've done and understand the kitty motif completely! Come by ... haven't seen you in a while, Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  41. You should be SO proud, those look incredible!
    And it absolutely had to be due to your furry little helpers, right? ;-)

    Sooooo wonderful! I love the arm sleeves best!


  42. "don't like to sew?" sure coulda fooled me! these are beautiful transformations debra. i too have had some fabric here for awhile with the intention of making slipcvers for a few of my chairs and ottomans (in creamy white of course). you've just given me the kick in the you-know-what to get them started!! Great job! LOVE your living room!

  43. They're lovely! I am trying to work on a few slips myself.

    Love your blog!

  44. Debra...I always enjoy my visit to your lovely blog! What a great job you did with those chairs. I'm inspired :)


  45. *sigh* you are amazing! Maybe I should have had your Home Ec teacher, cause mine did not make the sewing part stick. LOL. These look fab, you did a great job!

    yapping cat

  46. You are so clever and inspiring! Great job - love the look in front of your floor-to-ceiling fireplace. Gorgeous!

  47. I am lovin' the slip, looks fabulous!

  48. Wow Debra,your slips are truly beautiful!!! I know what you mean about changing it up from color to white, I've been trying to simplify and find I'm loving it, sooo soothing! (another) Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  49. Excellent! The ruffles really added a lot - they look wonderful!


  50. Debra,
    You did a wonderful job. They look fantastic in your living room. I would love to slipcover a lot around here. It takes awhile to get to it.:)

  51. How pretty - great job! Love the kitties. Dropping by from White Wednesday; Tailored Kitchen.


  52. Your slip covers turned out fantastic! I'm ready to change out my darks as well ~ always loved the shabby whites but wasn't too practical in a home with young kids & dogs. So now is the time to start the transformation! Yippee!

    Happy White Wednesday!


  53. I think they look great! One of these days I'm gonna try some slips for my dining room chairs!

  54. Your chairs look did a wonderful job!

  55. ...just admiring your slip covers!!! They turned out fabulous!!
    xo, Rosemary

    ps: love your blog banner:)

  56. Sew.... I have a couple of chairs that need some TLC... they should be there in a couple of days...

    :-D xoxo

    those are FANTASTIC!!!

  57. Debra,

    They look terrific. What a difference the white makes in the room.

    Thanks for your sweet visits to my place I love seeing you have come by

    barbara jean

  58. Debra, your chairs look gorgeous!!! i love your little helpers too...LOL...i have a few of those myself:)

  59. Oh I just love them both, yeah for you, I am so proud of you for trying and doing. My favorite are the ruffles and the lace around the one arm. I am in love with that idea. A round of applause for you.

  60. Those are so pretty! I would love to invite you to join my Slipcover Show-off on Saturday. Hope you can come.

  61. What an amazing job you did on your chairs. These type of slipcovers can be so difficult. The arms always gives me fits. Love your vintage linen arm covers. Just beautiful!

  62. They look sooooo great! I love them. Especially those little lace "sleeves". Yummy. And can I just say those cat pictures are too funny. I love the one with the little tail sticking out.
    Thanks for sharing!

  63. Debra, I am SO impressed! If I created these beauties, I would show them to MY Home Ec teacher. They look so pretty. Thanks for linking these two pretty ladies to Favorite Things Sat. laurie

  64. Well done, they look so great. I love slipcovers and that added ruffle detail makes them. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend

  65. They are absolutely lovely!!! Twirling little girls in dresses!!!

    Found you from Angie at Threadneedle!!!

  66. They turned out beautiul! And I really loved the helpers!! :)

  67. Your slips look great!! I love the lace edging on the arms. Great job (don't worry about your home ec teacher).

    Susan and Bentley

  68. Nice project. I would love it if you would link this up in Modern Craftswoman Monday. Very well done. Rory

  69. Absoutely BEAUTIFUL! They're gorgeous in the room. Don't you love that you can completly change them, but the original fabric will always still be there?

  70. Thanks for linking and helping to make this the most successful Modern Craftswoman Monday so far! Rory


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