Friday, May 28, 2010

Re-do, almost done...

Nothing like a deadline to flat out make you move, to get something accomplished. Our St. Louis kids came in yesterday evening at 6:00 and it was literally 5:59 that I finished vacuuming my new light and bright dining room. Bigger project than I like to admit. I cleaned and rearranged and that was as much work as the paint and papering. But I'm happy with the results.

When we moved here 7 years ago we bought new dining room furniture. It's no secret this was not my choice. I don't like all the scrolly fancy schmancy big dark wood. My husband did and he chose it. I prefer a more frenchy style, and if I had my way and unlimited budget we'd have something else. But...I let him have the final say. Now after seven years as our tastes have changed, he likes the white distressed look himself. Anyway... I knew I needed a lighter look and feel to the room, so if furniture won't change at least the walls could.

So the lighter paint and wallpaper has gone a long way to making me happier. If you remember I had a sage-green paint and paper up, pretty but too dark for my taste now.


Oh, and after 2 loads on the delicate cycle (thank you Lezlee) and some paring down, my china cabinet is back together; sticking with my white china and just a few odds and ends.


And I traded out my antique Belgian tapestry table runner for a new favorite antique linen one.


I will change out the chair covers for a linen look, when I find the right material, and find some white or brown transferware plates for my plateholders under the sconces, but at least for now I don't feel like it is a cave.
I can't say enough for Benjamin Moore paint. It is expensive, but never a drip or run on the roller, doesn't splatter and the coverage is really great. And thanks to Heather and Denise from Bella Dreams, who gave me a hint on "Shieldz" tinted wallpaper primer. That way I just wallpapered over the existing paper and saved me tons of time and mess.



Didn't want you to think I had lost it, and that I would have to spend my weekend in the fetal position. OK, I'm off to start enjoying the holiday weekend. Hope yours is a great one! Be safe.

love ya,

p.s. Now that life is back to "semi-normal" I hope to catch up with you all. Please don't think I'm a bad friend if I haven't made it by lately. You all really brighten my day and I love and read each comment as you can tell from this last post. You guys are a real joy to me, so please know that I care about each of you.

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  1. Everything looks wonderful and no one is the wiser for how close you came to the deadline:)

    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Hey there!
    WOW!!! You have done a tone of work! I am a deadline girl too...I actually invite people over to just make me do a deep clean! Lately I am inviting people over more & more because I really don't like messes :) But then when they is usually a mess again :) When will I learn :)

    I hope you had a nice visit with the kids...I am sure they loved your room! It really is beautiful! Isn't it amazing how fast our tastes can change?! It always surprises me too!

    take Care!

  3. Debra, it was worth all your work! I like that paper...much softer. I thought that furniture was a tad dark for I know. But good for you these guys need their way once maybe twice on furniture anyho. Have a good holiday.


  4. Debra...I always seem to run right up to my deadlines too.....I guess the good thing is that it was done BEFORE, lol! Your dining room and beautiful and so welcoming! Enjoy your time with your kids :)


  5. Hope you enjoy your family and the beautiful work you did. Have a great Memorial Day weekend, T

  6. It looks wonderful! I had no idea they made a wallpaper primer, but I very, {very} rarely deal with wallpaper. I love your basket centerpiece on your table!

  7. It looks very pretty - the touches of white really perks things up! Great job!

  8. Debra,

    It looks wonderful. Do you have that wonderful sense of a good job? Do you keep walking back into the room, glancing around with a satisfied sigh? I LOVE that feeling! A good days ( or more) work and work well done.

    Enjoy your new room, and your accomplishment. You've earned it.


  9. Oh your dining room is just stunning. I love it. So pretty. Everything looks so light and bright. I love all the white in the china cabinet too. Beautiful. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs, Marty

  10. great job, looks beautiful!

  11. Hi Debra,
    I love how you have mixed the vintage, rustic, cottagey whites and creams with the darker, more formal pieces. The sweet wicker settee is perfect. Is that a piece of chenille fabric on the seat! So lovely.
    I would love to walk in there and just take it all in. I could spend a long time just making notes and seeing if I could copy you!

    hugs and Happy Memorial Day to you.


  12. I think it's lovely!! enjoy it!!

  13. All your hard work paid off, it looks perfect!
    That was a whole heck of a lotta work, but you rocked it out just in time.

    And yes, I think you are *such* a bad friend, you have NO idea. :-P

  14. Hi Debra, congrats on getting things done. Have you ever put so much energy into going to lift something you thought would be heavy and then you nearly flip yourself over because it turns out to be so light. HA! That's happened to me before. Love the purse you got from Daphne Nicole. Have a fabulous holiday weekend with you family. Best wishes, Tammy

  15. Oh Debra
    Its a beauty what a terrific job you did bringing in the light. Have a blessed Memorial Day Weekend.. Love you Kate

  16. Absolutely and totally GORGEOUS! I am in awe, and thank you for sharing the Shieldz info!
    I agree...Benjamin Moore is worth every penny =))

  17. I do like that wallpaper better. I'm a fan of white furniture, but wow - your dining room set is gorgeous. That's a set that makes me think twice about white painted furniture. Your room is beautiful and you are a wonderful decorator. I'm glad I stopped by.

  18. HI Debra, so beautiful.I love your mix of things too. Beautifully put together. You really did an amazing job decorating. I love your dining room! YOu should be very proud of the finished look.

  19. Wow, you've been busy, looks very classy! You know those chairs would look very nice painted white....just saying!!

  20. You have been busy and it is looking fabulous!

  21. My, my, my, my, MY! You must be loving this! I love every single thing you have done. What a transformation! You know, I really like these contrasts between all the light and white and the dark woods. Tricia Foley did a whole book on this that is now impossible to get--British Colonial Style--did you see it? I am amazed at all the work you did! Congratulations on a wonderful job! JQ

  22. Bonjour Debra,
    You've done a marvelous job with your dining room. The marble topped sideboard is decorated so beautifully.
    Happy Memorial Day weekend,

  23. Well Debra, It was worth every ounce of energy you put into it. It looks wonderful. It probably feels like a whole new house now! Love that!
    And what an awesome product to go over the existing wallpaper! Somebody was thinking with that one!
    Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend!

  24. The room is simply stunning! I love it!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  25. Debra this is really beautiful! I can't even believe that you were able to accomplish all this in so short a time! It is so light and airy and a real serene feel. I LOVE it!

  26. a wonderful transformation. You did a wonderful job~ soft, lovely and inviting...


  27. Hello~You know I think that dining set would look very pretty and frenchy painted white!

    The walls look great! ~Enjoy Kim

  28. Hi Debra!
    Love your makeover. It's fabulous!
    Have a wonderful, long weekend, my friend.

  29. Hi Debra, your new dining room looks great! You have been really busy finishing all that meeting the deadline.
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  30. This turned out beautifully, Debra~ I love the wallpaper!

  31. Hi Debra. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Memorial Day weekend. I'm so glad to hear that the kids are visiting. You're dining room turned out beautiful but I never doubted it would. You have impeccable decorating taste.

    Love you. Stay safe on the roads this weekend and have fun I'm sure you deserve it.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  32. I love it all and you have been so busy! Girl, take a break:) Enjoy your Saturday! HUGS!

  33. Looks Gorgeous Debra!

    I used Benjamin Moore paint last year on the Exterior of my little OLD Bungalow...I swear I put the local Hardware Store owners kid's through GRAD school on what it cost! But, hopefully, it'll last for YEARS!

    Have a great weekend!

  34. It is gorgeous even if it is not your choice, lol hugs Barbara

  35. Very Elegant my dear! Leave it to you to get all of that done on time and spotless too! I love the little glimpses into your home! Blessings to you ~ Katie

  36. I would say you are the winner girl! WOW! Everything is beautiful! Have a blessed memorial day weekend. Cindy

  37. Oh Debra,
    I can't believe that our dining rooms do no match anymore! augh!
    Yours looks beautiful now so go ahead and come on over and do mine. While you're traveling over, I'll pull out my china and get a head start okay? ;)
    Great job go enjoy the long holiday weekend :)))

  38. Great changes! At least you got done on time! LOL!

    Could you please e-mail me, I have some questions for you about your blog! I want to start a new one with my business name as my IP address and I want to know which format you used. I tried one or 2 but I have problems with the header picture. (to big or to small) Wondering if there is something I haven't figure out!
    Thanks TOT

  39. It is always too much to do and so lttle time. We must have very full lives though. I adore your table centerpiece!

    Art by Karena

  40. How great! Enjoy your re-do! I like when you can do one or little things and change a whole room! Have a great weekend with your family!
    Hugs, Lisa

  41. How light and airy for spring/summer. It is fun to gussy up the house for the grown kids. Hey, thanks for the shout out, glad I could help a little bit! Enjoy your family! Lezlee

  42. Wow Debra! That looks great. I am a deadline-enforced-project-completer also. My husband loves it when we're having a party or his mom is coming over. That means a clean house and a project or two finally get done!

    Love your wicker bench too! Will we be seeing a coat of paint on this dining set soon? ;).


  43. Hi Debra, Love the new look in your diningroom. I know what you mean about lightening things up, but it is hard when you have beautiful stained antiques. Still trying to decide how to change mine. Great job. The large floral basket on the dining table is so pretty. Thanks for sharing, Linda

  44. I love it! Just found your blog through the linky party- my first one! I especially love the white bird cage on the floor=)

  45. I came by last week to look at your project but was just looking through all of them. I don't see the us of any of our sponsor's products on your project? You are more than welcome to enter another project that has used at least one of the products. You do need to have your entries in by this evening.



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