Monday, May 3, 2010

Thank you!... thank you very much.

As "the king" used to say...

This post is long overdue.
Do you ever have weeks that just fly by
and you don't know where it all went?
That's the way these last couple of weeks have been.

 I want to thank three lovely ladies
 for a couple of great giveaways,
and another for a sweet surprise!

Beth from Old Tyme Market Place had this
nifty and "oh so cool" tape measurer
from Pottery Barn
as her give away a few weeks ago.
Wow, do I love this handy little gadget.
So classy.
You have to go by Beth's
and check out her latest post,
oh my gosh! you will love all her shop photos!
(wait, not yet!)

Then another lovely Beth
had a giveaway of these gorgeous earrings
from her wonderful jewelry website.
Guess what?
They now reside on these little lobes!
Thank you Beth!

And if you haven't visited Julie, from Junkin'Julie,
then you need to go by and say Hi.

She and I have the "white ironstone gene"!
I recently purchased a couple of gorgeous
 rosary and crucifixes
from her and look what she did!
She blessed me with the most amazing
little English creamer!
(plus some vintage goodies and photos)

It has a special place on my counter in the kitchen.
I adore it!
Thank you, sweet Julie!

Life has been really busy this last couple of weeks.
I've missed checkin' in with you all!

I have some fun news coming in the next few days!
(can't tell yet. I know, I'm so mean!)
and I've attended some really wonderful Barn sales,
so I have bunches of wonderful things to show you.

AND, I'm on a mission to lighten up my world,
stay tuned!

Hope you're off to a great week!
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