Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Next project please...

As a certain bbff said to me last night,

"Wallpaper?'ll have to convince me."

I know, I know, wallpaper seems to have fallen out of fashion of late,
but I've always loved me a little wallpaper to set a mood.

The Dining Room is the only place in this house,
that you'll find it.
And that's below the chair railing.

And I seem to be on some kind of wild,
redecorating roll here...

to lighten up my world.

I still love the green and the toile,
but anyone else out there like me...
You just need a change every once in a while?

I'm holding the sample book up next to the chair rail
to get an idea of it next to the white woodwork.

and I just thought I'd throw in my Mother's Day
 gift from my St. Louis kids,
a Paris pillow from the new collection at Restoration Hardware.

OK. I'm off to order the wallpaper and matching paint.
Keep a good thought for me.
I tend to get in over my head at times.

I'm doing a two-fer this White Wednesday
hope you don't mind me being piggy.
Thanks Kathleen

So, this may take me a while,
as I have to strip the old paper off,
and then wait for the paper to arrive.

I'll try to come up for air.
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