Thursday, May 20, 2010

Making Progress

I've been painting for 7 hours straight.
Hit the big honkin' breakfront,
so now I have to wait for my guys to move it.

(I'm prayin' here folks, my husband hurt his back
on our St. Louis trip carrying in some garden statuary,
and he's not thrilled with this idea)

Notice the orange mouse?
My helpers again.

 The green toile looks gaggy with this creamy cappucino,
but I have a sample of wallpaper in the lower left hand corner.
See? So I think it will be pretty when it all comes together.

Anyone up for washing 7 years of dust off my china and crystal?... didn't think so.
Remember when I said I didn't have anything major planned for redecorating?
cancel that...

See ya later.
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