Monday, May 17, 2010

Give 'em the slip...

...chairs that is!

I have two wonderful bergere chairs in my living room
that I have been wanting to "change up" for awhile.

I'm finding that I need a lighter palette,
in home decor, and after years
 of living with darker and deeper colors,
I'm wanting more neutral surroundings.

So I gave them the slip!

Out came the craft paper to make outlines of their backs.

and of course my two drive me crazy cats  favorite helpers showed up.

I worked straight off the chair, piecing and pinning and fitting.

They aren't perfect,
and I'm so glad that there is that great word...
... still floating around.


I've had the material for several weeks
but just couldn't get them started.
At least I've had some time to form the idea in my head.

Thanks to all you amazing, talented people out there
who have given me some great inspiration and encouragement.

Love the ruffles, but don't look too close.

I wouldn't show them to my high school
Home Ec teacher,
but they work for me.

I even gave one of them little vintage linen and lace
"sleeves" to cover an arm cushion.

My husband said they looked like a couple
of little girls with ruffled dresses...

just what I wanted.

I'm linking up with

for Slipcover Show Off #11

I can't believe I actually made these.
I usually don't like to sew.

But they were well worth the effort,
Hope you're having a great week,

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