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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Union Jack Upholstered Sofa

It's a big year for the Brits, from hosting the Summer Olympics to celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee. I just found this image in the June issue of Traditional Home which showcases new trends in British furniture and home accessories.

Traditional Home Magazine from
 Antiques 2 Chic

With the hot trend of the Union Jack showing up on dressers to pillows and everything in between, I thought this was a bold statement in design. An antique upholstered Chesterfield Sofa showing off it's colors; pretty amazing! more to come with this idea...

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Hope you're off to a great weekend!

Friday, February 17, 2012

More on Brown Transferware...

I know that there are so many of us out here that really do have a passion for transferware. By the looks of my comments, many of us collect or at least have a few pieces. Sally from Salmagundi is one of these big time collectors, not only of transferware but of my new love, Aesthetic Movement transferware.

Sally was kind enough to drop everything and do a special post for me and all of you. Below is one of her pieces, please click over and visit Sally and see her wonderful collection. Even if the bug hasn't bitten you yet, you'll really enjoy seeing her post.

and here's a couple of Pinterest Inspiration photos,
just to "whet your whistle"...

OK, see ya at Sally's!
(next post, Nancy will give us the dish!)

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Vintage Inspiration # 77 Aesthetic Movement Transferware

I'm not an afficianado of transferware by any stretch of the imagination, but I do love a few mismatched pieces that I've found over the last several years. And the history buff in me enjoys how design trends are formed within cultures and how they affect art, furniture, and our everyday lives. Brown Transferware is one of my "favorite things", so it's fascinating to me to discover the different patterns and trends that we find it in.

...are ya still with me?

Last weekend we headed over to the Antique Festival of the Ozarks held here in Springfield. This is a new show in it's second year, that my husband and I really enjoy. You can find a little of everything here, definitely not categorized as garage sale items. As we like to say, "Retail at it's finest", if you get my drift. Not particularly bargain shopping, but real antiques and collectibles, very much worth the time and price of admission to the show.

A dealer friend of mine, Teresa, who always has interesting things and great prices had a space at the show, and the whole time we were "visiting" I kept glancing at this old Brown Transferware tureen. 

It had been broken and "repaired" many years ago, but that kind of thing really doesn't deter me, if I find something that I want. Hey, stick it on a shelf, or turn it the other direction. Little imperfections, or even big ones, don't keep me from buying.

At the time I couldn't remember the name of this certain design of transferware, but when I checked the Internet I found the name of the pattern, Burmah, which is highly influenced by Japanese motifsIt's a piece from the Aesthetic Movement which started in the latter part of the 19th Century. As a counter reaction to the Industrial Revolution in England, artists and designers looked for opulence and imagination in art and life which translated into the Aesthetic movement, Craftsman Style, and then into Art Nouveau.  

 I checked out some platters that would match at This Site
but since I only paid a smidge for the tureen,
I thought I'd let the $375 platters just be a dream for now.

OK, history lesson over, but don't you love learning something new?

So let's see what was happening with last week's Valentine Party,

Julia, from Vintage with Laces has some of the most romantic creations. 
Take a peek at her lovely lace hearts she made for Valentines gifts.

MaryAnn from Classic Casual Home has something new and gorgeous!
Love her one of a kind bejeweled clipboards.

Sandi from a Cottage Muse shared some adorable vintage Valentines.

Kerry from House TalkN created a romantic table for two
with this wonderful grouping of candleholders.

Karen from Decor to Adore created this
Romantic Shadow Box. She even has a tutorial.

and who could resist some vintage Puppy Love from Walnut and Vine?

Thanks everyone for joining in and broadcasting the Valentine Party!
I really appreciate you taking the time to come over here 
and join in on the party week after week.
You all are the best!!

I also want to mention Dee from French Bleu Vintage,
a new sponsor, 
is having a 25% off Sale early tomorrow morning,
Be sure and check her blog for the code.

Hope you'll join in for the party today
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I'll be joining in at these great party places:

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

You saw it here first, folks...

Not that Pantone or anyone else out there in the design world would give a lick about what I was thinking. But since the news was announced a  couple of weeks ago about the "Color of the Year" by Pantone, Tangerine Tango, I couldn't help but remember that I dedicated a whole month to the sassy color orange, in September.

Do you remember how you had to shield your eyes each
time you clicked over to my blog?

I've always loved the color orange, mostly because my favorite season is Autumn. Love the pumpkins and the many shades of the Fall leaves. Orange is a color that I wear frequently, Spring I lean toward the melons, and citrusy colors, then thru the summer a more vibrant shade, and then into Fall with many scarves and sweaters in the deeper hues of bittersweet to russet. This post for Vintage Inspiration Friday was all about how the seasons influence our color choices.

Designer clothing to accessories...

Check out this fabulous hand knit scarf on Etsy

kitchen goodies...

my new obsession, Le Creuset, but in "Dune"

Kitchen Aid...

Then back to paint choices
I don't think I could live with the orange walls...

Christian Louboutin...this is where we need the sunglasses!

but I do love it as an accent color!

And when we were up in St. Louis last Fall 
our older daughter was all about finding one of these...

or this one...

to go with her gorgeous gray walls.

Then, before Thanksgiving, our younger daughter 
was needing a change from her red Dining Room walls
which were more of a "Lipstick Red" with cool pink/blue undertones.
They really screamed "traditional" and "formal", 
where as she was wanting something a little more hip and trendy.

(not that this isn't an awesome room, just going for the color, here) did Mrs. Claus get into this?

She went from that red to this...

more of a paprika like the one on the right...

Just a slight but subtle difference in the undertones.
It's a whole new room with a new vibe,
and she has been able to coordinate colors and fabrics so much easier.

So if you need just a little Pick Me UP,
you might want to learn to "Tango"

Oh yeah, and lately my hair has been rockin' just a little of this

(all images from Google Images)

Hope you're having a great Sunday,
and you know thats not me in the above photo. (te he)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A New Feature at Common Ground: How about a Design Challenge?

A few weeks ago I spur-of-the-moment threw out a design
challenge for all of you when I was at a brick wall
trying to come up with ideas for my Living Room.
I had lots of thoughts,
 but I was needing some fresh eyes and creative direction
to kick start some room changes.

You all really rose to the challenge
 to help me sort through some possibilities.
You were encouraging and thoughtful and motivating.

So that got me thinking...
why not come up with a way we can constructively offer
 the same help for others out here in blogland.

...this is my idea.
Anyone who is in need of some advice, help,
or just a fresh new idea,
can submit a few photos to me for a feature post.

You can do it anonymously, or not,
 whatever you're comfortable with.
Then I'll post them,
 and you all get to leave constructive comments
to help the blogger in need.

It could be a whole room, a wall, a vignette, a mantle...
suggestions for paint colors,
furniture placement,
anything about decor...

What do you think?
sound like fun?

 I put together this graphic and button.
Please spread the word,
and then take the big step to come forward with some
issues you may be having,
or some design help.

No need to be a professional,
 although I received some really great ideas from a few.
Just comment on how you see it.

We'll all be sweet and nice and constructive...
no matter what you're dealing with.
...I promise!

How often I do this depends on how you all respond...
#1 with project photos
#2 with the desire to help others.

Let me know what you're thinking,
because this depends on you!

I'm super excited about this,
hope you all will spread the word!

Let me know if you've grabbed the button
or did a quick blog post.
I'll have a thankyou gift for a random winner!

let's have some fun!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday # 39 Scandinavian Design

Most of us are aware of the current influences of Scandinavian design.
Anyone who dabbles in the world of "white and chippy"
 is familiar with at least a few of their blogs. 

Whether you are a full blown devotee, or like me, 
one who loves white and neutrals as a base,
we all can find something from their aesthetic
 that can be appreciated and incorporated
into our own personal design philosophy.

Here are just a sampling of blogs that I personally find as favorites.

Inspiration i vitt

l antlif

(which literally means "flower stand")

I have to say that of all the Scandinavian blogs this is my favorite.
The flea market vibe and the colorful use of plants and blooms
 gives me a lift each time I go there.

I think I'm more attracted to the French influence in their design:
slightly more elegant and curvy.

I'm not a stark and minimalist kind of gal,
but I do appreciate the clean, vintage look.

Let us know what you think...
Are you influenced by the current
Scandinavian Country look?

There are so many wonderful and creative posts
from last week that it's hard to just choose four,
Gosh, I could feature 10 or 15 of you easy each week!

Faye at Wild Rose Vintage
found some rose dish beauties at an Old Barn Sale

Rosemary at Villa Barnes
found some cuckoo clock elements for an

Terry from Forever Decorating
 showed us how she designed her Garden Cupola

and Deneen from dreamingincolor
showed us how to take a trash chandelier
and turn it into the perfect dessert tray

I'm linking up with these gals for Friday Parties:

Hope you can join the party today at
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and you have until May 29 to enter my May Give Away,

lots of love,

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