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Sunday, January 15, 2012

You saw it here first, folks...

Not that Pantone or anyone else out there in the design world would give a lick about what I was thinking. But since the news was announced a  couple of weeks ago about the "Color of the Year" by Pantone, Tangerine Tango, I couldn't help but remember that I dedicated a whole month to the sassy color orange, in September.

Do you remember how you had to shield your eyes each
time you clicked over to my blog?

I've always loved the color orange, mostly because my favorite season is Autumn. Love the pumpkins and the many shades of the Fall leaves. Orange is a color that I wear frequently, Spring I lean toward the melons, and citrusy colors, then thru the summer a more vibrant shade, and then into Fall with many scarves and sweaters in the deeper hues of bittersweet to russet. This post for Vintage Inspiration Friday was all about how the seasons influence our color choices.

Designer clothing to accessories...

Check out this fabulous hand knit scarf on Etsy

kitchen goodies...

my new obsession, Le Creuset, but in "Dune"

Kitchen Aid...

Then back to paint choices
I don't think I could live with the orange walls...

Christian Louboutin...this is where we need the sunglasses!

but I do love it as an accent color!

And when we were up in St. Louis last Fall 
our older daughter was all about finding one of these...

or this one...

to go with her gorgeous gray walls.

Then, before Thanksgiving, our younger daughter 
was needing a change from her red Dining Room walls
which were more of a "Lipstick Red" with cool pink/blue undertones.
They really screamed "traditional" and "formal", 
where as she was wanting something a little more hip and trendy.

(not that this isn't an awesome room, just going for the color, here) did Mrs. Claus get into this?

She went from that red to this...

more of a paprika like the one on the right...

Just a slight but subtle difference in the undertones.
It's a whole new room with a new vibe,
and she has been able to coordinate colors and fabrics so much easier.

So if you need just a little Pick Me UP,
you might want to learn to "Tango"

Oh yeah, and lately my hair has been rockin' just a little of this

(all images from Google Images)

Hope you're having a great Sunday,
and you know thats not me in the above photo. (te he)


Friday, August 26, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday #52: Fall Color Inspiration

I'm wondering how many of you
are influenced by the seasons in your decorating.
And since Fall will be here soon,
I'm thinking about Fall inspired color and decor.

is what I want to talk about today.
Whether you have a farmhouse or a city apartment,
here are some fun ideas for this bold color!

Now I know some of you are shielding your eyes
or have actually run away from the computer by now...

But, for the brave souls who are still with me,
let's discuss if we are inspired and influenced
 by the hues of the respective season.

I know that I am.
But, I prefer a neutral backdrop
so that I can change out art, accessories, flowers, etc.
And even though I love some of this brilliant blast of fall color,
I'd be itching to change it out once December was here.

I have tons of images here using Orange in decor.
Some furniture like the sofas above,
and chairs...

accent pillows...





and one of my favorites;

oh yeah, even doors.

I'm very influenced by seasonal color,
EACH season,
and I love to change out pillows, quilts, flowers.
I get bored with accessories
and want to keep up with what is coming next.

OK, so could you live with any of it...
for even 6 weeks?

or maybe one of these is the biggest commitment you can make, te he!

Just wonderin'...
I'd love to hear your thoughts.

(all images Google Images and Pinterest)

Yeah, and now from last week's wonderful entries!

continuously brings the best vignettes and decor
with painting her dining room buffet white.
She's a girl after my heart!

Tracie from Fishtail Cottage
totally inspires me with her home and coop "courtyard".

Lisa from House Dressing pulls off a gallery wall that is fabulous.

And Laura from I'm So Vintage
shares some wonderful rustic decor inspiration
for those of us longing for some Fall lake house fun.

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Thanks so much for all the links last week!
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I didn't get to leave comments with everyone,
but I DO try!
(inserting happy face and lots of hugs here!)
I appreciate each and every one of you!!


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